Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 18th September 2020 Episode starts with Ravan telling that Vishnu Bhakt Vedvati’s ashes will be suffocated inside Mithila’s land and will end. He tells that Vedvati will not reborn now. Bhringi asks how Mata Sita will be born now. Mahadev tells that Devi Vedvati’s ashes are still safe in Mithila and the land will become fine on her call. He says we shall wait for this moment. Matang Rishi closes his eyes and sees Bhudevi asking God to show the way, as Ravan has turned the land into the stone with his rakshasi shakti. She says what I shall do now. Matang Rishi opens his eyes.

Maruti is making the idol. Jaamvant adds water. Maruti asks him to stop and tells that he is having difficulty to make the idol. He asks Jaamvant to bring more mud. Jaamvant brings the mud and asks why is he making the idol as Shri Ram is your and my hearts. Maruti tells that this idol was necessary to arise devotion in my father, mother and friend’s heart. He tells that there are two aim of my life and tells that Ram is the truth of my life. Matang Rishi comes there and tells that Ravan is creating the problems, which can be dangerous for this world. He thinks your prabhu has to think of way to tell you. He tells them that they have felt earth quake and that’s why came to see him. Jaamvant tells that they didn’t feel any quake here. Matang Rishi goes. Maruti asks Jaamvant to help him and paints the idol. He tells that the idol is ready. Jaamvant says it is awesome and says jai shri Ram. Maruti says Jai Shri Ram and tells that they have to make the people meet his Prabhu. Shri Ram appears there and calls Hanuman. He tells that you have become indebted to you for your devotion and for making this idol. He appreciates his devotion. Maruti thanks him. Shri Ram blesses him and vanishes. Maruti smiles.

Ravan comes to his singhasan. Subahu and Maricha cheer for him. Subahu gets scared and accepts all his wrong doings. He apologizes to him. Ravan tells that it is my right to forgive. Subahu and Maricha tell that everyone is his Sevak. Ravan tells that he wants Devraj Indra to stand on the way, when he is entering the court. He wants all Apsaras to stand on the way and greet him. He wants all Devtas to stand in his honor and greet him. Subahu says I will go and tell them. Ravan says I will do myself and calls Devraj Indra, Apsaras and all Gods to come infront of him. He says there are two options for you all, either become my Servant or enemies. He fires arrow at the sky and says even Maha Kaal can’t save my enemies. The arrow hits Devlok and Devraj Indra gets up feeling the quake.

Maruti comes out of his Palace with Jaamvant and sings Hey Ram..Kesari asks Anjani what Maruti is doing? Anjani says I couldn’t understand. The villagers think who is this bhagwan, Ram. Anjani tells that she doesn’t know why Maruti calls Ram as Prabhu. Kesari says why don’t we ask? Anjani says he will tell us when he feels and tells that Kaushalya told that there was much love between Maruti and Ram. Kesari asks what is special in Ram, you have seen him. Anjani says she didn’t feel any special thing in it. Kesari says I think that Matang Rishi was saying right, we shall send him to Guru kul soon. Anjani says ok, may be he gets answers for his questions. She asks if he is hearing how much devotion is in his voice. Kesari says there is something in Dasharath Nandan Ram. God Vishnu smiles. Maruti comes to sing and walks in Sumeru. The villagers follow him hearing the pleasing and soothing bhajan.

Ravan is about to fire another arrow, when three ladies comes there and asks him to stop. Ravan turns and looks at them. He calls them Urvashi, Ramba and Menka. They tell that they are present in his service. He says Apsaras have to come to Ravan’s Lanka and asks where are the devtas? Ramba tells that all Devtas went from Indra lok being afraid of you and tells that his brahmastra will go waste. He says I trust you and will not fire Brahmastra on Indra lok. He shouts and tells Indra Dev that he didn’t change his decision, just change your strategy. He asks them if they are planning something. They say no and tell that they agree to be under him. He says fear is good. Kaikesi thinks they have to be alert.

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