Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 21st July 2022 Radha tells Baji that Mastani can’t enter my mandir. Baji says if we are tolerant then it will be a victory for everyone.’ Radha says will they allow us in their prayers then? Mastani says I accept that. Radha tells Baji that you and Kashi will light diya in front of your baba’s idol, and no one will come between you both. Baji says you don’t need to insult Mastnai.

Radha says because you both keep insulting Kashi. There are values in this house that you have forgotten. Baji says I didn’t expect this from you. Radha says me too, we have to clean up this mess together. She asks him to light diya with Kashi. Kashi holds diya. Mastani is outside the mandir and looks on. ‘Baji and Kashi light diya in front of Balaji’s idol together. Mastani is hurt seeing that. Kashi jerks her hand away from Baji and does the pooja alone. Mastani leaves from there.

Matank tells Mastani that we were living happily in the jungle. These people will force Baji and Kashi together. Mastani says everyone wants things to go back like before because they think that I want to take someone’s place but I just want to make my place here. Matank says I am not sure about these people, I want to find out what’s behind Kashi’s mask of goodness.

Mastani says I don’t care, I just want to become part of this family. Matank says these people are not even asking for water, they didn’t allot you a room. Mastani says I just know Baji is with me. Baji comes there and says don’t feel bad about Ayi. Matank asks where will Mastani live?

Baji says she can live anywhere she wants. The servant comes there and says Kashi has set up a room for Mastani. Mastani goes to her room. Baji says this is a good room. Matank says her room was so big in Bundelkhand but this is a smaller one. Mastani says I like this room. She says I want to meet Nana Saheb. Baji says let’s go then. Mastani says not like this, I will him myself.

Kashi is talking to her son and plays with him. Baji comes there and smiles. Kashi sees him and puts Nana Saheb down on the cot. Baji says I came to thank you, you have done a lot for Mastani. Kashi says I did everything as a Peshwan. Baji says I know I have hurt you a lot, you can’t even smile at me anymore.

I need your help. Kashi says you need more? Baji says I have to leave a lot, I don’t trust anyone here so I want to give Mastani’s responsibility to you, will you protect her? Kashi glares at him and says you want me to take responsibility for your lover? Fine, I will do that too but I have a condition.

Baji says I will give you anything you need. Kashi says your son.. you have to become a good father to your son as he needs you. Do you even know what people are saying about you? Remember your values, you need to be a good leader. People are taunting that you have forgotten your responsibilities because you fell for a girl.

Baji says who is saying that? Kashi says to me. Baji looks away and says you are still asking for others and not for yourself. Kashi says this is for me. Baji says I promise whatever you want will happen. Thank you for taking on Mastani’s responsibility. Kashi tries to leave but Baji holds her hand.

Ganga comes there and sees that. Baji says I want to make everything fine between us, I want to spend time with you and my son as a family. Kashi pulls her hands back and says let’s talk later about this. Baji nods and leaves from there. Ganga comes to her and says you called him later to talk? Kashi says this is will be our last meeting. Ganga says what do you mean? Kashi leaves from there.

Radha comes to Mastani and says you can’t touch anything here, this isn’t your room. Mastani says Kashi gave this room to me. Kashi comes there and says yes, I gave this to her. Radha says I am an elder here so I will run this house from now on, you can take decisions in the courtroom but not in my house anymore, I will show her the real place.

Radha takes her to a servant quarter and it’s near stable so it’s smelly. Kashi is stunned to see a dirty room. Kashi recalls Baji telling her to take Mastani’s responsibility. She thinks if Baji knows about this then he will create a scene.

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