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Kumkum Bhagya 13th August 2021 Episode starts with Rhea watching a video and wearing the saree. She thinks she is looking nice and Rhea Mehra never loses. She says everyone came to know that I didn’t know to wear saree. She says you are my sister and wants to lower me, your agenda is same. She says you have followed Mummy ji’s instruction and says now you see, how I got ready. She says it is enough, you want to get me insulted. She says whoever doesn’t want to wear saree, how she will handle the house. She wears the necklace and says now wait and watch, how I handle this house and even you. She says there will be reaction on her every action. Teji hears her and thinks Rhea understood my words, and now looking as Jethani. She smiles.

Pragya comes there and asks if conference started. Sushma says no, all journalist and reporters are taking refreshment. Anjana asks Pragya about the buyers’ file. Pragya says I have forgotten it. Anjana says she will bring. Pragya says he is in the call. Sushma asks Anjana to call Abhi on video call and asks him to give quotation. She calls him. Abhi says you called me mistakenly Anjana. Anjana says no and asks him to tell the quotation in the buyer’s file. He says Pragya. Pragya ji. He says he took her name mistakenly and says sorry. Sushma gets a call that media is ready. He gives them good wishes for the conference. Pragya smiles and goes with Sushma. Anjana asks Abhi if he was really her husband. A fb is shown, in which Abhi tells Anjana that he is Pragya’s husband. Fb ends. He says we both are on duty and ends the call. A song plays….Pragya comes to the conference hall.

Teji asks Servant to serve water when they come. Dida says Pallavi will welcome them personally. Pallavi says they have come and asks Teji to call Prachi and Rhea. She opens the door. Rageshwari ji and Sharda ji come there. Pallavi greets them and asks them to come inside. Rageshwari asks how is Vikram? Pallavi says resting and sleeping. Rageshwari asks how is Sid and Ranbir. Pallavi says fine. Rageshwari asks how is the bahus? Dida says both are very good and handles home very much. Pallavi says she is asking how are they? Dida says I thought. Pallavi says they are good. Rageshwari asks where are they? Pallavi thinks they are making Rajeshwari ji wait, and thinks where are they? Teji comes to Rhea and says you are looking very beautiful. She says your white complexion, juda, saree and jewellery and says she will be very impressed with her. They come out and see Prachi. Rageshwari praises her beauty and says you have work the saree well. Prachi goes. Teji tells Rhea that they both are same in looks etc, and tells that she has to do something different to win. Rhea goes. Teji thinks the peace will never be in the house. Sushma tells Pragya that Gaurav is coming to the conference. Pragya says why? Sushma says she had gone to meet him and tells that she is her responsibility, if she gets credit for her good things, then she shall get credit for the bad things happening to her. Pragya says every mother does like this, and tells that she doesn’t trust him. Sushma says he wants to save his business and will tell that it was your idea to donate the shares, and says the workers will not lose their jobs. She says if you want then I will refuse him. Pragya says even she doesn’t want workers to lose the jobs and asks her to come. His employee asks them to come. He tells Media that Pragya Arora and Sushma Tandon is here. Pragya tells that they don’t want publicity and wants to do good work. She says till now Thapar’s was handling our work, but this is the last day of our partnership. Media gossips. Pragya says we will tell the reason. She says today is the last day of our partnership. Gaurav comes there. Pragya says Mr. Gaurav Thapar wants to tell you something. She goes and sits with Sushma.

Gaurav thanks Pragya and says she said right that today is the last day of our partnership and tells that I will tell it as a new start. He says someone’s victory turns into defeat. He says when I met her for the first time, she talks to everyone with respect. He then apologizes to her for whatever happened. Pragya asks him to move on. Gaurav says I am moving on and asks everyone to hear, and says nobody needs a mic to hear what I am saying. He says don’t make fun of what I am going to say. Sushma asks him to come to point. Gaurav asks did you hear anytime that someone gave his business and shares to someone and didn’t take anything in exchange. He says Pragya Arora has molested me. Aaliya and Tanu are hiding and smirk. Pragya and Sushma are shocked. Pragya asks what rubbish? Gaurav says you might have thought that, how can Pragya Arora can do this with me. He says we talk about equality and tells that when the matters of molestation come, then we men get blamed. He says I will not ruin other women’s respect, just want to take Pragya’s name.

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  1. pragya that aliya came to mehra massion house so pragya you can hear it I am sure that pragya this tanu she came to mira mansion house so please sushma you see properly aliya and tanu both of them.
    sushma this gaurav he didn’t her plan about the aliya tanu sitting the gaurav car sushma you say for tanu get out form there but you can do it.
    tanu if you talk like this to pragya otherwise she will gets upest because of you tanu.
    be careful
    pallavi this rhea she put the oil in the floor you just see that you come to know that
    pranchi you do one think go form there than you hold properly you don’t fall down pranchi this rhea she put the oil in the floor so please pranchi don’t stap it.


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