Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st September 2021 Dev exclaims they were for a long time were looking for a good interior designer who would be able to design their low cost homes, he explains that they have planned a big township under Ishwari Info tech, for which they even had to remove some people for whom they have to make low cost homes and comfortable quarters for his employees, for which her designs are the best and that they have found her, he explains she might think of it as Serendipity but he knows one thing for sure saying that she had a perfect job with good builders but then why did she come to him, Sanjana mentions she felt inclined to which Dev says that he is glad since now she is a member of Ishwari enterprises and he would call the HR so they will give her the employment letter.

Sanjana is talking with her friend on the call saying that she feels that today is the strike of taxi service, and it is showing the waiting of half an hour, Dev stops the car asking what the problem is, she explains she needs to go and meet the broker in Hors cars, Dev replies he is going to Vasund Bihar so would drop her. She agrees to sit in the car.

Dev while sitting with Bijoy reads different news regarding the killings of landowners, Bijoy says it is the truth and some day he would be killed by someone, Bijoy says even after knowing this Saurabh rented out the room even when there is a girl in the house, Sonakshi replies that Mishti is too young, Bijoy says he is not talking without any proof and Saurabh has rented out her room and spent all the money, Saurabh explains that the tenant is a PG and he spent the money because of the financial problem but would place them back after he earns them. Sonakshi turning to Bijoy tries to explain saying that she lives in their hearts, and it is just a room, she is sure that the environment of the house would change with the tenant who comes to live in their house, she exclaims she needs to leave to buy some things for the children, they should tell her if they need anything.

Dev is in the car with Sanjana, they both are listening to the commentary of the match, Sanjana explains they should keep on with their commentary otherwise Virat would get out, Dev says if they keep playing like this then he might get out, Dev worries what has happened, he suspects the tyre have been punctured, after getting out he sees that they are all okay so asks for the score, Sonakshi is driving when she suddenly stops noticing Dev with a women so recalls what Alena said about the women, Sonakshi wonders who is she as she has never seen Dev gets so comfortable with any women.

Radha asks the AI to introduce herself to Ishwari who asks Radha if she is her detective, Radha explains she might be small but knows everything, Radha asks her who is Dr Navia Anand, Radha then questions if she cures the flu to which Anita replies there are three other clinics near her house, Radha thinks they should know about them but Ishwari asks her to question about what they want to know, Radha asks what is the profession of Dr Navia And, Radha then says she is somewhat mad but answers whatever they ask,. Ishwari questions Anita if Dr Navia practices yoga, then Anita replies that Dr Navia is a marriage consoler, and they specialize in removing the stress in the mind of the married couples. Ishwari mentions she asked Sonakshi to use her new methods, but she has taken her child to some doctor as he is not mentally ill, she will first find out by herself and then question Sonakshi.

Sonakshi is sitting on the stairs when she sees the homework of Dev and then reads it out, he enters the room when she asks if he went to that locality, he gets tensed then she questions what happened asking if he remembers, Dev realizes then in a serious voice turns exclaiming she has found about both of them, he turns smiling asking if she really thinks like this, Sonakshi exclaims it was a stupid joke, Dev says she is adorable as Sonakshi is getting jealous even after so many years, Dev explains he told her about the girl who took his bouquet and so she is the new joinee in the office and had to go somewhere, he asks she is still getting jealous, Sonakshi mentions she saw them both giving High five, Dev explains that it was the winning short and so they got excited, Sonakshi after smiling asks him to come down as she has made Samosa chaat for him, he asks in excitement when she replies she made them in the air fryer.

In the morning Ishwari is performing the pooja when Sonakshi comes smiling, she gives her the Parshad and Sonakshi asks for three more because she would give the children as they all wait for them in the morning, Radha asks if she has also started to believe Sonakshi, asking Ishwari is she recalls the women from their kitty party whose Daughter in law after going to the doctor filed for divorce and even took the alimony from them, Ishwari gets worried however then mentions Sonakshi is not like this because she separated even before but did not ask for anything.

Gollu is playing the game when he hears the cries of a chimpanzee and immediately hides, Aayush and Soha enter the room when Gollu asks them both to also hide, Aayush takes the stuffed toy and then scares Gollu, he gets angry with Soha exclaiming he will not talk with her anymore.

Dev is in the room when he reads the homework and then searches on the net for the poetry, Sonakshi comes to get ready in the room, he starts reciting the poetry, she doesnot give any sort of reaction which worries him, he questions why did she not praise him even when he worked so hard on it, Sonakshi leaves saying they have to leave for the therapist, he exclaims he gets nervous hearing the name of therapy wondering if he might do anything wrong, Dev walks down, Ishwari standing recalls what Radha and Anita said, Dev leaves taking her blessings when Radha comes saying they did not reveal anything, Ishwari and Radha ask Anita about the reasons for therapy, Anita explains that therapy is taken for various reasons, including stress and tension along with other causes, Ishwari explains that Sonakshi and Dev also started taking therapy when Dev took the pills.

Dev is in the office when Sanjana comes asking that he called her, Dev giving her the appointment letter mentions she is now an official member of the company and would get her own cabin really soon, she seeing the salary exclaims it is beyond her expectations, Dev says they know how to credit the talent, Sanjana explains she has some designs which she would like to discuss with him, he agrees so asks her to sit, Sanjana mentions she would now like to know everything about him and the rabbit, Dev says he would show her the details regarding the project, he turns the laptop which ahs the wallpaper of his family, Sanjana picks up the mobile and is shocked to see it.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Sonakshi says to Dev in the office asking where he was when her mother was ill and died, she was not able to forget that moment and has not forgiven him, Ishwari and Radha exclaims how long would they have to wait, they both walk towards the cabin even when the receptionist warns them.


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