Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update


Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 13th August 2020 Maruti thinking to go through sky and says Jai shri ram. He becomes giant to reach the mountain. The vaid ji is searching the medicinal leaves. Maruti lifts the mountain and flies in the sky. Jai hanuman plays…..He keeps the mountain near the Palace. Vaid ji is still searching the roots. Maruti says Vaid ji come down the mountain and blows heavy wind from his mouth. Vaid ji falls down the mountain. Maruti holds him on his hand and leaves him on ground. Vaid ji finds himself outside the Palace. Maruti comes there and asks him to come to Palace. Vaid ji tells that he was on the mountain, when a storm came and he reached here. Maruti says it happened with him once. He asks him to come with him. Mahadev and Parvati speak about Maruti’s powers. Parvati says Shani Dev is waiting for Maruti to use his powers wrongly, Vaid ji comes and tells that he couldn’t figure out the illness. He says chandrajal is the only thing which can relieve Anjani’s pain. Maruti asks him to get chandrajal. Vaid ji says it is impossible to get it. Kesari says he will go and talk to Rishi Matang. Anjani tells Maruti that she couldn’t bear the pain. Shani Dev tells that the medicine is useful if given on time and asks the crow to wait for him. Maruti comes on the Moon and asks Chandra Dev to give him darshan. Chandra dev appears before him and asks how can I help you? Maruti asks him to help him get Chandrajal to save his Mata. Chandra dev says surely and gives Chandrajal to him. Maruti takes Chandrajal in his hand and thanks Chandra Dev. He flies in air. Maruti sees the Chandrajal becoming vapour and evaporating from his hands. He wonders how. Shani Dev looks on.

Maruti returns to Chandra dev and tells him that Chandrajal evaporated from his hand. Chandra dev gives him kalash and says chandrajal will be saved in this kalash. Maruti thanks him. He begins flying when some crows come on his way and make the pot falls down from his hand. Maruti thinks to go back to Chandra dev again. Anjani takes Maruti’s name and asks where are you? Surili says he must be praying for your good health. Anjani says call him, I want him at my side for my last moments. Maruti comes to Chandra Dev and asks him to help him for the last time. Chandra dev says I can’t help you again. Maruti says now I understood how to take the Chandrajal from here. He flies in air while the crows fly behind him. He thinks last time Chandra jal fell from my hand because of my anger. He says Jai shri ram and flies in air. The crows couldn’t see Maruti. Rishi Matang and Kesari come to Anjani. Anjani says Maruti should be with me. Maruti comes there and shows the pot. Vaid ji is surprised and says Chandra jal. Kesari makes Anjani drink it. Anjani gets fine and sits. She tells that her pain is gone suddenly and hugs Maruti. She says it is parents’ duty to protect their children, but you have protected me. Vaid ji asks from where you got this Chandra jal. Maruti says he had prayed to Chandra dev and he gave him Chandra jal.

Rishi Matang thanks Chandra dev. Kesari announces a big celebration tomorrow and asks Sainik to call the people. Nandi and Bhringi get happy to know about the celebration. Parvati says Shani Dev attacked Anjani to teach a lesson to Maruti. She says I hope he will end the test. Mahadev smiles and asks her to see. Shani Dev talks to Kaagvahan and tells that third attack is remaining. He tells that he will feed fear seed in Maruti’s heart. He says Maruti is shaken up to see his mother dead in his imagination and he got angry. She asks her to think if his dream gets fulfilled then what will be his condition, he will lose his patience and will use his powers in wrong way. He says this is his mission to make Maruti use his powers wrongly, and this will become his end. Kaagvahan says Maruti can protect Anjani. Shani Dev asks if he can protect Anjani from herself and laughs. Anjani prays to Mahadev and thanks him. She starts doing aarti. Anjani sees a lady resembling her and thinks if it is Maya/illusion.

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