Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9th January 2020 Episode Start With Rohit saying I m trying to hide something to protect my dear ones, I don’t want my dear ones to get hurt. Sonakshi says don’t say anything, you are protecting mumma. He looks at her. Some time back, Sonakshi asks Rohit to let it be now, no need to explain. He asks her to listen. She says stop it, you went on lying, why couldn’t you trust me, we spoke about Pooja before marriage, I m your wife now, why didn’t you tell me, you got angry on me that night, I asked you today, even then you lied to me, you made me believe that Rani is Pooja’s real mum, you, Nishi and Yash got Rani home, you cheated Pooja and me, no…. I don’t want to listen to anyone, maybe I can’t keep secrets, I used to feel guilty that I got Rani and disturbed the family. He says you are right, I m sorry. She says its too late to be sorry. She goes.

At home, Rohit comes to his room. Sonakshi is crying. He goes and sits drinking. He imagines Sonakshi. She disappears. He drinks more and comes to the room. She turns away and sleeps. He also goes to sleep. Its morning, everyone likes the party arrangements. Pari comes and wishes them happy new year. Pooja goes. Tanya asks why did you come here for work today. Pari says Rohan…

Rohan comes and says happy new year, I messaged you that you have a holiday today. She says I couldn’t stop myself, I made few designs and I was excited to see you. Rohan says fine, come. Deepa asks Tanya to see what is Pari doing. Tanya says its good you told me about Pari, they think I m a fool. FB shows Deepa saying sorry Tanya, Rohan won’t change, I warned him, Rohan and Pari have an affair. FB ends. Tanya says I want to expose them one day. Pari says I wanted to meet you and wish new years. She asks him to enjoy family time. Veena wishes Pari. She asks Pari to stay and enjoy the party. Rohan says actually Pari… Deepa says this brunch is our family affair. Veena says Pari is our Sona’s sister, she is also family. Rohan and Pari smile. Deepa says Pari will break this family.

Rohit says Sona is my wife, my family. Nishi asks did you tell her about Pooja’s parents. Rohit says of course not, but she isn’t talking to me. Nishi says you would ask me to tell everyone. He says no. He gets Veena’s call. He says yes, we are coming downstairs. He ends call and says we will talk later, I have to convince Sona and take her downstairs. Sonakshi gets ready. He asks her to help. She knots his tie. He says you look beautiful in open air. She says let it be. She goes. Veena compliments Sonakshi and asks Rohit? Sonakshi says he will come, I will talk to Pari. Pari says happy new year, Veena asked me to stay back. Sonakshi says you are family, so you have to respect family emotions. Pooja says we shall play two games today. Ajit says the winners will get Mr and Mrs. Sippy tag. Deepa says I want Rohit to win. Ajit shows the jewellery. He says you have to make your wife wear the jewellery, you can’t take your wife’s help. The game begins. Thodi jagah dede….plays…. Rohit sees Sonakshi and adorns her.

Ajit says now we will play the three legged race, we will tie husband and wife’s leg. Veena says Tanya can’t jump. Naren says Ajit you are useless, you can’t plan a game well. Ajit says its just a game. Pooja asks Naren to just chill. Naren says no one will play this game now. Rohit stops Ajit. Veena says you can’t talk to Ajit like this. Naren says he isn’t a little kid. Pooja says Ajit, we shall play some other game. Rohit takes Sonakshi for a talk. She says let me go to everyone. Rohit says shut up, you have to understand what I m going through, I did a mistake, I admit, I m not mad, something is troubling me, there is much pain, I m hiding it, if it comes out, my dear one will be hurt, my m…. Sonakshi says don’t say anything, I understood, you didn’t see anything, but I heard it, I understood whom you want to protect. He asks her to say.

She says mumma…. you are protecting mumma, right, I know, just mumma is most imp for you, there is something, Pooja’s birth secret is related to mumma, or her adoption…. your dad…. He worries. She says Rohit, your dad is Pooja’s real dad, and that’s why you don’t want the matter to come out, Veena will break down. Rohit cries. She hugs him. She says you have been tolerating this alone, I m with you, you aren’t alone, I had promised you. They hug and cry. Rohit says I m silent just because of mom, you have seen how much she loves dad, I m scared, she feels Naren is the best husband in the world, he cheated on my mum.


Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 10th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Rohit says you want me to tell the truth to my mom, she will break down, she will think she lacks something. He gets a call. Sonakshi says it means someone has heard our talk.


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