Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 26th July 2022 Baji comes to Radha and says Kashi has thrown me out of her room. Radha says you have thrown her out of your life. Baji says she is taking revenge? She wants to hurt me, I don’t doubt Mastani’s love.

Radha says you have gone blind for that girl, why did she fall in love with a great warrior only? Why didn’t she fall in love with a simple man? Your name will be written in history so she wants to join her name with you.

Baji says she is a princess herself so why would she need me? Radha says she is an illegitimate child, she came to you because she wants respect for others, you should be ashamed of your lust.

Baji says how can you use these kinds of words for a woman? Radha says what about her? She destroyed another woman’s house but you can’t see that? Just stay within your limits and don’t spend nights with that girl.

Kashi has prepared another room for you. Baji says why should I listen to you and Kashi? Radha says because you are a Peshwa here and your wife is Kashi so stay within your limits. She asks Ganga to show him his room. Baji leaves from there.

Kashi is sitting alone in her room. Radha comes there and consoles her. She says what did you do? Kashi says he wanted to make everything normal lie earlier but I can’t. I want to be alone in this room now. We handle everything in life and what do we want?

Just husband’s love but Baji took that from me. Now he wants to make everything normal? How can I? Radha says you did the right thing but will you be able to bear the consequences? Kashi says yes, I will live my life for my son. Radha hugs her.

Matank asks a soldier about Baji, he tries to go to him but Mastani stops him. She says Baji has arranged a function for me, everything will become fine from tomorrow.

Kashi is sitting with her son and says you are my life from now on.

Scene 2
Baji asks Sooriya to write letters to all kingdoms that they have to be here to welcome Bundelkhand’s princess and they have to accept Mastani. Sooriya says you want to welcome them or order them? Baji says I have tried a lot but I want everyone to be there now.

Mastani is cooking food. Matank says they didn’t allow you to enter the kitchen? Mastani says it’s okay, I just care about my love, I will make everything fine. Matank says I hope everyone will welcome you.

Guruji tells Kashi that the girl is still here, we respected you but this is wrong. She is an impure woman in this sacred space. Kashi says don’t forget that Baji has protected us from Mughals. If I didn’t accept Mastani then Baji would have gone with her to Bundelkhand then who would protect us? I did what I thought was right.

Guruji says then we will do what I think is right, he leaves. Krishnarao says what will you do now? Kashi says politics is done using religion so we can’t make them angry. Sooriya brings the letter to Kashi and says Baji is stubborn and that everyone has to accept Mastani. He wants everyone to come and welcome her. You should request people to come so this all can settle down.

Radha is angry seeing the letter. Chimaji says we should poison her food. Kashi comes there and says Baji is already angry so we don’t accept this invitation then… Radha says we will all come to the function and welcome her. I just want you to make kheer. Kashi is confused and says what? Radha says I just want to eat it. She goes from there. Kashi says she accepted the invitation easily? There is something wrong.

Baji shows the decorations to Mastani. He says I sent the letter to everyone but no one came. Mastani says I thought you are a Peshwa and everyone will come on your order, how could they ignore your orders? Kashi comes there and says no one rejects his orders till now so how can you put him down?

Mastani says I didn’t mean that. Kashi says you keep saying that you don’t mean to hurt others but how come you keep hurting them? People will arrive here soon but I just want to tell Baji that you can’t force people to respect Mastani and accept her. Baji says Mastani is talented so everyone will accept her soon.

People must be blind to not see her talents or… Radha arrives there and says Baji knows all her talents. The only sad part is that we could never hear Kashi’s talents from you. I just want to ask which sword will you choose?

A pretty gold one or the sharp metal one? Baji says the metal one as I don’t need a sword to show off just like Mastani. People might not see her beauty but she is sharp. Radha says then we are all ready to accept her. All family members agree to accept her. Kashi is doubtful. Radha says I only have one condition. All look on.

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