Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 29th September 2020 Episode starts with Taadka telling Maricha that she will begin the yagya. Maricha says we have to complete this yagya before Hanuman comes here, then only vanars powers will get inside you. She asks are you doubting my capability. He says he is just warning her. She starts the yagya to snatch the powers of the vanars, whose energy she had snatched. Maruti comes there flying in air and ruins her Yagya. Taadka asks who has so much courage to ruin my yagya. Maruti says Anjani’s son. Taadka says you can’t save Vanars from me. Maricha tells that he doesn’t know Taadka’s powers. Maruti tells that she will be punished for snatching Urja/energy from his people. Taadka provokes Maruti’s anger and asks if his energy is limited. Maruti tells that a warrior power reflects when he battles in the war place. Taadka says she will snatch his powers and challenges him to fight with her. Vaid ji tells Jaamvant that if they don’t get their energy back in an hour, then they will lose their lives. Jaamvant prays to God. Taadka and Maruti start fighting. Maruti says his mace will show wonder and attacks her with it. Maricha says I will not leave him. Taadka says for the first time, someone attacked me, it will be fun to fight. Maruti runs out.

Taadka thinks where did this cruel boy go? Maruti hits mace on her head. Maricha says I will not leave you for attacking my mother. Maruti fights with him too and defeats him. Taadka and Maruti fight. Maricha tries to hit Maruti. Maruti hits Maricha. Taadka makes Maruti falls down and laughs, saying she will snatch all his energy.

Maruti asks her to take all his energy from him. Maricha says now nobody can save him from my Mata’s wrath. While she snatches power/energy from Maruti, the latter smiles. Taadka couldn’t bear Maruti’s energy and feels pain, thinks as if she is taken all the world’s energy. She asks Maruti to stop and asks Maricha to stop him. She falls down in pain. Maricha gets shocked and runs out. Maruti tells Taadka that her death will release his people’s energy. He is about to kill her, when Shri Ram calls him. Maruti comes out. Shri Ram asks him not to kill Taadka. Maruti tells everything and says if Vanars’ don’t get back their energy then it will problematic. Shri Ram says there must be some way. He tells about Taadka’s previous birth and tells that she was Tarini in Vishnu lok, was his Sevika and used to sing nice Bhajan. She says Vishnu Lok’s day used to begin with her bhajan.

A fb is shown, Tarini is shown singing bhajan and decorating the flowers in the aarti plate. Rakshas comes there to meet him. Tarini asks why did you come to meet me? Rakshas Sunda tells that he is coming to meet her for last time. He says he is going to his lok. She says you can’t do this and promised marriage to me. He asks her to kill Vishnu and says I will sit on his place and you will sit on Devi Lakshmi’s place. She asks him to think again if he wants this. He says he had thought enough and gives her poison bottle. She says they will live and die in love.

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