Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 27th April 2022 Kashi reads Baji’s letter which says that he wants to come back and help her but he can’t so she has to take this responsibility and he knows that she will try her best to save Chimaji. Kashi says to herself that I am trying but I don’t know if I will succeed. She imagines Baji there who says why won’t you? Kashi hugs him and smiles. Kashi says this must be my imagination.

Baji says you will give your everything to bring Chimaji back. Kashi says thank you for giving me confidence. Baji pulls her closer but she blushes. Baji says you are blushing? Kashi says I am not.

Baji says if you won’t blush then what will you do? Kashi tries to go away from being shy but he pulls her back and says I know you are in a difficult situation, just be strong and I will be back soon. He hugs her but it’s her imagination.

Krishna comes to meet Kashi. She says you know Chimaji was kidnapped and I think Mughals have done it. Krishna says then why did you arrest our father? Kashi says I didn’t have a choice, you can help us. Krishna says how?

what can I do? Kashi says you have to go and try to free our father from the jail then you get caught so we will announce you as a traitor and throw you out then you will go to Mughals as their friend. Krishna says you want me to be insulted more? You are just thinking as Kashi who is Baji’s wife but where is our Laado who used to care for her family? Kashi says I am begging you as your sister. Krishna cries looking at her.

Scene 2
Radha prays to God. Kaviri tells her that Sooriya brought a message from Baji to Kashi. Radha says I know Mahadji didn’t kidnap Chimaji but I want Kashi to lose her father so she understands my pain.

Sooriya catches Krishna and tells Kashi that he was seen trying to free Mahadji. Kashi says announce him as a traitor and throw him out of the city. Krishna says I am not scared of you anymore, I will leave now.

Kashi sits in her room and says I have broken my father’s trust, I have to rectify all this. She tells Ganga that I have played a gamble with my family for this family, I am a daughter also so I am hurt. I don’t know what to do. I have put my family in trouble for all this. She prays to God to help her. Ganga prays for her.

Krishna meets a Mughal king and says your enemy is my enemy so we can be friends now. Kashi and Baji are my biggest enemies right now. I want your help to destroy Baji and Kashi. The king asks why should we trust you? Krishnas says because I can give you news about Baji and Kashi.

Kashi got to know that you have kidnapped Chimaji, you bragged about it to Baji and they connected the dots that you are behind all this. Soon Baji will find out and they won’t spare you. You have to trust me as I am telling you all this. If you make a plan with me then it will benefit you. Krishna sees Sooriya hiding and gives him a hint. Sooriya sends a message to Kashi that their plan is working.

A soldier comes to Kashi and says Mahadji is not eating anything. Kashi goes to meet him in his cell. She asks him to eat something but he ignores her and says you are here as a Peshwan. Kashi says I am hurt seeing you like this.

I am stuck in this situation. Please eat something. Mahadji throws the food away. Sooriya comes there and tells Kashi that our plan is working. Krishna went to meet Chimaji and we followed him. We know where he is.

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