Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 12th July 2022 Baji arrives at the palace to talk to Kashi. Some people are gossiping about Baji and Mastani’s affair. Baji scolds them to stop gossiping and goes to the courtroom. Kashi greets him formally.

He says you never talked to me like this? Kashi says things have changed. Radha says Baji is destroying his family name. Kashi tells Baji your father owned this throne and now you own it, you know that you have responsibilities and we all want you to be honored. I am just telling you to be calm.

Baji says Ayi is insulting my love and you want me to be silent? My relationship with Mastani is not impure, if Kashi doesn’t have a problem then why others are questioning me? He says I have given all my life to this throne and this family but now you are insulting me? Only Kashi has a right to question me.

She is my wife and the mother of my son so I am requesting her to let Mastani enter this palace. I have all the rights to bring her here but I am still requesting you all to accept her. Radha says enough, if you want to have an affair then keep her out of the house. Kashi says this is my house, it’s inappropriate for Mastani to come here.

Chimaji says what will you tell your son when he grows up? Radha says these doors are closed for Mastani. Baji asks Kashi to do justice. Kashi says I can’t do justice like a wife right now. I am respecting Radha’s words that another woman won’t enter the palace. Baji says Mastani is a princess but she is staying in the jungle for me. Kashi asks him to remain calm, we will find a solution.

Baji says I don’t want Mastani to be insulted, if you don’t take a decision then I will go away with Mastani to Bundelkhand. Mastani was right that no one will understand our love here. Radha says you will leave us for that girl? Baji says I won’t back off from my responsibilities. Kashi says we need to talk and takes Baji from there.

Scene 2
Kashi shows the map to Baji where she has marked all the areas where Baji’s won the wars. She says you were winning wars but someone had to write your history so I did it. Baji looks at the map and says what happens if this map is gone? Kashi calls Ganga and asks her about his war.

Ganga tells exactly what happened in the war. Ganga leaves. Kashi says Ganga remembers all that because you are not just a soldier but a warrior and an ideal. People give your examples and you want to leave them? What happened to you? This is your house, your people. You are their Peshwa.

Try to understand that you will just be a son-in-law in Bundelkhand. This is your place so you shouldn’t leave. Baji says people are saying wrong things about Mastani, we should leave from here. I want to be with my family so please agree. Kashi is hurt and says if you want then I will bring her here for you.

Baji smiles and says I will do as you say. Kashi says just be prepared for a new history, and spend your time wisely. Baji offers his hand. Kashi holds it reluctantly. Baji says I am not worried about my history because Kashi is with me and she will handle everything. Kashi leaves.

Ganga tells Kashi that she shouldn’t do this with yourself. Radha says why are you going to bring her? Kashi says people are finding out the wrong way. It’s impossible to separate them so it’s better to bring her here. I will do anything I have to for Baji’s honor.

Kashi arrives at Mastani’s tent with an aarti plate. She enters her tent to see her offering namaz. Kashi is stunned and thinks she is not a hindu. She recalls Radha’s hatred against Muslims and thinks how will I take her to the palace?


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mastani says to Kashibai if Bajirao wants to take me to ShanivarWada, then I’ll go.Kashibai says Baji brought an unknown person here, Mastani is Mughal. Everyone is in shock.


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