Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 7th September 2020 Episode starts with Maruti greeting Narad muni. Narad muni tells that he has an important work with him. Maruti says I am doing my Prabhu’s work now and will do your work in the morning. Narad muni says your prabhu is sleeping and asks what are you doing here? Maruti says I am presenting my devotion to him and he is accepting it. Narad muni says I brought your prabhu’s work. Maruti says Prabhu is sleeping here and asks him to come out and talk. They come out. Narad muni calls him hanuman and says nobody can do this work. Maruti asks if you want to go to hanuman. Narad muni says only you are hanuman. Maruti tells that he just knows Jai Shri Ram. Narad muni says your devotion is pure and sacred and that’s why you are chosen for this work. Maruti says I will do my Prabhu’s work and goes to take his approval. He goes to Shri Ram and says he can’t do the work without taking his permission. He says I will wait for you and will not go until you permit me. Narad muni says this is a difficult situation. Maruti asks Shri Ram, how he can make his kundali without knowing his permission. He says Jai Shri Ram.

Subahu and Maricha praise Ravan and tells that no Rakshas Raj had the aarti like Lankesh have. Subahu tells the people that they will hear and see Lankesh aarti and then Vidhaata Ravan will bless them. Ravan shows his 10 heads. They all cheer for him. Maruti says Jai Shri Ram and finds a divine light coming from Shri Ram’s forehead and turns his face. He finds Shri Ram infront of him, elder than him. He says Prabhu…you have come and runs to him. He keeps his mace and greets him with his folded hands. Shri Ram says hanuman…your place is in my heart and not on my feet. He helps him get up and hugs him. Jai Shri Ram….plays….Maruti looks at Shri Ram. Shri Ram asks what is he looking at? Maruti says I can’t believe that I am seeing you with my eyes. He says I thought to ask you many questions, when I meet you, but when I am meeting you, I forgot everything. Shri Ram says I have heard whatever you want to say and thanks him for becoming the reason for his arrival. He says he is born with his bhakti and not with shakti. Maruti says I just know that you are Swami and I am Sevak. Shri Ram says you want my permission to write my kundali and says Ram’s kundali will be written by hanuman’s hands. Maruti smiles and says he will fulfill his work. He says I will do all your work. Shri Ram grants his wish and says whenever you call me, I will be infront of you. Maruti thanks him. Ram blesses him. Maruti finds himself infront of baby Shri Ram. Mahadev and Devi Parvati fold their hands. Mahadev says we got happy seeing your baby avatar. Parvati asks how he can give darshan to hanuman in bal avatar.

Maruti comes out and tells Narad muni that they shall go. Narad muni asks did he give you permission as I saw him sleeping. Maruti says it is between bhakt and prabhu. He comes to Rishi Vashisht and finds him sleeping. Narad muni asks him to write the 4 rajkumar’s kundalis. Maruti says ok. Matang Rishi tells Anjani and Kesari that Dasharath wanted people to do his puja. Kesari asks if there is any solution. Matang Rishi tells that God will come on earth to defeat Ravan. Anjani gets worried for Maruti and tells Kesari. Kesari says Ravan’s effect will not be in Ayodhya and asks her to get assured that Maruti will be fine there. Anjani asks him to send message to Maruti. Kesari says ok. Anjani thinks what made Maruti forget me and stay there. Maruti asks Narad muni to write the kundalis and tells that he will describe about Shri Ram’s brothers. He calls Shesh Naag there. And asks Narad muni to begin writing.

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