Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 14th June 2022 Baji and Mastani are locked in the room. Mastani’s brothers are outside, ready to kill her. Baji tells Mastani that the death is near and you are worried about love? I can’t leave you here, tell me what’s the way out?

Mastani says you have shown me the concern for the first time so this is love for me. She shows him the back door and they both run away before Yuvraj could catch them. Mastani and Baji are running out of the palace through a tunnel. Yuvraj and his soldiers follow him.

Radha shows Baji’s childhood clothes to Kashi and says I made these clothes when he was a child. She says I know you are missing Baji that’s why I brought you here. Kashi finds Baji’s statue there which she used to talk to in their childhood.

Radha says Baji kept it all safe but he doesn’t show emotions. Kashi says he is a warrior but with a soft heart. Radha cuts her thumb and puts her blood on Kashi’s belly. She says your baby will be a warrior too. Kashi says Baji would be so happy about this news. Radha says Sooriya has gone to get Baji so he will be here soon.

Sooriya meets Baji’s soldiers on the way and they tell him that Baji went back to save Mastani. Sooriya asks who is Mastani?

Baji and Mastani come out of the tunnel and close it so Yuvraj couldn’t reach them. Baji and Mastani enter the jungle. Mastani says I told you I will be a good guide.

Radha shows broken toys of Baji to Kashi and says Baji can lose the path sometimes but you have to bring him on the right path. You are a woman so you have to be careful. Kashi says what are you worried about?

Radha says Baji has never taken this much time to return so I am worried what’s happening this time. He says my Baji hasn’t returned to his wife, what if his heart strayed away to someone else? Kashi looks on and says no. I trust Baji and his path only reaches to me. He held my hand and our togetherness is for life.

A beauty can come in front of him but I completely trust him. He promised me his life and he never backs off from his promises. He will return to me only. Kashi feels doubtful but tries to be confident in front of Radha.

Baji and Mastani are walking in the jungle but Mastani trips and they both fall down. Baji falls on top of Mastani. Baji smiles looking at Mastani. He leans down and is about to kiss her but imagines small Kashi running to him. He moves away from Mastani and looks around. Mastani says it’s only me here. Baji says I heard Kashi calling out to me. Mastani says we are far away, it’s only us here.

The soldiers tells Sooriya that Mastani was trying to trap Baji, we are sure she took him away. Sooriya says Kashi is waiting for Baji, I will bring him back even if I have to kill Mastani.

Baji tells Mastani that we have lost the way. Mastani says we will find a way together. Baji says we don’t have food or water with us. Mastani says we are in a jungle, we can get food from here. Are you scared?

Baji grabs her and says I am not scared of anyone. Matani says I will find out what you are hiding in your heart soon. I know you are keeping a burden in your heart by not sharing your feelings. Baji says I can’t give my life to one person, I can’t love one person because I am a warrior for many people.


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mastani and Bajirao are having fun and romantic time with each other. Bajirao says to her, first time I felt like I’m alive again, with you I have lived all the moments.Bajirao prays to god and asks what should I do that I don’t get divided into two parts and nobody gets hurt.


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