Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 21st June 2022 Written Episode Update


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 21st June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 21st June 2022 Baji hugs Mastani and says I choose you, I choose your love and I promise that we will live together.

Mastani says my love is complete now, it’s not one sided, our connection won’t break now. We will meet in some other life. Baji says no, we will be united in this life now. He hugs her but Mastani loses her life in his arms. Baji runss to find a doctor.

Kashi wakes up, Radha asks what happened to you? Kashi says I felt dizzy and fainted. I am worried about Baji, I seel uneasy that he hasn’t contacted me till now. He has to come back to his Kashi.

The doctor checks Mastani and says she is in coma. Baji says Mastani you have to fight for our love. He holds her hand and cries.

Kashi feels pain and cries. Radha brings a doctor there. He says seems like she will give birth early.

Sooriya comes to Baji and says you haven’t forgotten that someone is waiting for you back home. She keeps crying for you. People think that you wouldn’t look at another woman but you have an affair with another woman?

You are playing with fire so back off. Baji says I couldn’t stop myself. Sooriya says you have to kill your feelings for Mastani. Baji says it’s too late, my heart is filled with Mastani’s love. Sooriya says stop yourself. I am here to take you back so let’s go now.

Kashi cries and tells Radha that I need Baji. Radha says just think about yourself and your baby, don’t lose strength.

Matank comes to Baji and says Mastani is out of danger, come inside. Sooriya stops him and says I can’t let you go to her, if you go to her then you will commit a sin. Think about Kashi. This Mastani is a just a cheap woman.

Baji holds a sword against him and says don’t talk about Mastani like that, she saved my life and I love her a lot. Don’t worry about Kashi, she will understand me as she has a big heart. She will forgive me.

I took a decision for myself for the first time so Kashi will respect that. He leaves. Sooriya says this woman has made Baji hold a sword over me even when she is not in his life.

Kashi is crying in pain and says something wrong is going to happen, I need Baji with me. She sees a dream and says my Baji is coming to me. He will come and hug his family. I will show our baby to him. Radha says that will happen, Baji will be back here soon. Nobody is important than you in his life. Kashi says then why didn’t he send a letter to me?

Baji enters Mastani’s room and she stands up on her feet. The doctor says this is a miracle. Mastani comes to Baji and says I fought for our love. We will be together now. Baji smiles. Sooriya thinks what will happen to Kashi now? Mastani hugs Baji and smiles.

The doctor tells Radha that Kashi is not well, she keeps fainting. I was worried about this but I have to tell you that we might be able to save the mother or baby only. Radha is shocked.

Ruhhani tells Mastani that you will go with your love now. Mastani says will he take me with himself? He accepted our love and that’s enough for me. I will leave the decision on Baji if he will take me with him or not.

Sooriya tells Baji that Kashi’s order was to bring you back so I have packed everything. Baji recalls his promise to Kashi and says I will respect Kashi’s decision. I will go alone with you.

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