Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 16th January 2020 Episode Start With Lovleen recording Kulfi’s confession warns Chalu and her team that they all will be out of this house. Chalu snatches recorder and runs away. Lovleen and her puppets run behind her and they all jump on each other for recorder when inspector enters and picking recorder says proof is in her hand. Lovleen says it has Kulfi’s confession. Inspector asks Beauty if she is right. Chalu tells Jantar and Mantar that inspector is Lovleen’s relative. Amyra shouts at Kulfi that she wants to meet dadda, but Dadda cannot even speak or move at all, and she is also not able to meet her dadda, etc.. Inspector asks them all to leave if their drama is over. Kulfi cries where will they go at night and pleads to let them stay till morning. Inspector permits. Lovleen asks why did she do that. Inspector says let it be.

Chalu asks Kulfi she is so innocent and blurted out everything, if she wants to find her father, she has to bend her finger, else with straight finger, she won’t get anything. Kulfi cries she doesn’t know how to. Chalu asks her to go and seek Tauji’s help again. Kulfi walks to Tauji and pleads him to tell where baba is if he loves her. He says he loves her a lot but is helpless, thinking Lovleen will kill his wife if he reveals where Sikandar is. He gives a hint that a rat is hiding in his room and the only way to get it out is to spread smoke around.

Kulfi returns to Chalu who asks if Tauji informed where Sikandar is. Kulfi says no, but he was blabbering confusing words that a rat is hiding in his room and the only way to get it out is to spread smoke around. Chalu says Tauji gave a hint and sets fake fire around the whole house at night. Beauty wakes up feeling hot and smelling smoke runs out of her room shouting fire.. Lovleen and her whole team gather out panicking. Kulfi requests Lovleen to get out her baba and save his life. Amayra also insists Lolveen to get Dadda out. Chalu asks if she will not save her daughter’s father. Lovleen walks towards room and opens cupboard where she has hidden Sikandar in a secret cabin. Beauty senses fire and smoke are not blackening walls and walks to kitchen and realizing its a fake smoke alerts Lovleen. Lovleen returns and yells at Kulfi and Chalu.


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Beauty warns Kulfi and team that they will be out of this house in a few hours. Kulfi cries that she will not find her baba now. Chalu assures she will find her baba for sure as she had activated plan B along with A.


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