Kasauti Zindagi Kay Update – Moloy slaps Komolika,Komolika exposes her truth


Star Plus prime time daily soap Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 is going to see extreme drama in the coming storyline.Moloy has regained his conscious where Prerna meets him.But the situation takes troll when Komolika reveals about her marital relationship with Anurag while Moloy refuses to accept her as the family daughter-in-law.

Komolika gets really angry when Moloy compels Prerna to call the family in hospital and he will expose Komolika’s evil realty.Komolika strangulates Prerna and holds her responsible for everything while shockingly she vomits out entire truth that how she plotted her father Rajesh accident and killed her.

Prerna reach hospital where doctor inform her the she is not allowed to meet Moloy .Prerna thus gets to know the shocking news that Moloy and Rajesh’s accident was in real a murder attempt.Further when Prerna gets entry to meet Moloy, Komolika too makes her entry and unfolds that she is Anurag’s wife.Prerna in bridal attire reveals that she is Anurag’s wife while Moloy accepts her as his daughter in law.

Komolika confronts Moloy and Prerna where Moloy refuses to accept Komolika as his daughter-in-law.Komolika gets angry and blames Prerna for all the mess while she tells Moloy that she married Anurag before everyone.

Prerna struggles for breathe that Moloy and Prerna both get hell shoch when Komolika exposes herself that how she killed Rajesh and Moloy.Moloy supports Prerna and asks her to call the family in hospital and her will expose Komolika while angry Komolika goes furious and there she strangulates Prerna.

Moloy gets infuriated and slaps Komolika while hearing the truth Prerna breaks in tears.Prerna is stumbled at hell that her father didn’t die in accident but he was murdered by Komolika.Moloy confronts evil Komolika while Komolika doesn’t stops here and keeps on yelling at Prerna.

Let see what will happen next in the show and Komolika will leave from Anurag and Prerna’s love life.

Keep following for the next update.


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