Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st August 2021 Sonakshi closes the wardrobe in the room, she while cleaning the table finds the card, which Alena had, she recalls how she said that it is the card of line of swords and implies that she might face a storm in her life, she mentions how Alena came to her office, Sonakshi is standing when Dev comes asking what has happened, she questions how was his meeting with Mr Badra and if there was someone else with him, Dev says that it was just the both of them, he goes to change his clothes when he gets stuck in his shirt and so she helps him asking what is the reason he is so busy that he got so careless, Dev mentions it is on his life partner, she asks if he is being so romantic, Dev replies that the doctor said they have to consider them as GF and BF, he is therefor following her advice to give her presents, Sonakshi replies she has also got a gift for him so then gives him, he is amazed to see the sun glasses, she explains they are the ones with audio, he exclaims he has to understand them, she replies she wishes she was the sunglasses, she asks him for her gift when he exclaims that he bought flowers for her but the girl took them, they are standing when Ishwari comes asking if he had anything to eat since he went to Noida, Dev doesnot remember the excuse so covers it up saying that Mr Badra shifted it to another location, Ishwari thinks they both might be tensed so she has to place the ribbons somewhere in the room, she asks if they saw the wool which Shuv brought from her room, they both do not find it however Ishwari manages to place the ribbon under the pillow.

Aayush is sitting reading, Gollu comes with Soha saying he is just like Big boy and even acts like him, Aayush says his name so replies he knows they would get to learn after reading about the big boy, Gollu then asks him to come to the garden, Aayush asks the reason, Gollu replies it is because there is a snake, Aayush suggests they should tell Dadi or their parents, Gollu responds he could have also done the same, Soha asks Gollu to not call her brother scared, she then gives him hopes saying he can do anything so Aayush leaves.

Sanjana is with her friend, who mentions that it is just like a scene in a movie when Sanjana replies it is serendipity, her friend asks Sanjana if she has asked Dev about the women for whom he wrote the letter, Sanjana replies that she just knows there is something wrong between the both of them so he is trying to fix it, her friend questions if Dev is with someone else, she should not think of him, Sanjana replies that she knows this but even still there is something which she cannot believe so then wants to know more about Dev, Sanjana starts laughing thinking about Dev.

The entire family is having dinner, Baldev teases Radha asking Ishwari where are the eggs which she made, Radha at once gets alerted, seeing which they all start laughing, Ishwari coming to her explains she knows that Radha no longer trusts her rules however she did it only for the sake of Veid, Sonakshi explains that Ishwari has done something really grate and because of which Veid has accepted them all, he has started to accept them as a family, Ishwari asks why did she not take anything, she then tries to serve her some food however Dev says that she has had something to eat, Sonakshi in a state of confusion asks if she has had dinner, Dev hits her in the leg so she accepts it, Dev requests for some tortilla, Sonakshi serves him the food in anger, she is about to leave when he holds her hand forcing her to sit on the table, Radha realizes it so says to Ishwari that ribbon has started showing the result.

Aayush and Soha are standing in front of the snake, Soha exclaims she is really scared asking them to do something, Aayush assures her that the snake is just a toy but Gollu convinces them it is real, he has a remote which he uses to move the snake, Aayush picking it up throws it back towards Gollu, saying it was a stupid game as he saw it after seeing the snake that it is fake, Gollu mentions that he still got scared, Gollu replies he has proved that even if they are clever, he was able to prove they are scared.
In the night Sonakshi is waiting wondering what is Dev doing because even Maa made such delicious food however Dev did not let her eat anything, she is waiting when Shuv comes saying that he has sweets made of milk which Dadi gave him, he asks her to feed him, she start when Ishwari entering the room exclaims there is a pooja of Mata Rani, so they all are going, Shuv also insists on going to which Ishwari agrees saying if he falls asleep then they will bring him back.

Sonakshi calls Dev, he places his hands over her eyes, she exclaims she will fall however he assures her that he will take care of her, Dev asks if she thought he would keep her starving, she nods agreeing when Dev shows her how he has set a dinner for them both mentioning he prepared the paratha just for her, she tastes them but is not able to give her feedback, she then also gives him some to taste, they both start dancing, Sonakshi pushing him away hides, he manages to catch her when they both come to sit down together.

In the morning Sanjana comes to the office mentioning she needs to meet the chairman, Dev is seeing he designs when he mentions they are really good because even when it is a studio the designs are really spacious, he gets a call from the reception so orders them to send them as he would meet the person.

Sanjana knocks on the office not knowing that it is Dev, he asks her to come in when he turns, she is shocked to see him mentioning she did not know she was coming to his office, Dev shakes her hand.

Sonakshi is in the house wondering where the car keys are, Ishwari sees the message from the doctor’s office which worries her, Ishwari asks if everything is alright with her, Sonakshi mentions she has to go to her office after which she would go to meet Baba as he is angry.

Radha comes to Ishwari asking what the matter is as she feels that everything is fine between them both, Ishwari says that she saw the text on Sonakshi’s mobile which was from Dr Navia Aanand, that they had an appointment and if they need then they only call the family doctor, but what is the illness which they are hiding from her, she is worried about Dev, Radha also says that she has not heard of her, Radha assures her they would find about the doctor as she ahs her secret detective, Ishwari questions if she really has someone like this, Radha smiles.

Sanjana sits when Dev exclaims what a coincidence, Sanjana replies she told him Serendipity, which is actually coincidence, Dev says it is true as when they are searching for something it doesnot come to them however when they do not search for it then it comes to sit in front of them, Sanjana smiles looking at Dev.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dev says Sanjana is now officially a member of their company, he hands her the appointment letter, she however tips hitting the edge of the desk, but Dev manages to catch her. Sonakshi is sitting in her car, she is shocked to see Dev standing in the back with another women.


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