Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 15th August 2022 Radha asks the doctor about Baji’s treatment. He says we don’t know what happened to him so we will try our best. Mastani asks if she can see him? Kashi nods. Mastani goes to see him.

Guruji tells Radha that the biggest treatment is praying, there is a Vithal’s mandir in the jungle but it’s very difficult to reach there, it’s being said that whoever goes to pray there, God listens to their prayers.

I think you should go there. Chimaji says we will go there with Kashi and the soldiers. Guruji says it’s not a war, a loyal should go there alone. Radha says how will Kashi go alone in the jungle? Kashi says I will go as it’s about Baji’s life. Matank hears all that.

Mastani is sitting with an unconscious and says you can’t leave me, nothing will happen to you. She leaves from there. Kashi comes there and touches his feet. She says this time has brought pain and distance between us but I feel like you are in my life still. Maybe you are still in my heart, I still love you…

Baji murmurs Kashi’s name. Kashi smiles and says you took my name? I know I am still in your heart, nobody can separate us. She holds his hand and says I will come back soon. She leaves from there.

Matank comes to Mastani and tells her about Kashi going to the mandir. She says you should go there. Mastani says if that’s the only way then I will go there.

Kashi tells the family that I will go to the mandir, she asks Radha to take care of her son. Radha nods.

Matank and Mastani come to the jungle. Matank says take care, you will go alone from here. Mastani takes her sword and enters the jungle.

Kashi comes to the jungle, Sooriya offers a sword but she says I have faith in myself, she enters the jungle and is looking around for a path. Mastani is in the jungle too. They both hear animal screams. Kashi is walking barefoot in the jungle and looking for the mandir. She finds a Guruji there who asks her to take some rest.

Kashi says I can’t. Guruji offers her some water, Kashi says I don’t have time. Guruji says many people come to look for the Lord but the only way to find him is if you have done a great act without your selfish reason in your life then show that and ask for a wish.

Kashi says that humans are selfish, every act has some selfish reason. Guruji says there is a diamond in the coal mine sometimes so don’t lose hope. Kashi nods and leaves from there. Mastani arrives there but doesn’t find Guruji there.

Kashi is walking in the jungle when she finds some fruits, she says I know this is to lure me but I won’t eat anything till I find the Lord. Otherside, Mastani finds some fruits and picks them up. She goes to the river and drinks water.

Kashi arrives at the river, she is hungry and thirsty but doesn’t eat anything. Kashi prays that I have done many acts in life but there is one act where I had no selfishness, that is loving Baji, I have always loved him, if my love is pure then please grant your presence to me. Kashi finds a Vithal’s idol behind the tree and is elated.

Kashi prays to him and offers some flowers to him. She begs to save Baji’s life. Some flowers fall in Kashi’s feet, she smiles and says I have your blessings now. She takes the flowers and runs from there. Mastani is still in the jungle and finds Vithal’s idol. She runs to him and prays for Baji. She says I knew my love is pure that’s why I am seeing you.

Kashi comes back to the palace with the sacred flowers. She makes Baji smell it and he wakes up. All are elated. Kashi holds his hand and says you are fine now. Baji moves his hand away. Mastani arrives there, Baji smiles seeing her. Kashi is sad and moves away. Baji asks Mastani where did she go?

Mastani says I had to go to the jungle and I saw Vithal’s idol there because our love is pure. I prayed to him and see you woke up. Baji says we will get married at any cost. Kashi hears all that and thinks if he wants that then fine but I won’t him in this situation again.

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