Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 17th September 2020 Episode starts with Kaikesi coming there and calls Lankesh/Ravan. Ravan asks what bad news you have brought? Kaikesi says I have brought the proofs too and shows him Mahadev’s feet impressions in karagar. Ravan sees that and looks shocked. Ravan says my Aaradhya’s Mahadev came to Lanka and I didn’t know. Kaikesi tells him that Mahadev has become his enemy and freed your father from the karagaar so that you don’t kill that human. Ravan asks why Mahadev will do this? Kaikesi tells that he is jealous of your Vidhaata position. Ravan says Mahadev didn’t do anything wrong, he made me freed from the pitr rin and made me Vidhaata fully. He folds his hands. Nandi and Bhringi tell Mahadev that Ravan is searching devotion in adharm. Mahadev tells that Ravan is greed to become Vidhaata and this thought blinded him. Ravan tells that he is now freed from Pitr rin and also that there is no Vishnu bhakt here. Kaikesi tells him that Vedvati’s bhasm/ashes are still safe. Ravan recalls Vedvati’s words and looks at Subahu and Maricha. Subahu tells that this can’t happen and says we have sent it to the universe. Maricha says the same. Kaikesi asks Ravan to see by himself. Ravan closes his eyes and finds Vedvati’s ashes safe with Bhudevi. Subahu and Maricha apologizes to him. Ravan tells that all the universe have to suffer and tells that bhudevi has to return Vedvati’s ashes.

Anjani thanks Maharaj Dasharaj and his wives. Kaushalya tells that they are thankful to Maruti. Dasharath says you have made us indebted. Maruti says Ayodhya is my home now. Anjani invites them to Sumeru. Sumitra says we will definitely come. Kaushalya tells that Nar and Vanar’s relation started. Maruti goes to Shri Ram and tells that he is returning and tells that what he shall do after returning? Shri Ram appears infront of him and tells that you are going on a yatra of Ram’s work. He asks him to go as Mata must be waiting and tells that he will meet in Sumeru. Anjani and Maruti leave from there.

Ravan calls Bhudevi and asks her to handover Vedvati’s ashes to him, but Bhudevi doesn’t come infront of him. Ravan says if you have decided to go against me, then see how I destroy your greenery. Narad muni asks Mahadev to stop him. Mahadev tells that they have to bear this to safeguard the future. He says Ravan is doing his work and you shall do yours. Ravan tells that he will fire the poisonous arrow.

And make the land deserted. Narad muni comes there and asks what is he going to do, going to harm his own people. Ravan tells that he is not an ordinary King, but Vidhaata. He says you are cheating me like Bhudevi. Narad Muni tells that he is not cheating him and tells that there is a sacred land Mithla and Vedvati’s ashes are kept there. Ravan stops hearing this.

Anjali and Maruti return home. Matang Rishi thinks Maruti must be successful. Maruti is with his friends and tells that he used to miss them a lot. His friends ask what did he bring? Maruti says he brought Ram name and tells that he has found his Aaradhya.

Maruti asks his friends to close their eyes and sing bhajan, says they will get whatever they want. Anjani comes there and hears Maruti singing Ram bhajan…She thinks Ram is a baby, why is he singing bhajan. She gets tensed and tells Kesari that there is a change in Maruti’s behavior. Matang Rishi tells that he thinks that they shall send Maruti to Guru kul. Anjani says who will take care of him. Kesari says he can take care of himself. Anjani gets worried and asks if they have to take the decision right itself. Ravan thinks Narad said right and shots the arrow towards Mithila. Anjani, Kesari and Matang Rishi witnesses the earth quake. Ravan tells that the land of Mithila got deserted, Vedvati’s ashes must be destroyed.

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