Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th July 2021 Ishwari asks Aayush to come inside and even asks If they both desire she should perform their arrti as well, Dev calls her name but Ishwari replies he is her grandchild and has come for the first time so she would do something to welcome him, Dev replies he has even ordered some new furniture but Ishwari replies that there is no need, she asks Sonakshi to come, Aayush is amazed to see the large house and all the rooms.

Ishwari in excitement says she has set the bed and also the books are along with it, she asks if it is okay, Sonakshi questions why did she place the favourite sheet of Soha, she immediately changes it and even takes away the toys, Ishwari asks what would happen if she placed some toys at his bedside because Soha has a lot of toys so the room is filled with them, Soha replies she will bring new toys for Aayush after asking the one which he likes, Ishwari leaves after agreeing.

Dev coming says that with time everything will happen, Sonakshi says she doesnot know if it will ever be the same because she is worried about Soha as she has not even changed anything so all of a sudden she now has to share the room with someone because it will also be a problematic for Aayush, Dev replies that some even t so disturbing changes the child and Aayush would be able to just like he did when his past away all those years ago.

Ishwari is with Aayush showing him the house, she takes him to the Mandir praying she is glad he has finally come back, she even asks him to pray but he just stands still, she turning to him asks what sort of dish soes he like as she will make the best dish for him, she explains that he is just like Dev but she was not able to see him laugh in his childhood however she desires that Aayush start laughing.

Dev and Sonakshi are in the room, Soha enters asking what is happening and if some guests are arriving, Dev replies that his friend’s close son has come to stay with them, she will share her bedroom with him, Soha questions why her bedroom, Sonakshi replies because they want to show how well mannered Soha is and she can take care of him, Soha replies she has to take care of him to show how well mannered she is, she exclaims she doesnot like it at all which worries both Dev and Sonakshi.

Ishwari after preparing the lunch calls them all including Soha, Aayush comes so she helps him sit, asking what would he like to eat, Sonakshi is also just offering him, Soha feels neglected so murmurs that someone also ask her, Sonakshi turning exclaims they have made her favourite dish Damalu, Ishwari asks Soha to eat some green vegetables as she always eats potato, Soha feels worried, Ishwari starts serving the dishes to Aayush and serves out all of them, he takes it up and leaves, seeing which Sonakshi says he would eat after a while but Ishwari insists on making him eat saying that children should eat at the table otherwise they sit in front of the television and have junk food, Ishwari exclaims she will take good care of him and make him like her Dev, Sonakshi replies he doesnot want to eat, Maa insists he will eat so asks Aayush if he will eat however he is not able to, Dev also looks at her while she is standing so asks him to eat by his hands, he feels worried so eats the entire food, Dev asks him to come with him as he would show him the room.

Soha exclaims she doesnot like the way he was eating, Ishwari replies that why is she tensed as he did not make any excuse for the food she should also learn from him, Soha gets mad so leaves the table without even listening to anything Sonakshi is saying, she asks Maa why did she say it because she knows how Soha is, she is very stubborn about her food, Ishwari is the one who has ruined her and now is saying she needs to change, Dev comes asking if he feels that Aayush is scared as he did not even say anything while eating, Ishwari replies that she knows how to raise a child so would make sure he feels the member for this family.

Aayush is reading the comic book, Soha comes saying she feels he is really weird because her mother said there were some problems in his house which is why he has come to live in their house, she agrees to share her room but warns him to not touch her toys, she asks for her comic book calling him a stupid boy because he did not say even a single word.

Sonakshi’s father is banging the radio, his son comes asking what is he doing as the radio would not fix, he was not able to sleep in the night because of his daughter and now because of him, they father replies that he should then also sell him in the market because he is old, Joti calls him from behind the father is relaxed to see him, he exclaims he has brought the food for him, he mentions that he has indeed helped his daughter in setting up the business because she was broken when her relation ended with Dev but he became her friend and even helped her business to grow, Joti asks them to eat.

In the night Dev and Sonakshi come to the room of Soha and Aayush, they both leave after correcting their beds, Sonakshi is not able to tie the necklace, Dev helps her, she explains she feels that they should give Aayush another bedroom as Soha would not be comfortable but Dev doesnot think the same saying he is Soha’s brother, and they should be together.

Aayush in the night while sleeping starts dreaming about his father, he wakes up calling him and even goes to the lounge but he accidentally drops the vase which breaks, Ishwari comes asking what has happened, Dev also comes asking him to stay where he is until he picks up all of the pieces of the glass, Soha comes to Ishwari asking what has happened, she however thrashes her hand going to Aayush asking if he is scared, assuring eh should not be worried.

Sonakshi goes to Soha, Dev picks up Aayush saying he will take him to the room while Maa should go to sleep, he walks without stopping for Sonakshi, in the room he asks if Aayush saw his father, he replies he saw, Dev explains it is because his father is always near him, he cannot himself help him which is why he has asked him to be his protector, he should listen to him as in the end he would have to present Rohit with a report, Aayush agrees to listen to him, and sleeps. Ishwari comes, Dev replies he got scared remembering his father, she assures she would never again make him feel alone.

Dev entering his room asks Sonakshi what it was all, she did not even go near Aayush while he was covered with glass, she recalls how Maa thrashed the hand of Soha, she replies he and Maa with him so she was with Soha, Dev replies that she had to be with Aayush to console him, she tries to reason that she was confused but Dev explains she should have gone but she was frozen, he in anger lies down to sleep.

Sonakshi goes to the room of Dev while he is sleeping, she taking the bear recalls the moment when she used to play with Soha, she has always been really close to her daughter, who considers that Sonakshi is the best mother.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mami exclaims she feels that everything is a fraud and they would have done this for the sake of money, Aayush hears this and gets nervous, Dev gets a call from Mr Sharma who requests him to arrange a meeting with Soha, Dev in forms Sonakshi that Mr Sharma was asking to meet Soha.


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