Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 17th January 2020 Episode Start With Rakshas laughing. The gardener gains consciousness and says Rakshas. The Rakshas sees him and says first I will eat you and then the kids’ turn. The gardener gets afraid and runs. The Rakshas walks behind him. Tara asks if there is something wrong. Kesari says I have sent everyone to safe place. Anjani says Maruti must have come back by now. Kesari says I will search Maruti. Tara says we will light the diyas together and will pray for Maruti. They pray to Mahadev. Mahadev smiles.

Maruti tells his friends that they want something to cut this rope. He sees broken stem of the tree and says they can use it to cut the rope. He uses his tail to get it. The rakshas walks behind the gardener. The gardener gets tired and sits under the tree. Maruti tries to cut the ropes’ net and succeeds. The rakshas asks gardener to come infront of him and says if he takes time to come infront of him, then he will give him more painful death. Maruti cuts the rope and comes out. He then cuts the net and saves his friends. His friends tell that they shall leave.

Maruti tells that he can’t see Mali getting killed by the rakshas. He says he has to save him. He promises that nothing will happen to them. His friend says that once he eats you, he will eat us. The rakshas is about to eat the gardener, but Maruti throws something on his hand and Rakshas drops the mali down. The rakshas gets angry at him. Maruti calls him a coward to try to eat the vulnerable garden and asks him to challenge someone who is competent enough. Rakshas says I don’t see anyone here. Maruti says your eye sight is weak and says I will fight with you. Rakhas laughs and says a little boy is challenging me. Maruti asks his friends to take mali kaka from there and he runs. His friends take Mali and run. Maruti runs while the rakshas walk behind him and collide with the tree. Maruti laughs at him.

Jambvant sees the kids and asks what are they doing here? They inform him about Maruti in danger. The Rakshas tells Maruti that he will eat him. Jambvant searches Maruti. Anjani prays for her son. Maruti asks Rakshas to behave like a rakshas. Rakshas asks if he is acting not to be scared. Maruti tells that his Mother taught me not to be scared of anyone. He says I am not afraid. Rakshas says your mother will repent for giving you such teachings. Anjani, Tara and Roma light the diya and chant Om namashivay. Mahadev smiles. The diyas in the kailash lights up. Parvati is surprised to see the light. Mahadev smiles.

Rakshas tells Maruti that he feels that he can only talk and says if I roar then your heart beat will stop. He roars and spits black smoke and air from his mouth, but Maruti is standing unaffected and fearless. Jambvant hears Rakshas roaring and sees Maruti’s fearless encounter with Rakshas. He couldn’t believe on what he sees. He thinks how can Maruti, not move with so much wind coming from rakshas’ mouth. Rakshas says there might be some tantra power behind him and says he will smash him with his hands, but he couldn’t even touch him and thinks he is feeling as if his weight is equivalent to many elephants. Maruti asks him to smash him.

He says I want to give you a teaching and tells that arrogance makes a person defeated. He says a big Rakshas can be defeated by a small vanar. He lifts the Rakshas and swirls him with his hand and throws him very far from there. He asks if anyone saw. Jambvant thinks he couldn’t believe what he saw. Everyone pray in the Palace. Maruti tells Jambvant that he has thrown the Rakshas away and tells that he has strength and Rakshas couldn’t hold him. He says I will tell my friends and goes. Jambvant thinks Maruti has an immense power and thinks he did what powerful vanars couldn’t do. He is still surprised. Maruti goes.

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