Kaira fight death Javeri exposure time


Goenkas celebrate Holi. Kartik and Naira also celebrate with the family, but are determined to get Lav and Kush punished. They try to gather the evidence. They tell that everyone will know the surprise soon, they have a special video to show. Naira takes the chip to play the video. She thinks once the family sees the video, their annoyance will subside. They get hindered by some dancers sent by Javeri. Javeri and Abhishek learn about the chip. Javeri goes to take the chip from Naira. He dances with everyone and then follows Naira. Naira checks the video clip of Lav, Kush and Abhishek molesting Trisha. Javeri finds the video and snatches the chip from her. Naira asks him to leave her.

He drags her away when she fights. Abhishek witnesses his dad’s crime and hopes that he gets saved. Javeri tells Abhishek that now there is no evidence against him. Naira falls in danger. Naira is pushed inside the tank by Javeri. Naira is too tensed and shouts Kartik to get help. Kartik is unable to hear her because of the dhol playing around. She lies inside the tank, while Kartik and Naira look for her inside the house. Kartik gets negative vibes. Naksh pacifies him. Javeri hears Naira shouting and decides to kill her.

He takes Abhishek’s help. He tells that if Naira is alive, then she will be a threat on Abhishek, she will dig up the past again, so its better than they bury her. He wishes that she gets peace and keeps a plant over that tank. He leaves the smoke machine inside the tank, so that she dies. Naira falls short of breath and faints down. Manish asks Kartik the matter. Kartik tells him that he is looking for Naira. Manish also wants to help him out. Dadi wants everyone to be happy and smiling. Kairav too gets restless for his mum and asks everyone about her.

Soon, everyone learns that Naira is missing. Kartik follows his heart and reaches the tank area where Naira is locked up. Kairav and Vansh find her first and shout to Kartik for help. Kartik gets to see Naira inside and jumps in. He finds her lying unconscious and hugs her. He struggles to get help. Goenkas and Naksh reach Kartik and Naira. They all rescue Naira. Javeri asks Abhishek to run fast. They get inside the car and try to leave.

Manish stops Javeri by showing the watch which he left in he lawn. He asks Javeri why is he running away like a criminal. Javeri gets caught by Kartik, Naira and family. He gets exposed for doing so wrong to plan Naira’s murder. Goenkas support Kartik and Naira and realize their mistake of defending the wrong doers. Will Lav and Kush realize their huge mistake to break the family by avoiding their punishment? Keep reading.


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