Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th October 2021 Sanjana comes to the office with a bouquet, she is shocked to see Sonakshi sitting on the chair who explains that Dev doesnot even want to see her face and she should take all the steps which she has taken towards Dev, Sonakshi vows to not let her get near her daughter, she throws all the bouquets away.

Some time earlier, Ranveer apologizes for disturbing them, he believes he should not have shared it all, Dev assures him he did the right thing as had he not revealed they would not have known what Neha was going through, he has handled the situation really well, Ishwari asks Dev to call Neha but Ranveer explains she is mad so he will talk with her in the night, Ranveer rushes to bring something, he comes back with the chocolates which he has brought for Neha, Ranveer hugs Dev taking their leave, Baldev asks Ishwari to not worry as everything will be fine, he then leaves with Radha.

Ishwari leaves wondering how they will be able to make Neha realize anything.

Sonakshi signals Dev to come, Neha is in the room taking out the jewellery when she exclaims that now they are going to scold her and not just by one but two professors, she asks if she should himself say something, Sonakshi however first apologizes, Dev asks if she thinks his face is so bad that she is not even looking at him, he makes her sit on the bed, Sonakshi explains she knows how she must be feeling when Ranveer was comparing her as she would have also gotten mad but she feels Ranveer had no intention of hurting her,

Dev helps her untie the necklace mentioning how he is sorry for making her feel uncomfortable in this house, he assures that they all would always stand by her under any circumstance so no one can raise any question on her, Sonakshi explains how she got a choice in her childhood but after coming into this house she was worried who would take care of the children while she is in the office, her biggest support was Dev and Maa, she is sure that without their support she would not have been able to do anything which is why she is always tension free in the office,

Dev exclaims he cannot forget what she has done for this house and him, he is happy today because she once sacrificed her happiness for him, she must know this house belongs to her as she can relax here without any tension and worry, they all will always be with her, Neha getting emotional hugs Dev, Sonakshi is also emotional, Neha then turning to her smiles even hugging her, Ishwari standing at the door is really amazed to see this, she recalls what Ranveer said that Sonakshi always tried to keep the family together.

Mr Verma opens the door when there is a knock, Sanjana is at the door, he questions who she is.

Dev coming out thinks that Maa is right to say that if they try to supress any problem, it becomes a hurdle so he would have to handle it all, Dev calls Sonakshi who is driving, he asks where is she, Sonakshi apologizes saying she had to meet a client who came from America and will return very soon, Sonakshi exclaims that she is sensing the scent of love, Sonakshi assures of coming back early.

Dev calls Mr Verma who is with Sanjana, Mr Verma is not able to understand Dev so walks away, Dev explains how he had to say something important to him, Mr Verma explains there is a guest in the house, he will call Dev after some time, Dev ends the call, Mr Verma asks Sanjana what she is looking for, Sanjana replies she just needs his help.

Sonakshi in the night exclaims it was a really hectic day and now even all the children have gone to sleep, she is shocked to see the preparation which Dev has made, she comes to sit with him when he hands out the coffee, she asks about the occasion, he mentions how he just wanted to spend some time with her, Dev explains that he wants to share something with her, he knows how they both can handle anything,

Sonakshi asks why is his heart beating so fast, Dev explains that Sanjana was expressing her feelings for him, Sonakshi explains how he said it was a game, Dev replies he thought the same but the next day she did the same, Sonakshi gets furious at Sanjana mentioning she called her to their house and tried to befriend her but she had such heinous intention, Sonakshi questions if this was the reason he was transferring her to Mumbai,

Dev replies he thought this would be best for all of them but was not able to do this after he found a truth, Sonakshi questions him when Dev explains that Sanjana is the aunt of Soha, Sonakshi is not able to bear it and even hits a glass, Dev asks her to calm down, Sonakshi insists saying that Soha is their daughter and would not leave their house, she tries to insists saying that Soha is their daughter, Dev mentions how she can demand her custody but Sonakshi vows she would not let Soha go away from them.

Dev hugs Sonakshi explaining that they will surely fight anything, Sonakshi questions what they would do if she tried to take Soha away, Dev assures he knows Sanjana has crossed all the limits because she knows that her confession had no effect on him, but he will not be manipulated by her threats.

Dev and Sonakshi feel the wind, thrashing the flowers so they both place the supports on the pots, Sonakshi explains how they should not be threatened, she advises Dev to talk with the Mr and Misses Verma.

Sanjana is really grateful to Mr Verma for helping her, she turns away thinking the only difference between her and Dev sir was of trust, but it has also resolved now.

In the morning Dev walks down the stairs when everyone is looking at him, he asks the reason, but Radha replies that she is also thinking what Ishwari is making in the kitchen and by her sense of smell she can think that Ishwari is making potato kachori, Baldev irritates her saying that she always has water dripping from her eyes or mouth, Radha feels embarrassed.

Dev sees Ishwari coming out so asks what she is doing as she will get tired, Ishwari explains she most happy in her kitchen and wanted to do something for someone special, Radha asks who is so special, Ishwari turns to Dev, they all think she is talking of him however she pushes him aside then walks past Neha going straight to Sonakshi, who is also really confused, Dev smiles seeing how Ishwari truss Sonakshi.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjana walks into the office of Dev but is shocked to see Sonakshi sitting on his chair, Sonakshi warns Sanjana to take back all the steps which she took to get close to Dev, she even vows to never let Sanjana get near her daughter ever again.


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