Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th July 2021 In the morning Ishwari asks what did he think about thew time he will bring home, Dev exclaims he could have brought him yesterday but Sonakshi thinks they need some time to think first, Ishwari replies that the time to bring him has passed and that he should not have to think about bringing him as he is not any non-living thing for which they need time, Dev explains that the hospital has accepted they did it for the sake of money and the nurse admitted she made a mistake but he is still worried how Aayush would be able to live into their house, Ishwari asks if he knows why the turtles rush towards the ocean after hatching, she explains that it is because they know where they are going and so Aayush would also be able to fit into their house.

Dev reaches the house of Rohit, he knocks on the door but non one answers his call, he peeks in to see that his mother is cooking when she accidentally burns her hand, he also sees that his father is trying to tie the rope, Dev walks to him offering his help but his father says that he will manage, Dev insists so climbing ties the knot, the father exclaims that they think that the task is small but it is actually very difficult, rather he has stopped doing it because of Rohit, Dev asks him to come and sit down, he explains he is not able to find the papers as they have to take the insurance claim, he cannot even find the certificate and even needs to take his wife for the dialysis, Dev assures he will take care of everything questioning where is Aayush, the father replies they tried talking with him but he yelled at them and locked himself in his room, Dev walking towards the room knocks, Aayush opens the door but goes back and sits on the bed, he is really sad, Dev replies that he just came to know yesterday that he was Aayush’s father, Aayush explains that his father has died, Dev replies there is a truth which his father might not have gathered the strength to reveal, he explains the entre situation, assuring he would do everything he can to provide Aayush with a suitable life but for that needs his help, he must inform her what sort of toys he prefers and the food which he likes and he would be able to live happy because the people there are his family, Aayush looks at him then dev explains that he doesnot mean that his Grandparents are not his family but he has a younger brother there, Aayush questions how can he believe it all to be the truth.

Sonakshi is holding the album of Sonakshi explaining that the feeling which she got after having Soha as her daughter could not be compared and even if she has not given birth to her it doesnot mean she doesnot love her.

Dev explains that the nurse changed them at the hospital and has even accepted that she did it for the purpose of getting money, Aayush’s grandfather explains that Dev is telling the truth and he is indeed the father of Aayush, his grandfather explain that Aayush would be happy living with him, Dev asks Aayush to pack all the things which he likes the most as his mother would come with him tomorrow to take Aayush, he asks the permission to leave, the grandfather also leaves the room, Dev turns to see Aayush crying and is not able to bear the sight.

Ishwari comes asking Sonakshi if she is still not able to bear the truth, Sonakshi puts the album, Ishwari explains the bond between the mother and her child is the strongest in the nine months, she advises her to think of the nine months and try to remember if their was even a single sign that the child was a boy, she requests her to be strong, Sonakshi replies that at the time of pregnancy the child was also hit her, Ishwari exclaims that boys hit and even Dev was like that, Sonakshi replies that Soha used to hit her in the night. Ishwari asks for some other sign that matches Aayush, she explains that she did not like Sigdani, Ishwari exclaims that Soha loves Sigdani and it is a difference amongst them.

Soha comes greeting Sonakshi, she explains that their teacher gave them a new homework of a family tree, she explains that there would be her father, grandmother, mother and Aypsuph and Golu, then their would be Dev’s aunt and her grandfather and mother, she asks if Sonakshi has the photos of everyone, Sonakshi replies she has, Soha says she feels her family tree would be the biggest and she will be the one to receive the star for her, Ishwari asks Sohana to go and change her clothes after which she will come to feed her.

Sonakshi wonders who would tell Soha the truth, she is preparing the family tree when she doesnot have any relation in it, Sonakshi exclaims they cannot ever tell her the truth, Ishwari assures her that she will never tell her the truth and even assures that she would have the same place in the family.

Aayush’s grandmother explains that he is a really responsible boy, he does his homework by himself and even doesnot need their help but would help them, his grandfather explains he even knows how to cook noodles and prepare tea, the grandmother requests them to forgive him thinking of him as a child, Dev asks where is Aayush, they all rush into his room but do not find him, they wonder where he might have gone, Dev looks under the bed to see that he is looking at the photo of Rohit, Dev asks him to come out as they have to leave, Aayush says that he cannot leave without his father, Dev assures that where ever he would go his father would always be with him.

Aayush comes out and immediately hugs his grandparents, they both shower their love on him when he asks if they would come to meet him, they say that they would surely come to meet him, Dev and Sonakshi walks out with Aayush, Dev asks if he would sit in the front but Aayush refuses, he requests Sonakshi to sit in the back with him.

Dev is driving the car, Sonakshi and Aayush both are sitting quietly without even uttering a single word. Dev signals Sonakshi, she greets Aayush, but he just looks angrily at her, she thinks if he calls her as mother in front of Sonakshi it will create a lot of problem. Dev questions if he can her as Aunti, she agrees with a smile, Dev recalls that Sonakshi in formed him they would need some to adjust and accept this situation, they reach the house Sonakshi asks Dev to first call maa as everything should be fine and Soha should not think that bringing Aayush would create problems for her, Dev assures that Maa knows she should not do anything that is out of the way.

Dev opening the door of the car asks Aayush to come out, they stand at the door, Ishwari opens the door, Sonakshi sees the decoration and recalls when she asked Dev to call Maa but he insisted that she would know what to do, Ishwari performs the pooja and exclaims that Aayush is just like Dev, she feels that he is her son, his expressions are just like her, she knows Dev is really celebrate because of his eyes and so would make their family proud.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Soha comes to the room, she asks who the bed is for, Sonakshi replies she now has to share the room with someone, Soha says she doesnot like to share her room with anyone. Aayush in the night accidentally drops the vase breaking it, Soha asks Ishwari what happened, she thrashes her hand and goes to Aayush consoling her.


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