Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 8th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 8th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 8th January 2020 Episode Start With Rani begging Rohit for Sitara. Sonakshi comes there. Some time back, Pooja and Rohit ask Rani to get out. Rani leaves. Pooja cries. Nishi and Yash take Pooja. Sonakshi says I will get food to your room. Naren asks Veena to stop Sonakshi from going to Pooja. Rohit asks him to not blame Sonakshi. Veena asks them not to fight. Naren argues. Rohit says Sonakshi has already done it, she has left her show for your sake. They all get shocked. Rohit says she has ended her career so that these arguments don’t happen, she has resigned today, I don’t agree with her decision, but I know how to support my wife, I will stand by her, no matter what. He goes.

Veena asks what are you saying Naren, she has given up everything, her career and identity… Naren says I can’t believe it, she is acting, she is too smart, she is pretending to be good, wait and watch, how she makes Rohit away, he is mad for her. Nishi comes to them and says I know there is much tension, I m relaxed that Rani left from Pooja’s life, why don’t we cheer her up. Veena says we will celebrate new years at home. Nishi thanks her and goes. Naren says don’t know what will the new year bring for us. Veena says good happens with good people, I m proud that Rohit is standing by Sonakshi. Rohit takes care of Sonakshi. He massages her head. He says Pooja went to sleep, mom got the garden area decorated for the party. She thanks him. He answers Suman’s call. Suman asks what does Naren think about himself, why does he always blame you. Sonakshi says I told Pari not to tell you anything, Rohit has supported me, its my family, my life, don’t interfere please. Suman gets angry. Sonakshi says sorry, you know mum… Rohit smiles and says I should say sorry to you everyday because of my dad, our understanding and love matters, right, we will manage everything. She asks why did you go to meet Rani yesterday.

Rohan praises Sonakshi for keeping relations so well. He says my junior Abhinav is marrying again. Tanya asks what, he was already married. Rohan says yes, his wife doubted that he has an affair, he decided to give her divorce, then she realized he had no affair, she repented, a good marriage got ruined, but its fine, if wife doubts so much, what will a man do, poor man, you take some rest, mom and dad kept a party. He goes. Tanya says fool, he thinks I will get scared. Rohit says I went to meet Rani, I wanted Pooja to stay here, I lied, sorry, you are busy in your work, I didn’t wish to drag you into this, I m guilty to lie. She says okay, I should have understood that you think good for me, sorry. They hug.

She says Rani was just acting today, I know it, it was all fake, I feel she was just acting since she came here, its good she left. Rohit says yes, I don’t want to discuss about them, we will talk about new year resolutions. She says nothing, its kiddish thing, no one follows. He says I follow, I want to make a cricket team. She asks are you bidding for any cricket league. He says I m talking about our cricket team. He hugs her. They fall on the bed. She says mum kept a party. He says then we will get ready, take a bath and I will make you get ready, then I will take a bath, you make me ready, else we will take a bath together. They get close. He gets a call. She says it can be an emergency. He says I hate it. He gets Tulsi’s call. He says yes, make her sit in my cabin, I will come. Sonakshi smiles. He says its an emergency, I need to go. She asks him will he come till 12. He says I will try.

He goes and says sorry Sona, once Rani’s chapter gets over, I will not lie to you, I promise. Everyone comes for the party. Rohan says Tanya will come in some time. Yash asks where is Veena. Veena says I want to assure you, I m with you, if you want to work again. Sonakshi says I know, I have to go for shoot for three months, there is a clause in the contract. Veena says sorry from Naren’s side. Sonakshi says I love you. Veena says I love you hundred times. Naren and everyone sing Kya kehna…. and hug Pooja. Sonakshi imagines Rohit. Everyone celebrates the new year. They all wish happy new year. Ajit says happy new year, wish me. Sonakshi says no, I will meet Rohit and wish him. Ajit says I will drop you, wait, take the cake before going.

Rohit gives the cheque and says you did the work, get out now. Rani asks for her daughter. He says she is fine, I had to do this since you did wrong. She says sorry, forgive me, I did acting of a bad mum so that Pooja hates me, where is my Sitara. Sonakshi comes and sees Rani holding his leg and crying. Rani says I m not Pooja’s mum, Rohit told me to do this, Sitara is my only daughter, get Sitara back to me. Sonakshi slaps her and says don’t shed fake tears in front of me, I m also an actress, this overacting won’t work, Rohit can never think of kidnapping, you are greedy, Nishi got you for her purpose, you got greedy for money. She scolds Rani. Rani says I will do as you say. Sonakshi says sign this paper, it states you aren’t related to Sippys and Pooja. Rani signs and takes cheque. She asks for Sitara. Rohit says she is at commissioner’s house. Sonakshi warns Rani and sends her.


Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Rohit says Sonakshi and my relation is spoiling. He says I want to end this matter. Nishi asks what do you want to do. He says I want to end this matter.


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