Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 7th October 2020 Episode starts with Maruti asking Shri Ram if he has come. Shri Ram says yes, I have to come here for you and asks if everything is fine. Maruti says yes, until know I was wondering what is my aim to come to Guru kul? He says I was thinking how to do the work. Shri Ram asks why? Maruti says I have understood the power of knowledge and got all questions of my answer. Shri Ram says it is good and asks what you have thought? Maruti says you have come in this world to protect dharm from adharm. He says I will be your partner in all your works, as I am your dear bhakt. Shri Ram smiles. Maruti says whatever evil powers are here in this world, for that we have to create good team to help us. Shri Ram gets happy and hugs him. He says you and me are reflection of each other. Maruti asks for his permission to create a team. Shri Ram asks him to create a team with people having different talent. Maruti tells that he will create such a sena which will have only one aim, that is to create a sena who fights with adharm and protect dharma.

Mandodari thinks of Kaikesi’s words and thinks where did pita shri hide the amrit kalash? She thinks there might be some link and asks herself to remember. She recalls Maya Danav telling her that light is the Maya on which our Kaya depends. She says she doesn’t understand. fb ends. She thinks she has understood where it is and she will get the amrit kalash.

Maruti thinks there are many boys here, who can become good yoddha, gyaani etc. He thinks he can make vanar sena who are very powerful. Rishi Angira asks his Shishyas to give the prasad to the kids. He then calls Maruti and asks what is he thinking? Maruti thinks he was seeing the kids working. Rishi Angira give him prasad and find divine light in Maruti’s hand while touching his hand. He thinks he has felt divine connection touching him and thinks what is it?

Kaikesi tells Maricha that Mandodari went to Chandra lok alone and it is very difficult to break their security. Maricha tells that he will go there with his sena. Kaikesi says she will take Rohini’s help and tells that she wants amrit for Ravan. She asks who is stopping Mandodari? Kaikesi asks if Devtas? Maricha says they can’t do this and thinks Maruti is doing this. Kaikesi asks him to stop Maruti and confuse him for sometime. Maricha says they have to find out where is he? They see Maruti in Rishi Angira Ashram. Kaikesi asks Maricha to go there and hypnotizes Maruti. She waits for Mandodari.

Mandodari reaches the amrit room and thinks she shall wait till the sainiks go and new sainiks come. She thinks she has to get amrit, time is passing on. Nandi asks Mahadev, who will stop Devi Mandodari. Mahadev says she is not an ordinary woman, once she has decided, it is impossible to stop her. Nandi says Ravan’s terror shocks all three loks. Mahadev says if Amrit has to go to Ravan then it will go and the history will be written. The guards leave from outside the amrit room. Mandodari thinks she shall go inside. She goes inside. The new Sainiks come and stand. Mandodari reads the mantra and the amrit reflection is visible in the water. Mandodari thinks she has understood his words today. She reads more mantras, real amrit comes infront of her from the water. She requests Amrit to come with her so that her husband drinks it. She takes the kalash in her hand and then the storm comes in the sky. Chandra dev tells Rohini that they shall check for amrit kalash. Kaikesi tells Ravan that Mandodari can be in danger at any time.


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