Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th August 2021 Sonakshi exclaims her son has given her a really big surprise so now she needs to see if Dev would also give her a surprise, she is making the coffee when she hears him coming so immediately hides under the table, Dev entering the kitchen sees the coffee on the table so then sees her under the table, he exclaims she is playing hide and seek with him, she explains she has come to make the coffee when he replies he just came to drink water, she says he cannot even lie properly, he raises her so she sits on the table, he leans in for the kiss when she asks if he would like the coffee then says there is no sugar, she accidentally drops the spoon and hit each others heads while trying to pick it up, they both are shocked to see that Ishwari is standing in front of them, she asks what is he doing here as he said that he was tired but is now in the kitchen, she therefor did not ask him to bring water, he replies he saw Sonakshi, Ishwari asks what was Sonakshi saying about the secession and they both were neither at the house or the office so where did they both go, she turns to Dev, he explains there was a session relating to the business program which she would not understand.

Ishwari asks what is he doing with the mug, Dev explains he was feeling so, she replies the coffee doesnot know he has to wake up early to go for his office and if he drinks it then would stay awake, she advises him to ask Sonakshi who mentions she was also saying the same but Dev doesnot listen to her, Ishwari explains if he wills then should drink milk however he explains he is tired, Ishwari thinks they both got scared as if they were caught stealing something.

Dev and Sonakshi entering the room laugh when he mentions there were actually caught, she asks if he had fine then explained they must sleep as they have to get up early in the morning for the yoga, Dev doesnot agree however she asks him to set the alarm, Dev seeing his mobile says that Sukhi cannot do anything by himself.

In the morning Sonakshi suddenly wakes up, she is tensed asking if Dev did not set the alarm as it is really late, Dev explains they would not be able to do because he has a conference call with the investors, she forces him to perform the yoga and they both get really close and she lands on him, Radha is not able to see it, she then wearing the glasses exclaims she was going to help Ishwari but they should continue. Dev hurriedly leaves saying that he has the conference call, Sonakshi says that Maa has set a lunch for the entire family, he should also come, Dev agrees.

Radha informs Ishwari that both Sonakshi and dev were really close to each other, she is once again trying to run her magic on him and soon he would go out of her control, Ishwari responds saying she doesnot want to hear anything about what they were doing, explaining she herself told Sonakshi to do something so her relation with Dev mends, Radha replies even if Ishwari advised her, still she is wrong and so now she herself would keep an eye on them both, Ishwari explains to Radha that there is no need to do anything of the sort, she explains when the entire family comes they feel really nice, Vicky comes with Alena and Gollu, they all hug each other, Gollu asks Soha if they should play a game explaining it is only for the smart, Veid replies he also has a game and it is if Gollu touches his nose with the tongue, he tries his best but fails, Veid and Soha explain he is not the clever otherwise would have known that it is not possible.

Bijoy brings Shuv to the place where the utensils are set, he secretly pours the dish made of chicken in a bowl thinking this is where he was told to place it, Shuv says he also wants to eat it but Bijoy explains to him that they would surely eat it but not now and must remain quiet about it, he hides the bowel from the sight seeing if no one is present.

Vicky explains they would play a game and they would pass the ball, and whoever has the ball would have to fulfil a punishment, the ball stops at Ishwari, Vicky selects a punishment saying that she has to perform the mimicry of a hero, Radha says she can do the mimicry of Shahrukh so she performs the dialogue, they once again start the game and it stops at Bijoy, Vicky says he would have to sing a song however Bijoy tries to make an excuse saying he cannot sing, Sonakshi requests him to sing, Soha and Gollu both go to the table where he exclaims he is hungry, she starts opening the pot which worries Bijoy who tries to leave but is stopped by Baldev who says he must sing a song.

Soha tries opening the pot, Radha stops her saying she would help the, Gollu opens a lid so she starts serving the, Bijoy is worried about the pot, they both come down and sit which relaxes Bijoy.

Alena brings Sonakshi to the room, saying that she has a new trick which she learned so asks her to pick a card, Sonakshi asks what happened to all the promotions, Alena says she took a break and even blocked the weird followers, she looks at the card thinking that it explains there is a storm which will come in her life.

The women walks into the shop requesting them to return it to the customer, they refuse to even know him, the women exclaims that Mr Obodro is becoming a mystery so they must meet once again as she believes in serendipity.

The family is still playing the game passing the ball, Veid is not able to pass it so it stops at Dev, they all exclaim he must fulfil the punishment however he tries to explain he just came; Vicky mentions Dev should dance, he agrees on a condition that Sonakshi also dances with him, they both start the dance and even Vicky and Alena join the dance. Shuv brings the pot which Bijoy has hid, Radha opens it when Sonakshi takes it, she is shocked to see that it is chicken.

Radha starts scolding Bijoy exclaiming he is trying to ruin the rules which Ishwari has made, she herself never broke them even when she was ill and only had the fish oil which the doctors advised her to take, Bijoy assures he did not bring it by himself but someone from their house asked him, they all turn to Sonakshi who assures she was not the one, they then turn their attention towards Alena, she also says she was not the one, Radha once again starts blaming him, Bijoy asks Baldev if he also believes the same as his wife, Baldev refuses it but requests Bijoy to tell the name, Dev also demands the same, Bijoy explains that the person who called him from this house was a little shy and nervous, Dev exclaims he only wants to know the name of the person.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dev is picking his bag, the women asks for the charging point, she exclaims it has recharged twenty percent when Dev realizes she took his bouquet, Alena asks Sonakshi where is Dev, she replies he had a meeting with Mr Badra, Alena questions if Mr Badra is a women because she saw him with one, she wonders if that women is the storm which they talked about.


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