Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 9th October 2020 Episode starts with Maruti managing to come out of the cave. Narad muni comes and tells that he has to go to Lanka fast else Devi Mandodari will cross the sea to go to lanka. Kaikesi gives the credit to Mandodari for bringing Amrit, says during Samudra Manthan, the devtas had betrayed Rakshas and today revenge will be taken. Mandodari thinks Raj Mata will be happy when I reach there and my husband will become immortal. Maruti comes there and jumps inside the vahan and it stops. Mandodari asks who is he? Maruti says he is the dharm rakshak and says you have stolen it to give to your husband. Mandodari asks him to move from his way and tells that she is doing her duty. Maruti says your vahan will not reach lanka. Mahadev tells Nandi that the destiny of people keep changing, her aim was to give amrit to Adharmi Ravan and Hanuman’s work is to do Ram’s work. Nandi asks what will happen with amrit. Mahadev says Hanuman will decide. Mandodari says I will never give this amrit to you. Hanuman says it will be amrit to your husband, but vish to all the world. She says the amrit will become poison. Mandodari says she want to listen anything. Maruti says I will show you a scene, what will happen if Ravan becomes immortal drinking amrit. He shows a scene and tells that the world will be destructed. Mandodari says her husband will be immortal. Maruti asks he will become immortal, but his life will be more bad than death. He tells that she has still time to think. Mandodari asks him to show a way, using which she can do her duty and the world don’t have any problem. Maruti asks her to decide and go to Lanka. Mandodari leaves in the vahan.

Shri Ram guides him to meet Ravan’s brother who is doing tapasya on the mountain. Maruti goes there and sees him chanting Shri Ram’s name. He asks him to open his eyes and asks who are you? Maruti gives his introduction. Vibhishan sees Shri Ram behind him. He says I have understood everything and will do the work like you said. He greets him. Maruti leaves.

Mandodari prays to God to show her way. Vibhishan comes there and greets her. He says Hanuman met him. Mandodari asks do we have to hide it from Rata Mata. Vibhishan tells that whatever we do, neither it will harm anyone or benefit anyone. He asks do you trust me? Mandodari says yes. Kaikesi comes there and gets happy seeing her with amrit. Vibhishan greets her. Kaikesi says you came at the right time and this is happening due to Maa Nikumbala. She tells that they have to make Ravan have this amrit. Vibhishan tells that this time, Ravan is doing meditation. Kaikesi says you have to do this work and make Ravan have it in his body. Vibhishan says just as you say. Ravan plays….Kaikesi asks Vibhishan to start the vidhi. She shouts and says cunning Devtas, from today Vibhishan is immortal. Vibhishan places the amrit in Ram’s navel and thinks Jai Shri Ram. Kaikesi tells Ravan that he has become immortal and says Maa Nikumbala’s jai. Vibhishan signs Mandodari and walks out of Palace. Mandodari looks at him. Maruti comes to Shri Ram and the latter tells him that there is no work for now, but there will be more work in future. Maruti asks what I will do then? Shri Ram says you have to present yourself and strengthen your devotion. Maruti says he will make his vanar team powerful. Shri Ram says you shall grow more friendship with Sugreev. Maruti asks do you have any work with sugreev. Shri Ram says you will get my friendship done with Sugreev so that he can work for me. He vanishes. Maruti asks why are you keeping me away from you? Shri Ram tells that their new chapter will begin and he will be his supporter. They have a hug. Maruti says I will wait for you, until I meet you again. Maruti comes to the Guru kul and tells the vanar sena that they have to go to mountain as Shri Ram will meet his hanuman there. He says Jai shri Ram.


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