Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th August 2021 teacher in the school asks the students to show her their homework, she is really happy with the work but when she is about to reach Aayush, Rohan exchanges it from him, the teacher appreciates Rohan and then going to Aayush explains there are a lot of spelling mistakes, he exclaims to be a topper in his previous and even when he is now studying in the English medium, he needs to push himself, as a punishment would have to do it three times, she turns and drops the book, after picking it she turns which worries Rohan.

Sonakshi sitting at the swing exclaims that before their wedding, he would smile and make her do anything, Dev exclaims if she is saying that his magic doesnot work on her, Sonakshi agrees when Dev turning mentions he knows she is unsettled, there has a lot which has happened between them but it is nothing that cannot be sorted, they now have to worry about their children, Sonakshi asks if he still thinks everything is fine, they need to be compatible as everything should be at a wave length which is not right, Soha asks them both to come hurry and see what has happened.

Ishwari asks what has happened, Dev and Sonakshi are also shocked to see Aayush, they ask how did it get injured and if he fell, Ishwari asks Soha to tell what ahs happened, Soha mentions two boys are bullying him from day one, Dev realizes how he made an excuse that he has a bad stomach, Dev and Sonakshi sitting with him ask why did he not tell them, Veid replies it is because he did not want them to fight because of him, Sonakshi assures there is nothing of the sort, Dev asks Soha to tell them about the boys asking if they study in her class.

Soha mentions that it has happened from day one but today it got out of control and explains that the teacher scolded him because of Rohan and when she left, Rohan and his friend pushed his bag, also forcing him to fall while even threatening that he must finish their work.

Dev exclaims it is not right and he will go to school. Sonakshi mentions she would go but Dev assures her he would handle everything, Ishwari asks Radha to go and bring the medical box while she will bring the herbal drink.

Ishwari is in the kitchen when Sonakshi comes so she asks what is worrying her, Sonakshi explains she is not a good mother and so was not able to see that her own child did not tell her anything because he did not want them to both fight, Ishwari replies that even mothers tend to make mistakes, she was also not able to understand that Dev was worried, they both are tensed, Ishwari consoles her exclaiming everything would be fine, Ishwari replies she has complete trust in Sonakshi that she would be able to fulfil anything that is problematic. Sonakshi explains she is tensed about the reason Veid hid the truth, Ishwari mentions she belongs to the old era but Sonakshi is a modern girl and really clever so would have a way out of this situation, Sonakshi questions if she has this much trust in her, Ishwari explains she is the choice of Dev and he doesnot choose anything that is wrong, she is sure Sonakshi can find a way out of this situation to protect their family.

Dev and Baldev are applying the medicine on Aayush, they are sure he would be fine by the afternoon, Dev asks Baldev if they should use the formulae which they used to do in his childhood Veid and Soha ask what they are doing as it would get Veid punished, Baldev then explains that it is a really good solution.

In the morning Rohan and the other boy ask Veid to give them their books, the teacher after reading them asks if they have written it, Rohan immediately blames Veid when he himself gives a note to the teacher exclaiming, he has not done his work as he was ill, the teacher punishes them to show the book in front of the whole class, the teacher is called with the teacher to the principal office.

Dev is with the parents of the other students having an argument as they are not ready to accept that their children can do anything wrong when Dev threatens to call the commissioner, the parents ask who is he to Veid, then Veid comes to him exclaiming he is his father so the other parents also apologize and assure they would talk with their children, Dev thanks Veid who then exclaims he would not be scared of anyone, Dev really appreciates him.

Dev is sitting in his office when he has cancelled the meeting mentioning that he had to go to his sons’ school. The peon gives him the tiffin, Sonakshi has written a letter which he starts reading and in it Sonakshi asks him to come to the clinic of the doctor who is a marriage consoler, Sonakshi is waiting for Dev when the assistant comes asking her to come as the doctor is waiting for her, she asks where is her partner and then Sonakshi is worried so drops her phone, Dev picks it up explaining he had to come because she had given the payment in advance, Dev explains he is only doing this because she asked him to.

Soha and Veid enter the house and are really excited, Ishwari coming asks what happened when Soha in excitement explains that papa changed the entire game, Radha requests them to clarify so Veid explains that first because of him the teacher gave the punishment to the students, then in the principal’s office their parents were also scolded by papa, Soha doesnot like to hear that he is calling Dev as papa, Ishwari turns to perform the pooja, the children do not understand, Radha explains that she kept a fast to pray that he comes back smiling from school, Ishwari turns to give them the Parshad, Veid once again calls her aunti, Radha corrects her but she stops her mentioning they can call her whatever they feel like.

Sonakshi and Dev enter the office, Dev explains he thought that she would be like a teacher with a stick but it is not the case, the doctor explains he has made the counselling into something else as they are here to just talk with the couples so they are able to end their differences because before the marriage it is called as Cupid while after the marriage the concept is known as counselling, she mentions they would play a game so passes a ball to Dev explaining she would ask the questions and if he doesnot want to answer then must pass it to Sonakshi, she however requests that they be truthful in their answers.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dev asks the shopkeeper to give him a bouquet, he starts writing a note, a woman explains to Sonakshi that the card means there is a storm coming in her life, Dev is in the shop when the sarree of a women gets stuck.


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