Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 20th July 2022 Kashi tells everyone that Mastani can enter the palace. Guruji says we don’t agree as Mastani is half muslim. Kashi says I have already taken a decision and anyone who has an issue can talk to me.

Kashi is about to do her aarti but Radha stops her and says she can’t become a Hindu just by wearing clothes. Will she promise to not offer namaz here? She asks Mastani to promise to not offer namaz.

Baji says she doesn’t have to leave her loyalty. Guruji says Mughals are our enemies. Baji says she is ready to leave her identity for me and you people are questioning her? Kashi asks everyone to calm down and asks Mastani if she accepts Radha’s condition? Mastani says I can’t accept that.

I have always prayed to Krishna and prayed to Allah. Guruji says she has to leave Islam if she wants to be accepted here. Kashi says that’s my decision. Baji says Mastani won’t do that. Kashi goes away from there. Radha says Kashi has already taken her decision so this girl has to leave. Baji says then I will leave with her.

He starts leaving with Mastani but Kashi comes there with an aarti plate and says Mastani is not going anywhere. Mastani respected our values and left her identity to come here. Mastani can offer namaz in her room. It’s her personal choice. Radha says this is wrong. Kashi says I am sorry.

Kashi tells Baji and Mastani I hope you know what this decision can change. All people angrily leave from there. Kashi does their aarti. Baji and Mastani enter the palace. Baji thanks Kashi. Kashi tells Mastani that I have paid a lot to bring you here so please follow the values of this palace.

Mastani says I can’t thank you enough for all this, my limits are with Baji and if anything is against him then I will never cross that limit. She goes from there. Kashi looks on.

Scene 2
Baji tells Mastani that this palace is your place now. Mastani says my dream was to be with you but house means people accepting me. Baji says you will win everyone’s hearts. Mastani hugs him. Radha sees that and is angry. Kashi comes there and sees them hugging. She is hurt recalling how Baji used to hug her.

Ganga comes there and says this girl snatched everything from you. Kashi says it was my fate. Kashi comes to Baji and Mastani. She tells Mastani I told you to respect the values of this palace. This PDA doesn’t suit you. The servant says Radha has called them in the mandir. Matank comes there too.

Radha tells Kashi that you shouldn’t have accepted that girl here. Kashi says my son would have lost his father, Baji would have left with Mastani. I accepted her for my son only. People were talking ill about them but at least now they are in the palace. Radha says you will have to see them together, will you be able to?

Kashi says I don’t have a choice. Radha says you are bearing so much pain and I will never forgive Baji for this. Baji and Mastani arrive there but Mastani is stopped at the entrance of the mandir. Radha scolds Baji for hugging Mastani only. Radha says this girl can’t enter the mandir. Kashi says it’s Radha’s personal choice so don’t force her.

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