Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th July 2021 In the morning, Sonakshi exclaims Dev has left for the house and she will also leave because she has to drop Soha to the school, she asks Soha if she is done, she sits up, Soha asks her mother to sit down and correcting her hair exclaims it is perfect and just perfect, Sonakshi is packing to leave when Soha asks when did the first war of Plassey take places because always forgets, Sonakshi replies it happened in 1757, the mother brings her son exclaiming he is just asking for her, she makes him sit on the table, her father replies she is just like her mother who used to prepare them just like she is doing, he ends the call exclaiming she must work.

Sonakshi asks what would Soha eat after giving the son a bowl of cereal, she gets a message from Dev who asks her where is she because he is waiting, Maa asks where is she going if not the office, Sonakshi replies that she is going with Dev to the brunch where all the investors would be present, she takes Soha after giving a car toy to her son, she asks maa to call her if he causes any problem, she assures their would be nothing wrong in the day but she must return early because children’s always need their mother in the night.

Sonakshi reaches the venue where Dev is with Natasha, she asks if they both were passing remarks about her, Dev replies she is wrong and they just started when she came, a person comes exclaiming he really missed Natasha, she asks if her memory is right this is the month when they got married, Sonakshi replies their anniversary was three days ago, Natasha asks if they celebrated but they both exclaim they were not able to but would surely plan something at the weekend, Natasha leaves with the person who says that he has to introduce her to some important guests.

Sonakshi asks Dev if they can leave after an hour because she has a lot of pending work at the office, Dev refuses explaining it is not possible as all the investors are present here, they start playing a game of guess, Natasha is able to correctly guess the movie, she therefor asks Sonakshi and Dev to also play, Sonakshi taking the chit sees the name of Titanic so remembers it used to be their favourite movie, she starts performing the pose however Dev is not able to correctly identify the movie, she even gives him the sign of the movie but it is off no use, they lose the game, Sonakshi questions what is he doing as it used to eb their favourite movie, Dev exclaims it has been a long time so she should have performed some other sign, she exclaims she did something different, Natasha notices something is wrong.

Sonakshi is taking the brunch, Natasha asks if she doesnot mind but is everything right between her relation and Dev, Natasha replies that there is no problem, Natasha mentions she thought something was different the last time they met and their chemistry was charming, but now something is missing, Sonakshi replies they both are now the parents of two children so now even when they both are really comfortable with each other, they are not able to express their love, Natasha exclaims it means their chemistry has become history, she adds that she got to know the real meaning of love from their love story, how they both were mad about each other, she should not allow something so beautiful to just fade away, Sonakshi asks if she saying this because of the game where she was not able to perform the pose of titanic, it was just a small thing which is not to be worried about, Natasha exclaims that titanic also sank because of a small ice berg. Sonakshi is left stunned. She starts thinking if Natasha is right and she needs to mend her relation.

Dev is on a call while driving exclaiming he would not hear any excuses as he needs the land and they can even negotiate the price of the land, Sonakshi while hearing the music starts enjoying the beautiful moments, she turns up the volume which irritates Dev, she immediately reduces the volume so starts thinking of what Natasha said that titanic also sank because of a small ice beg, they are fixing when a car passes by them in rush, they are not able to understand what has happened when the car suddenly hits a tree causing the accident.

The person is taking to the hospital on the stretcher, a boy exclaiming he is his father rushes to him when the ward boy starts taking him to the operation theatre, the boy is barred from entering the operation theater.

In the night Maa is with Soha, saying she is just like Dev as he used to also sleep while holding her hand, she sees Dev so questions why is he standing at the door, he questions how does she always know when he is standing, she replies just like when he knows at which time she is sleeping and awake, she replies that she doesnot get tired while watching after her grandchildren but they always seem to miss their mother as they are constantly calling her, Dev explains that there is a lot workload so she would have to stay late at the office. Dev asks her to sleep, she exclaims mother cannot sleep before the children, he exclaims he has brought the sweet pan which she likes, she immediately eats it as she is really excited, she says she asked for it fifteen days ago, Dev replies that it is because her sugar level was high, she eats it when he seeks permission to go and rest.

In the morning Sonakshi brings the coffee for him, she is shocked seeing he is drinking green tea, she asks when it happened, he replies it happened one week ago, she exclaims why did she not know about it, he replies it is just like when he did not know for a month that she got Vegan.

Sonakshi is with the children at the breakfast table, Soha exclaims she doesnot want to eat it but needs something else, Maa asks her to not scold the children, she asks if Soha would like the potato paratha, Soha agrees, she leaves to bring the paratha for the children, Sonakshi is feeing her son, Maa brings paratha for Soha, she takes the first bite but Maa stops her saying she would first cover it with ghee, she even asks Dev to eat it but he insists on eating the dish which Sonakshi prepared, he leaves after receiving a call from the office.

Sonakshi is with Soha and her son, she is not able to control them so tries contacting Dev but he doesnot answer, she asks Soha to prepare the model, Soha says that she would have completed it if her father was present, Sonakshi calls Dev asking him to come as she cannot control the children by herself, Dev receives a call from the hospital, a nurse asks him to come as a patient is asking for him, Dev says he doesnot know anyone by that name but the nurse insists that he come as soon as possible.

Sonakshi hears the message from Dev and gets worried, she sits thinking that she cannot handle everything by herself and needs her partner, Maa comes explaining this is what a household is because the mother has to face a lot of problems, Sonakshi replies that she is not like every other mother and has to perform a lot of meetings but Maa replies that when she was growing Dev waited for her but now she must wait for Dev when he is working to further his business, she insists that she cannot work all alone, Maa replies she must work with Dev and not try to be alone as she would then lose him, she leaves with her son while Sonakshi is left wondering what can she do.

Sonakshi going to her daughter apologizes for being angry as she was really frustrated, she apologizes to Soha who agrees on one condition that her mother would read her a story, Sonakshi also sets a condition that Soha would hug her and kiss her, she starts reading the story.

Dev reaches the hospital mentioning someone desired to meet him, the nurse takes him into the room of the patient advising he must not take a long time as it is not good for the patient. He exclaims he knows Dev since the past eight years even when he doesnot know him, the patient accepts he asked for Dev that he needs to reveal a truth, he first apologizes but Dev says there is no need, he replies a dying man never lies, he accepts that Sonakshi gave birth to a son and Soha is not his daughter.

Soha asks if the bad prince attacked the castle and what would happen to the princess, as she did not have a father so who would save her, Sonakshi asks what the matter as her mother is would save her, Sonakshi asks what she thinks of the mothers, Soha asks if someone tries to take her away would she save her, Soha sits up exclaiming her mother is the strongest.

Dev in anger questions what is he saying that Soha is not his daughter, it is not the truth so he will call the nurse, the patient stops him, Dev is not able to bear the news, he says that the person is lying however he replies that his wife was also in the same hospital and gave birth to a daughter however he desired to have a son, he therefor bribed the nurse and changed their children so he could have a son, he has been raising Dev’s son as his own, while his daughter went to Dev’s house. Dev cannot accept the news, the patient mentions he named him Aayush, and he is the real father of his son Aayush, Dev is left stunned, Aayush comes to his father who introduces Dev to Aayush Mant, the child turns to see Dev standing who is shocked.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Dev sees Aayush with the patient, he in the house says that he has something to inform Sonakshi, she sits down after hearing the news, they both go to the house asking if Aayush knows they are his biological parents, they both see him sleeping, Maa asks Dev what has happened as he seems worried, he looks at Sonakshi who is also tensed.


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