Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2020 Episode Start With Abhi running behind Sanju in the jungle. Ranbir and Prachi are also in the jungle. Prachi says we lost the way. Ranbir says even Sanju might have lost the way. Sanju thinks if this is jungle or bhool bhulaiyya. Abhi is about to see Pragya, but something pierces in her foot and she sits down. Rhea helps Pragya. Ranbir sees Sanju and runs behind him. Sanju finds the dead end and gets shocked. Ranbir asks him to run. Sanju says I will jump off from here. Ranbir asks him to jump and says tell one thing, why did you do this with Prachi, you knows very well that she is good. Sanju says whatever happened with her, is because of you. Rhea tells Pragya that she will take her back to car.

Pragya says Sanju will escape. Rhea gives her promise and asks her to sit in car. Abhi is sitting under the tree. Pragya hears some sound and looks at there. She goes. Abhi gets up. Snake bites Pragya. Pragya tells Rhea that some insect might have bitten her. Rhea takes her to car. Ranbir asks why did you do this? Sanju says I wanted to take you out from Prachi’s life. Ranbir asks why you are so concerned about my feelings for her. Sanju says I can’t see Prachi and you together. Prachi comes there with Abhi. Sanju tells her that even Prachi is guilty. He says he proposed her two times, but she refused him. Abhi asks him to get ready to get arrested. Sanju says I will jump down.

Abhi says you don’t have the courage to jump down. Rhea asks Abhi not to go near Sanju and tells that he might fall in the water. Sanju thinks Rhea is signing him to jump in the water. Abhi holds Sanju and beats him. Ranbir also beats him. Abhi asks Sanju to apologize to Prachi first. Sanju apologizes to Prachi. Prachi recalls the humiliation, she had faced in the college and slaps Sanju. She says you don’t deserve anyone forgiveness and asks them to take him away. Sanju holds her hand and threatens to jump down with Prachi. He says if you want to save her then let me go. He jumps with Prachi, but she holds the pipe of the wall. Abhi and Ranbir lift her and help her come up. Abhi hugs Prachi. Rhea is upset. Sanju comes out of water and sits on the ground. He recalls Prachi slapping him and says I will not forget this slap, I always loved you and you always insulted me. He says Ranbir will not be saved, she did a mistake by slapping me. He says whoever comes between Prachi and me, will not be saved. I will take revenge from everyone.

Rhea asks Abhi if he is fine. Abhi says yes. Prachi asks about Pragya. Rhea says she made her sit in car as she was hurt. Abhi comes near the car and asks Ranbir to drop them home. He doesn’t see Pragya in the car as her pallu covers her face. Prachi makes Pragya lie down on her lap. She sees her foot turning blue and tells that they shall go to hospital. Ranbir says yes and drives the car.

Vikram asks Pallavi why is she taking his class? Pallavi scolds him for supporting Ranbir. Vikram says he is proud that Ranbir stood by her. Pallavi says I am saying that fighting is the solution. Beeji comes there and tells that she brought new clothes for Vikram and Ranbir. Pallavi checks the bag and says you brought this for Ranbir. They go to his room.

Abhi tells Rhea that he is feeling pain in her head. Rhea asks why did you become great, tells that when Prachi and her mother knew about Sanju. She scolds him and says you would have come home with me. Abhi says you are scolding me like Pra…He then says you are scolding me as if I am your younger brother. Rhea says you should listen to me,when I ask you. Abhi asks her to relax. He says my treatment is with you, I will be fine and asks her to scold him more. He says I am fine. Rhea says she is angry and asks him to be scared of her anger. Abhi asks her to call Doctor and gives his mobile.

Doctor checks Pragya and tells that she is fine now. Ranbir asks if he is sure and says if something happens to her after going home. Doctor says your son..Ranbir says I am not her son and not Prachi’s brother. Pragya says he is like my son. Doctor says he is a good friend and concerned too. Pragya says she is fine. Ranbir says the snake might be poisonous cobra etc. Pragya says she is fine. Doctor asks her to rest. Ranbir touches Prachi’s hand. Pragya smiles.

Beeji asks Pallavi why the room is locked from outside. Pallavi says vikram locked him and asks her to talk to him. Beeji scolds Vikram. Vikram says I didn’t do anything. They come to room. Pallavi sees Ranbir missing and tells that he has eloped from window. She says she has locked him but he ran away. Beeji says you locked him. Vikram says she has locked my client. Pallavi says Ranbir is spoiling. Vikram says if the door was open then he wouldn’t have jumpdown from the window. Ranbir comes there. Pallavi asks why did you jump down. Ranbir says he jumped more in her womb than this. Beeji is about to scold Pallavi. Ranbir says Papa had locked me. Vikram says he is lying and tells that he is going at 7 pm. He says they are going to Lohri function function, tells that Prachi and her mother are also invited. Ranbir asks if they are also coming. Vikram says we will invite them and they can’t refuse.


Kumkum Bhagya 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Rhea tells Aaliya that if Pragya accepts Ranbir’s proposal then? Aaliya says I have a plan and will not let this happen.


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