Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 30th September 2020 Episode starts with Tarini agreeing to Rakshas Sunda’s plan and takes the poison in her hand. Maruti asks Shri Ram, how is this Maya? He says Tarini was your sevika and asks how did she gets such bad feeling in her heart. Shri Ram says love is a feeling, and the person in love can’t think of right and wrong, but when love becomes selfish then it becomes wrong. He says Taadka has crossed the limits and brought the trouble. Devi Lakshmi comes there and asks if she has done Prabhu’s Shrigaar arrangements. Tarini says I am bringing it. She panics and drops the pot on the floor. The fire breaks out from the amrit pot.

Devi Lakshmi sees it and says Kaal Koot Vish. She asks Tarini, what wrong she was about to do? She asks if she wants Prabhu to have this Kaal Koot Vish to destroy his body. Tarini cries and tells that it was Rakshas Sunda’s plan. Devi Lakshmi asks why? Tarini says I love him. Devi Lakshmi says you have done wrong and curses her to be born as a rakshas and live her life as a rakshasi. Tarini cries. Fb ends. Shri Ram tells that tarini had done his bhakti for many years and apologized to him many times. He says he felt sympathetic towards her and gave her a boon that she will be killed by his Ram’s avatar and then she can return to Vishnu lok.

Maruti asks what to do now? How the people’s lives will be saved now. Shri Ram tells that if you had killed Taadka then the people’s energy would have gone from her. He asks him to make Taadka recall her devotion for him. Maruti says he will make Taadka identify her devotion. Vaid ji tells Jaamvant that soon the people will die. Maruti sings Bhajan and hides. Taadka thinks I used to sing this bhajan, doing my Prabhu’s seva. I used to be in Vishnu lok as Tarini. She realizes that she was cursed and that’s why living life of a rakshasi. She asks who was singing this bhajan. Maruti comes infront of her. Taadka thanks Maruti and says I have recalled my past and realized my sin. She asks him to tell who is he and thanks him. She asks how I will do penance? Maruti says your destiny is decided, but before that you have to do my work. He asks her to return the people’s energies back, which she took away as Taadka. Vaid ji says everyone will leave their lives soon. Jaamvant prays to Maruti. Tarini/Taadka return everyone’s energies back to them. Everyone gets up fine. Vaid ji and Jaamvant are surprised to see the energies coming back to everyone’s bodies. The people says we are fine. Vaid ji says what is this power? Jaamvant thanks Maruti.

Taadka asks Maruti to tell how to get rid of this life. Maruti asks her to wait until shri Ram comes to him. He says you have to live this life until the right times. Maruti leaves. Taadka becomes devil again and asks where did he go? Mahadev tells Nandi about Maruti and Ravan. Maricha comes to Kaikesi. Kaikesi asks who is he? She says I am sure that this vanar can be a threat to my son. She says surely there is a divine reason for this vanar’s birth, we have to know everything about him. maricha says yes. Kaikesi tells that she will use all her powers to end him. Maruti is seen flying in the sky.


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