Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th July 2021 In the morning Dev asks Maa what is she doing in the morning as her wrist is hurting, Maa explains the work which is so filled with love then what is the point in not doing it, Dev asks if she has asked him if he likes it or not, Maa replies if he likes it then Aayush would also like it, Soha also enters the kitchen calling Dadi saying she also loves it a lot and has been made after a long time, Soha explains she would take the dish for lunch in the tiffin, Maa replies she would also get it, Soha says this means she is making it for someone else, Dev immediately asks if she is getting late for school and they have to get ready as the bus has arrived, Maa asks Dev if he doesn’t want to have the breakfast, Dev replies he would be going late so has some time to eat, Maa turns to make the dish.

Aayush is reading, Dev asks what is he reading, he seeing the textbook explains Soha has a huge collection of comics which he is sure Aayush would like, however he disagrees then Dev explains if he can play some outdoor game like cricket but Aayush explains there is a lot of heat outside, Dev suggests any in door game but Aayush requests to play with the rubicks cube to which Dev agrees, he is stunned to see the reaction of Aayush.

Jitin exclaims how in an instance can things change, Sonakshi replies they are talking of changing the children asking if he is even understanding it, she exclaims all of a sudden she gets to know that she is the mother of an eight year old son and she is accepting it but why is she being told that she is not the mother of Soha, she cannot change her feelings for her, Sonakshi taking the example of the plant in her office exclaims she has loved it like a child knowing how much heat the plank needs and even she forgot she would come back from the house to plant it, just like that Soha is for her, she cannot change it. Jitin asks if she told Dev, Sonakshi recalling the time when he scolded her, she replies he doesn’t understand it, Jitin asks if she told Dad.

Ishwari is sitting with the uncle and aunti who exclaim they feel that the entire matter is suspicious because how can the children be changed and they not know, they further explain it might be because of the need of money and they might try to blackmail them for it, the uncle says Dev has seen the entire would so would have thought before making the decision, the aunt mentions he has seen it and if for instance someone comes to him saying that the wife with whom he has been living is having an affair would he believe the words, the uncle replies he would if the person is truthful and honest, the aunt scolds asking if he is joking, explaining that both Dev and Ishwari are innocent, Dev replies that a dying man doesn’t lie, even the nurse accepted she changed them for the sake of money, he also inspected himself, Aayush comes but then is stunned when Aunt starts blaming that Aayush is the son of Rohit and he on his deathbed thought to set the life of his son which is why left him with Dev, he tries to stop her but Aayush rushes back inside, Ishwari asks Bhabhi to at least see what she is saying in front of the child, the uncle explains not everyone has the ability to bear her words, she tries to explain she did not see him standing there and never meant to hurt his feelings, she is just saying that they can have the DNA tested, Ishwari explains she felt that Aayush is the son of Dev asking him if he does not remember that Dev would never ask for anything and she would have to look him in the eyes just like that Aayush also has to be looked into his eyes, Uncle exclaims she is right and Ishwari explains that Dev is lucky to have two children as they would become his support after growing up.

Dev goes to Aayush who is in the room and explains that Mami was wrong to say what she did but he must not feel bad because there would a lot of people to say this but he should not worry, Dev replies Aayiush is just like him as he would also sit in the corner, Aayush replies this cannot be right because he is not his father, Dev says that he is not even comparing himself to his father because he has a lot less experience, Dev says they can be friends.

Sonakshi’s father replies that even if her mother in law blames her for the world war, he would not be surprised, her sister in law says this is wired but her brother mentions he believes in Sonakshi that she can take care of everything, Sonaskshi replies Aayush had another life and the only thing which she sees in his eyes is either fear or anger, she mentions that she is not able to believe in the situation and cannot say to Soha that she is not her mother, her father mention that she is named Sonakshi and not any film star because this only happen in the movies but in reality it takes time to create a relation, he makes her recall the difficulty that arose in her delivery explaining the way she raised Soha proves she is also a good mother, Sonakshi looks to the photo of her mother and is crying thinking that a good mother was their own, she really misses her, Sonakshi’s sister in law comes to sit with her, Sonakshi says that she always had the answers to her question and would advise her to handle each and every situation, her father mentions he cannot be her mother but it takes time to cook the relation and after some time the entire buffet would be available, Sonkashi prays that it happen but that it does not take much time because she cannot see the pain in his eyes, she asks her brother if she is a good mother, her father explains if she needs to know how a mother she is then should go and ask Soha, as the mother who brought Lord Krishan knew what she liked, her brother asks if she told Soha, she replies she has not been able to gather the strength worrying how she would react.

Soha reaches the room where Aayush is playing with the Rubicks cube, Shoug asks if she would play with him but she refuses explaining she has a lot of work, he then comes to Aayush asking if he would play with him, Aayush immediately agrees and they start playing, Dev is really happy to see them both playing and leaves back.

Dev while waking downstairs gets a call from Verma jee, he apologizes for not calling before as they wanted to wait until they set, Verma jee asks if Aayush is okay, Dev replies that there is some time which they would require, Dev says that they donot want to tell her, Verma jee explains they donot mean to disturb their lives but it would be easy to live their lives seeing the image of their son in Soha, Dev assures to work something out and ends the call, Verma jee exclaims he is a really nice person and has assured to work something out.

Dev is walking when Sonakshi enters asking why did she go to her father’s house, she mentions she needed to inform her, Dev mentions she should have called him on the mobile and should have spent some time with Aayush, Sonakshi asks if he told his mother on the mobile, he replies his mother lives with them explaining that Aayush is like an open book who would remember what she does now.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sonakshi tries to say that Aayush is full but Ishwari says this is not the first time she is raising a child, Aayush vomits when Sonakshi asks her to not find Dev in him. Dev says Sonakshi that Verma je was asking permission to meet Soha, Sonakshi says they want to take Sohana away, Dev turns to see her standing.


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