Kumkum Bhagya 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kumkum Bhagya 12th July 2021 Abhi exclaims he loves the change in her attitude but he doesnot like the angry which she is depicting, before when she used to be angry it was in fun which is why he named her Paughi, Pragya replies that she is no longer his Pragya and has changed, Abhi mentions Dadi used to say that trees tend to change with the seasons but they actually remain the same, Pragya replies that the thinking of people can change, Abhi recalls that Tanu mentioned him she has just come to take revenge from him and has just one aim of destroying him.

Pragya replies that people tend to change because when she would not live without him before now she doesnot have any feeling other then anger when he is around her, Abhi replies that he feels he should have been drunk so he could have thought of it as a bad dream, Pragya replies she has seen the life destroying in broad daylight, she starts recalling the past moments, she turns Abhi asks why is she suppressing the emotions which are trying to come out, Pragya replies that he must leave the house as he has seen it, Abhi replies when the bank was snatching this house form him, he had no problem leaving because she was neither present nor was Dadi but now seeing her, it is really difficult for him to leave, he requests her to stop the auction, Pragya replies that she knows each and every memory which they have of the house has his beautiful side but the bad memories are all related to her, she explains she would make sure any memory which is related to him is removed from her life, she would sale the house and make him pay for the actions because of which she suffered.

Abhi recalls that he said the brakes of her car are failed, he would only see her dead body, he exclaims she has come to seek revenge, Pragya replies he can think she had the same idea, she thought when she would come back he would be a really big business man, having the control over the entire music industry but it is not the case as he is living the life as a common man, she planned to pull him down from the height of his empire which people would think is not possible as she would only feel nice then but it cannot happen as he has already stopped so low so how can she ruin him, Abhi replies she is asking him to see clearly but she cannot see it, he is standing on the floor but it doesnot mean he cannot do it once again, he is the Abhishek Prem Mehra and has enough strength to rise to any height, he mentions his strength is his family but if anyone causes them pain then he will not let anyone forget, Abhi explains he doesnot want the house to be auctioned off because it is the memories which he has, he began from the Chawl, so his roots are strong.

Abhi replies that she has just gained the position to destroy him but he on the other hand achieved it to gain the heights, he vows to make her pay, he would ruin her aims as he has the ability to destroy her at any given point in time, Sushma jee coming asks him to have the ability and buy the property from them if he thinks too, she after seeing him feels that he doesnot have the ability to even earn anything, he must leave the house, Abhi replies that he used to own the house so knows the routes of the house, he leaves.

Sushma jee asks why she called him here and what was the need to argue, Pragya replies that there was need as before when she entered the house, she did not want to sell it but now after having a meeting with him, she is sure to sell the house, she would make sure the house is auctioned off.

Abhi is walking when the secretary is following him, she replies she has been ordered to show him the way out of the house, he asks why she is following him because he knows every corner of the house, she replies she has been asked to confirm, he leaves the house, he asks if she is married, she responds she is not, he says this is why she doesnot know what the problem is because she has not suffered the problems in the relationships. Abhi exclaims why does Sushma have to interfere in the matters relating to a husband and wife, he however assures he would leave the house.

Pragya asks her if Abhi has left she assures that he went out of the house, she is sitting beside Sushma jee says that he has left the house, Abhi enters the auction disguised as Mr Saluja, he recalls when he was with the secretary, Mr Saluja came questioning about the bathroom, he followed him to the room, so wearing his clothes he has now entered the auction.

The auctioneer after presenting the schematics of the house, requests the start of the bidding, the auction reaches the amount of one hundred and ninety corers, starting from the base price of one hundred crores.

Tanu is scolding the taxi driver questioning why he is not able to fix it, the driver replies it is because of the monsoon season, the problems do not come after announcing, Tanu asks Aliya to come with her as they will hire another taxi, the driver at first demands his money, Aliya agrees to give him the money but they both after hiding enter another auto leaving the driver, Tanu exclaims no one can mess with them when they are together.

Abhi disguised as Mr Saluja is constantly bidding, Sushma jee mentions she feels he really likes the house or might know the real worth of the Mansion, he is finally able to outbid the other competitor, he is able to take the ownership of the Mansion at the price of two hundred and fifty crores, everyone who was participating starts congratulating him, Abhi thinks what sort of idiots are they as they are congratulating him when he has once again bought his own house, Pragya also says they should congratulate him so starts walking towards him not knowing he is actually Abhi.


Kumkum Bhagya 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pragya congratulates Mr. Saluja and shakes hands. Abhi hides his face. She doubts that it’s Abhi. He kisses her hand.


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