Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 31st December 2021 Kashi says what did you think? Baji says am I crazy? I would look all day what would you do and eat. Kashi says so am I crazy? Why would I follow your time. He says don’t then. I will talk to aai,

don’t send this half minded girl after me. Kashi says your brain has gotten into your knees after all the horse riding. He says let me study. Kashi returns his timetable and leaves. Baji reads hers, she wakes up late. Baji says how will she live in this house?

Krishna says if they take care of each other they will start liking each other. I will be the happiest. Balaji says no Krishna Rao. I will be happy too. Come sit. Consider me your friend. Balaji says Baji and Kashi are playing enemy game.

We have to end it and make them friends. I don’t know how. Krishna says i have tried one thing. Let’s see how it turns out. Balaji says wow you are wise. He says I am. Balaji says little banker well done.

Scene 2
Kashi comes out. Radha says you went to complain to Baji about me? you thought the paper I gave to you of Baji’s timetable you will show it to him and I will stop trying to make you better? Kashi says why would I complain to Baji about you? He’s your son. You don’t complain about mothers. I only went to tell him. Radha says tell what? Radha says come with me. You won’t listen this way. She brings her to the detention area.

Radha asks do you know what place is this? Kashi says jail. She says this is the place where Baji was punished for his mistakes. I don’t want to do that to you. So do as I say because this isn’t your chaskaman. This is my Saswad. Kashi says why are you doing this to me? You wanted to make your son fighter. Now you want to make me one as well? Radha says no but I want you to be like a fighter. Kashi says my parents want me to stay the way I am. Let me be. The maid comes and says Balaji is looking for you.

Radha says you’re stubborn. But I am a lot more stubborn than you. KAshi says so you chose me as your DIL to compete with me? I got the one I didn’t want for all my life and you want to fight with me as well? Tell me. radha says okay then we can compete. I challenge, I will make you the kind of DIL I want.

If I can’t then live your life as you want. Accept the challenge? Kashi says I respect you but I will question if I don’t feel like anything is right. I will question you like I asked my parents. there isn’t any competition. Radha says live as I say or accept the competition. Choose one or you will stay here till there. She says to the maid stay here with her. She says BAji would stay here alone. You are DIL so I am leaving the maid with you.

Balaji comes there and says what’s happening. She says I trained my son like this as well. He says but this isn’t right. Radha says if you think I haven’t raised my kids right and I am not thinking right about the future of this family and Maratha regime, then you can take her from here. Kashi says Balaji kaka take me from here. I don’t wanna stay here.

Baji comes to Kashi. He says I can’t tell her about Kashi right now. Baji asks where is Kashi? Radha says I looked everywhere. all kids are worried for her. They say let’s look for her. Balaji says what is all this for? She says to make you peshwa and me peshwi. And then Baji peshwa and kashi peshwi.

Kashi says to the maid I feel like I am not a human. Let me go please. She says I am helpless. Please agree to what Radha says? Baji and the kids look for Kashi.

Scene 3
Radha comes to Kashi. She says what have you decided? It’s morning now. She says everyone thinks you’ve fled from saswad. Krishna didn’t eat. Bhui and Annu cried all night. They think you’re the culprit. Baji has injured his hand looking for you. Kashi says how is his hand now? If Krishna doesn’t eat his stomach hurts. Why are you hurting them all. she says it’s arti time. Everyoen will pray for your safety and I will pray for you to decide. Accept the challenge or do as I say. She leaves.

Everyone does arti. Baji prays for Kashi. He says I hope she’s fine. The maid asks Kashi have you decided? She says yes I’ve decided. Take me to Radha. Kashi comes to Radha. Radha says what have you decided? She says I’ve made a puppet that I was never. I will remain the Kashi I was. You can do whatever you want I will stay who I am.

I won’t be the person you want me to be. Radha says your time starts now. Baji says to Balaji we should send a man to chas kaman and ask if Kashi went there. Krishan says she would go with me. Baji says you always say she’s unpredictable. Radha says I found her. She comes out with Kashi.

Krishna says where were you Kashi? Everyone hugs her. They say we were so worried. Chimaji says Baji was so worried too. Kashi sees the wound on his hand. He leaves in anger. Chima asks where did you go? Radha says don’t keep asking that. Kashi comes to Baji. She touches his hand. He moves it. Baji says you always do what you want. Would you say anything? You fled. Did you even care how worried everyone was. If you were so suffocated you could tell me. I would take you to chaskaman.

Kashi says I wasn’t suffocated. Neither would I run. She says in heart I will face this challenge in this month. Radha says I will break you in this month Kashi. Then mold her to get the Kashi I want. Baji says you won’t run again? She says show me your hand. BAji says promise me first you won’t again. Kashi says I promise I won’t leave Saswad without telling you. Show me your hand. Kashi dresses his wound. Rahda looks at them. Kashi says the doctor told me this mantra to heal pain. Radha says it’s you who has to change no Baji.

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