Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2022 episode starts with Prachi telling Rhea that her mother said Rhea needs love in her life, but she needs a befitting reply instead. She asks Rhea to leave the room and give privacy to her and her husband.

Rhea laughs and says Prachi needs to go instead as this room and Ranbir belongs to her. She shows her clothes in Ranbir’s cupboard and says one needs to stay in the same room with a husband to be called wife and not apply his named sindhoor. Prachi leaves saying she will return soon.

Prachi returns to her room recalling Rhea’s words. Ranbir wakes up and asks about Prachi. Rhea lies that Prachi is watching tv. Ranbir says Prachi was here before Rhea came. Rhea says he must be dreaming as Prachi didn;t come here, she applied herbal paste on his wounds for a quick healing of his wound.

Ranbir walks out. Rhea feels jealous thinking Ranbir remembers everything about Prachi but not her. She hopes he doens’t meet Prachi or else Prachi will reveal everything to him. Ranbir walks into Prachi’s room and finds her sleeping. He thinks he is happy to live with her under same roof.

Rhea gets jealous seeing them and calls Aliiya to her room saying it’s time to implement their plan. Aliya while walking towards Rhea;s room collides with Dida’s wheelchair and walks away suggesting her to follow doctor’s advice. Dida wonders why she is rushing out. She asks Sahana to wheel her to their room.

Ranbir walks out of Prachi’s room thinking of not disturbing her. Prachi notices him in a drowsy state and fails to stop him. Rhea notices Ranbir coming. Aliya tells her that she must make Ranbir believe that executed the whole plan and tried to harm her. Ranbir warns them not to suspect Prachi as Nick lied to them. Aliya asks why he thinks so.

Ranbir says taking care of him not for his attention and Nick is lying. Rhea says Prachi is waiting for him to wake up to start her drama again. Ranbir defends Prachi again. He notices tears in Rhea’s eyes and asks reason. Rhea thanks him for saving her and walks away. Aliya stops Rhea and asks what is she trying to prove. Rhea says she wants to prove Prachi as culprit.

Next morning, Prachi wakes up and thinks her tablets are making her feel drowsy, so she needs to change them. She hears a door knock and opens it to find Radha who asks her some address and she helps Radha with the address.

She then meets Ranbir and asks how is he feeling. He says he is fine. She asks him to give her two minutes and throws Rhea’s stuff out of the room. Rhea and Aliya stand frowning seeing that. Pallavi hears the sound and informs Vikram that someone is throwing things out. Vikram says that doesn’t happen in their house.

She agrees and asks if he talked to the police regarding Nick’s arrest. Vikram says the police will catch Nick soon. Rhea asks Prachi what is she doing. Prachi says she is throwing out Rhea’s right of being Ranbir’s wife and shuts the door on her face. She then smiles looking at Ranbir.

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