Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2022 Episode starts with Ranbir asking Jai if he understood. Jai says you are sandwiched between two sisters. Ranbir says I was with Rhea in the college, as I used to think that we are power packed couple, but I am reckless 18 years old boy. He says I used to thought our friendship as love,

and tells that he tried to hurt Prachi to impress Rhea, and fell in love with Prachi. He says I regret and feels guilty. Jai asks why did you marry Rhea? Ranbir says I love Prachi and can’t think of marrying Rhea, but she threatened to commit suicide. He says what I would have done, and says I ran out of mandap, but Papa made me sit again. He says Prachi was hurt when she saw me marrying Rhea.

He says she is changed and wants her rights, but don’t love me. He says he is going far from her, to London for a month. Jai asks did you tell your family? Ranbir says who cares and tells that Prachi will be more happy that I went. Vikram and Pallavi take Prachi and Shahana to the rooms for the IT raid, thinking them to be IT officers. Dida asks Rhea to sit down calmly. Rhea asks how can you be so calm down.

Dida asks shall I cry? She says why we shall get scared when we are not wrong. She asks if you have done anything wrong. Aaliya asks what do you want to say? Dida thinks she wants to distract them and tells that since Aaliya came here, raid happened and tells that they might got a tip that Aaliya has hidden the black money here. Aaliya says why shall I hide the money here. Dida tells that the raid was her idea, it happened due to her.

Rhea asks what? Vikram takes Prachi to another room. Pallavi tells that there is nothing in the room. Shahana says this must be your and your husband’s room. Dida tells that she had told her friends that they have much black money at home. She says may be someone gave the tip to them. Rhea says they will break the walls.

Dida goes behind Rhea. Aaliya checks Landline and thinks they are not from IT dept, else they would have cut the landline. She calls someone (Police). Prachi opens Rhea’s almira and sees the locker. She asks for keys. Vikram sees Prachi’s beard coming down and identifies her. Rhea comes there and asks what kind of raid is this. Dida comes there and hopes Vikram shall not tell anyone that she is Prachi.

Rhea tells Prachi that you will not get anything. Prachi asks for the keys. Rhea says I don’t have. Prachi says I have to break the lock. Vikram asks Rhea to give the keys and says raid will be over soon. Rhea says she is not convinced about this raid. She throws the keys on the ground and asks her to open and check. Prachi says let me work, get out. Rhea says I am doubtful on you. Vikram asks what?

Rhea asks do they look like IT officers and asks why your work are like thieves? Shahana comes there and shares her doubt on Rhea. She says you are doubting govt and says we are the best officers of the dept. Rhea says ok fine, do your checking. She says when you don’t get anything, then I will see. Vikram says lets go out. Rhea refuses. Aaliya asks her to come out. Dida smiles. Prachi drops the keys. Dida says I will go else they will doubt me. Vikram thinks of seeing Prachi’s face.

Pallavi asks what is he hiding from her? Vikram says he has some office stress. She says I want to know the truth. Prachi opens the locker and gets the papers. They keep the papers in the file. Pallavi says what happened today? Vikram says I swear, I am telling the truth. Dida comes there and says he can’t tell.

Pallavi asks why? Vikram says he told that I shall not tell anyone, specially you. She says there is your anniversary after 2 days, and he was asking what gift, he shall give to you. She says we will have party lavishly, though he disagreed seeing the house matters. Pallavi thanks Dida. Aaliya calls Pallavi. Pallavi goes. Vikram thanks Dida. Dida says my work is to save you and says I like to see you helping Prachi.

He says I didn’t understand. Dida says you can tell me, and feel that she is the real bahu of the house. Vikram says we never wanted to make her as our bahu, as Rhea was our choice. Dida asks why did you support her then? Vikram says whatever wrong has happened with her, I didn’t like it. He says he wants justice for her. Dida appreciates him. Prachi and Shahana come out and return their phones. She says we shall go now. Rhea says officers stop.


Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Prachi tells that she don’t regard herself as this family’s bahu and not a family members. She snatches papers from Rhea’s hand and tears it. Rhea is shocked. Police comes there and asks who is Prachi Arora here? Prachi says I am Prachi Arora. Inspector says you are under arrest.


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