Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd July 2021 In the morning, Aayush is not able to tie his button when Dev comes saying that he will help him and questions what is his choice, Aayush replies it is because his grandfather says that he looks like his father in this dress, Dev replies that they both would also be really glad to meet him and are dying to spend the time with him, Sonakshi also comes asking if he has prepared his bag, they walk downstairs Ishwari comes asking where are they going, Dev mentions he is taking Aayush to meet his grandparents, Ishwari replies they should have talked with her because she has arranged for a pooja and they would not be able to go because the Pandit je is just about to come, Ishwari also asks Aayush to go to them some other time and that he should consider this house to be his house.

Dev mentions they can still talk with Aayush on the video call, Mr Verma is really excited to see Aayush and brings the mobile to his wife, Aayush asks if he likes the kurta which he is wearing and even replies to their question if he is eating really well, Aayush replies that he even had the kulfi to eat but really missed them, he replies there is a strict aunti who would not let him meet them, Dev hearing this goes to Aayush explaining that he doesnot want any misunderstanding to happen, his mother held a pooja in their house as they did not tell her about the plan, Misses Verma exclaims she had even made the favourite dishes of Aayush, Mr Verma however mentions they cannot try to complain when it is the matter of the pooja, he asks Aayush to listen to anything which the strict aunti says, he ends the call, Aayush gets tensed.

The Pandit jee asks Ishwari to bring the parents and the person for whom the pooja has been held, Mami jee sees Dev coming, so exclaims the sun might have risen from the west as Dev is ready for the pooja, Ishwari recalls how he used to dislike the pooja, she replies he would not like coming to the pooja when he was young but now has realized that since it is the matter of his own child, Sonakshi comes with Soha, Ishwari is looking for Aayush, Soha coming says that her father has already taken his position and sitting in the front exclaims that Dadi has once again arranged for her pooja, Ishwari replies the pooja is not for her but they had already kept it once for her so cannot do it again, the pooja this time is for Aayush, she starts calling Aayush after making Soha beside her, she asks Aayush to come and sit, praising him for how beautiful he is looking.

Ishwari asks Pandit jee to start the pooja, he sits in the front, Soha looks at him with jealousy recalling all the moments when his parents were taking care of him more then her, Pandit jee asks the name of him, Ishwari tells him the name of the child is Aayush, after the pooja is progressing the Pandit jee asks about the name of the parents, Ishwari immediately takes the name of Dev and Sonakshi, Soha asks it is wrong because they should have taken the name of his parents however Ishwari replies that since his parents are no more they have to take the name of her parents since his parents are no more so what is the point in taking the name of those who are dead, Soha immediately leaves the pooja, Sonakshi asks why did she take the name in front of them since she fears Soha might not like it, Ishwari replies that she has explained and if Soha had desired to do anything then would have done it already.

They all are sitting in the pooja when they hear the glass dropping, Sonakshi seeing the glass on the kitchen floor asks what has happened, Soha replies that she came to get the glass of juice because she was thirsty, Sonakshi asks why did she not take the juice which was placed outside for the pooja, Soha replies that it is for Aayush and she cannot have it, Sonakshi asks Soha and they both hug each other.

The Pandit jee explains that the mother of the child has to be with him to perform the Hawan kun, Dev agrees to take the place and instead perofrms the pooja with Aayush, Dev is in the kitchen, Ishwari comes saying that since the Pandit jee has perfomed the pooja really well he should give him five thousand rupees, Dev is about to leave when Ishwari explains there is also one thing, he must advise Sonakshi as she is the mother of Aayush and Soha, she has to be the one to balance her relation with them both otherwise nothing could happen which they desire, Dev replies she needs to give them both time as she knows that Sonakshi is trying her best to form a good and healthy relation with Aayush but such things take time, she while being the mother of Soha is not even trying to correct her, Dev replies Soha is a child and everything which had happened in the house was for her but it is difficult for her to share it with someone else, Dev leaves the room, Ishwari thinks that Sonakshi’s relation is nine months old then them and she should not have need three seconds to connect with him.

Dev while driving asks Sonakshi to come home early, she asks what the work is, Dev replies she needs to spend some time with Aayush as she has not spent any time, Sonakshi replies she is going late and was spending time with him, Dev mentions it was because of Ishwari and not by her step, Sonakshi says she has an important contract which she needs to finalize. Dev asks her to not make any excuses as she is the mother and her relationship with Aayush should be strong. Sonakshi mentions everything takes time, just like the trees which even after having the fertilizer needs sun, she deserves some time, he however feels irritated so turns on the music.

Jitin is in the office, Sonakshi comes and he explains that he has prepared a menu with which they can create a diet that is both nutritious and less expensive, Sonakshi basically replies that it means she should work towards something that not possible and full of imagination, just that Soha should accept Aayush as her brother, which cannot happen, Jitin comes asking her to see a portrait, he mentions that the life of a mother is not easy and she must be the one to work them out, she as a mother should feel connected with her child, Sonakshi agrees but says she cannot feel that connection and Dev along with Maa have shifted to Aayush but in this situation Soha feels left out, which she cannot bear, Jitin questions what is fault of Aayush, Sonakshi mentions it is not his fault, she is trying her best but feels that they as a family are stuck in time at their own points which are far away, since the children were changed to the present time nothing has happened correctly, she is forced to accept the guilt and all the relation in her marriage are meant for nothing, she doesnot know what to do.

Dev sitting in his office looks at the photo of his family, recalling how Rohit introduced Aayush as his son and also that when he said that Dev cannot be his father, Vicky enters the office asking Dev if he his fine as the signatures on the cheques do not match and what is happening, Dev apologizes and once again starts working, Vicky questions what is wrong with him.

Jitin tries to reason with Sonakshi saying that problems can arise even in the paradise but she as the wife of Dev should try to explain herself, does she really think he would not understand her, she stands thinking what she can do, Dev is also really tensed in his office.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ishwari warns Sonakshi saying she cannot differentiate between her children like this, Sonakshi if she is saying, questioning if she never differentiated between Dev and his sisters. Sonakshi while weeping asks Dev if he thinks she doesnot love her son, she mentions he is not understanding, Dev replies but she has really understood what he feels.


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