Kasauti Zindagi Ki – Anurag’s search for Prerna, Anurag turns loving Papa


The daily soap opera of Star Plus ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2’ is going to witness ahead love in the air of Anurag and Prerna.The loving couple once again comes together when Anurag takes Prerna to hospital for her pregnancy checkup.After Prerna gets little electric shock while trying to save Sonalika, Anurag gets concerned for her child.

Anurag thus companies Prerna to her ultrasound checkup where they both have lively moments.Anurag gets addicted towards Prerna and always cares for her.Now Prerna had to go for her check up when Anurag too accompanies her.Prerna does her regular check up when the baby kicks her.

Anurag too was present and could feel the first baby kick.Anurag and Prerna rejoice this new moment of love together.Prerna feels blessed to have Anurag’s support always when needed.Anurag suspects Prerna’s real husband,Later Anurag gets wondering about who Prerna’s real husband is.

Anurag tries to connect the dots where he suspects Prerna’s lie.Anurag and Prerna share love and cute moments of parents when they hear their child heartbeat for the first time.The doctor congratulates Anurag and Prerna where Anurag unknowingly feels very blessed being with Prerna and her child.

However Anurag still hasn’t remembered about his past but somewhere he feels that he is connected with Prerna and her child.

Stay up-to-date with and continue reading for more twists and turns.


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