Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 5th October 2020 Episode starts with Mandodari’s father telling her that he can’t forget the fact that Ravan had forcefully married her. Mandodari tells that Lankesh’s destiny is related to her destiny now. Her father asks why she needs amrit for Ravan? She says Kaikesi has felt that if Vanar and Nar meet then they will become the reason of Lankesh’s death. She asks him to agree and give the amrit. He tells that he is helpless and can’t give her amrit. She says she is helpless by her duties and will go to Chandralok in search of it. The boys tells other boys in Ashram that there are many shlokas in the vaid which is difficult to remember. Akshay says this time the ved is saved with Maruti. Maruti hears him. Akshay says even this time the thief will steal it. The boys go to play. Maruti doubts Akshay.

Kaikesi tells Mandodari that she knows that she will not do anything. Mandodari tells that she has begged infront of her father, but he is bounded by his promise. Kaikesi asks her to prove and bring Amrit. Mandodari says how I will go to Chandra lok and asks if she can send her there. Kaikesi says I can’t go to Chandra lok as I can’t leave Ravan alone. Mandodari that she shall go as Chandra dev’s wife Rohini is her friend and can’t refuse her to get amrit. Kaikesi tells that she will send her to Chandra lok using her tantrik power and says if you don’t come out soon then you will be trapped there for forever. She asks her if she is ready to go to Chandra lok. Mandodari says yes.

Later in the night, Nul and Neil come to Maruti’s hut and try to steal the ved’s book. Maruti is sleeping and turns. His tail falls on the book. They try to move his tail and get tired. They steal the book and come out of hut.

Kaikesi starts doing the tantra and sends Mandodari to Chandra lok. She asks her to return with amrit. Nandi asks Mahadev if Mandodari will get the amrit as Rohini is her friend. Mahadev says Rohini can’t go against her husband. Nandi says so devi Mandodari will not get amrit. Mahadev says whatever will happen, will be interesting.

Nul and Neil tell that no book can stay in the Ashram and throw the book in water. Maruti comes there and asks them to stop. Mandodari reaches Chandra lok and is stopped by the guards. Rohini comes there and hugs Mandodari. She takes her inside Chandra lok Palace.

Rishi Angira scolds Nul and Neil for doing the thefts in the Ashram. He says what your parents will think when they come to know. Nul and Neil apologizes and tells that they will study nicely. Rishi Angira says he will punish them so that others get learning. Nul and Neil apologize. Maruti tells that this is truth that they deserve punishment and tells that if anything happens to them, then Guru and Shishya’s relation will get spoiled. He asks him to forgive the students. Rishi Angira says if I don’t punish them then others will take liberty. Maruti asks him to give them such a punishment so that they can get learning from it. Rishi Angira tells Nul and Neil that if they throw anything in water again then it will not drown, but will swim on the water. Nul and Neil thanks Rishi Angira. Rishi Angira asks them to thank Maruti. Hanuman ki jai plays…….


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