Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th August 2021 Aayush rushes to hug his grandmother, seeing him cry she questions the reason, he replies that he really misses them a lot, Ishwari asks if they are his grandparents questioning if he would not ask them to come in and sit comfortably, they greet Ishwari when Mr Verma explains that they were really missing Aayush and know that Dev is really busy so they themselves came to meet him and he was also feeling really well, Misses Verma explains that he is now feeling well so decided to come here, Aayush explains that no one can make such good pudding then his Grandmother not even Ishwari aunti, hearing this Ishwari gets worried.

Soha calls Ishwari entering the door, seeing whom Mr and Misses Verma also get delighted, Aayush asks Soha to come and taste it, she also really likes it and then explains to Ishwari that she has met them before and also talked with them on the video call, Radha asks if Dev and Sonakshi told her that Soha has met them before, Ishwari is worried about what would happen.

Sonakshi comes back, she sees Ishwari putting the sugar so asks her to stop as she knows her sugar levels, Ishwari agrees to her then asks if she knows who has come to their house, she mentions it was the Grandparents of Aayush and he really loved that they came, they all asked them to come and sit however they did not take anything and even Soha then arrived so she was really happy with them, this is the relation of blood but Sonakshi and Dev did not tell her that Soha has met them before, Sonakshi explains that she did not want her to meet them because it might have negative effect on them but Dev did not want this, Ishwari and Radha say that she si his wife so must know what is the matter with him.

In the morning Sonakshi wakes up, she is worried to see Dev is sleeping and then thinks of waking him up after the breakfast is prepared, everyone is sitting at the breakfast table, Sonakshi comes and serves the children food, she is worried where is Shuv so then also asks about Dev, Radha explains he is always the first one to be at the table but is still not present and so Sonakshi decides to go and call them, Sonakshi enters the room but is worried that Dev is still sleeping wondering if he doesnot want to go to office, she tries waking him up but he doesnot respond so then she gets worried calling everyone to the room.

Ishwari enters the room with everyone, she asks Sonakshi what has happened, so she responds that Dev is not waking and she thought it was because of the work however he is still not responding, Baldev then calls the doctor who immediately comes, he after checking Dev gives him an injection so asks them to bring the warm water and give Dev the pill as soon as he wakes up, assuring there is nothing to worry about, he asks Sonakshi to come with him questioning has Dev been in any sort of stress, Sonakshi explains it is nothing serious but the doctor replies it might be because he was taking some sort of pills to relieve the stress because of which he suffered the stroke, had it been serious it might have caused a heart stroke but she must make sure he doesnot get any sort of mental stress.

Sonakshi gets worried after the doctor leaves so she checks the bag of Dev where she finds the pills, Ishwari is trying to feed Dev however he replies it is enough, Sonakshi brings him his favourite green tea, Bijoy comes greeting asking who got ill because he saw the doctor leaving, Sonakshi comes asking him to not say anything to Dev now, Bijoy says that he is still young and should work tirelessly otherwise when he gets old there would be only two things to worry about either waiting for the hairs to fall or go to a fake laughter, Baldev asks Bijoy to come with him.

The children enter the room, they all come to Dev where Shuv asks if he can give the injection, Veid gives him a get well soon card, Sonakshi leaves the room.

Sonakshi is crying in the kitchen where she is not able to believe that Dev is in still so much stress, Bijoy comes asking what has happened because she doesnot need to cry, she explains that she only thought that she was hurt and facing the problems, but she did not think about Dev, he has once again started taking the sleeping pills because of the problems and she did not know anything, Bijoy explains that he talked with Jitin so they both feel that Dev and Sonakshi should consider having a marriage counselling as it would end the problems, Radha hears their conversation.

Dev is in the room reading the newspaper, Sonakshi brings the soup just that he likes it, he says that he is not ill so she can go to the office, Sonakshi explains she is not well and after what happened last night she is completely shocked, she would not want him to suffer and so they would not fight anymore, Dev sitting down exclaims that he knows he would not do anything and so promises to not take any more medicine, she then kisses him explaining that they both would discuss everything and also work on their marriage to solve all the problems.

Radha exclaims that she could not believe what she heard is the truth, Ishwari asks Sonakshi why did she not tell her that Dev is ill, she is his mother so has the right to know if he is worried, Sonakshi explains that she did not want to see that Ishwari gets tensed as then it would harm her health, Ishwari replies she is his mother so would be tensed when her son is not well, just like Sonakshi got mad after they hid the truth regarding changing the name of Veid, Sonakshi assures Ishwari she would do all she can to mend her relation with Dev because she also cannot live without him but he doesnot want to talk with her, Ishwari asks her to be sure if she will do everything that is in her power to help Dev, Sonakshi agrees, she hugs Ishwari.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dev goes to the flower shop to buy flowers for Sonakshi, he even writes a note for her. Sonakshi is with someone who taking the card explains that this means there is a storm coming in her life. Dev is in the shop when a girl passes by however her sarree gets stuck.


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