Kumkum Bhagya 28th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 28th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kumkum Bhagya 28th December 2019 Episode Start With Purab telling Abhi that he will come with him to the office as his car was gone for Servicing. Abhi asks if he likes Ranbir. Purab asks what is the matter? Abhi says I was thinking about Ranbir and then started thinking about myself.. He says I Vikram and I were talking and he said Ranbir is my responsibility. He says he saved Rhea and proved me right. He says he trust him. Purab asks what do you want? Abhi says I like Ranbir from the start, but now I like him for rhea. He says I think only he can look after Rhea. He says I will be very happy and wants to see them happy. Purab says good night and goes to sleep.

Dimpy tells Rhea that I told many times, but you didn’t listen. Rhea says how can Ranbir fall in love with Prachi? She says Ranbir has a class. She says look at me, I have class. She says whenever she asked Ranbir, he said that he loves me. She says they are together since childhood etc. She says Prachi scolded her that day and that’s why she wants to ruin her life. She says when Ranbir proposed her, she asked him to break Prachi’s heart. Dimpy asks her to go and talk to Ranbir. She asks her not to let Prachi snatch Ranbir from him.

Aryan and Ranbir are at the restaurant. Ranbir is drunk and tells that he will not drink again, as he will spend the day and night with Prachi, will spend morning and evening together. Will see her face in the morning, and in the evening. Aryan asks him to come home. Ranbir says we will go home, but..He tells that he will tell Prachi how much he loves her. Aryan asks him to come. Ranbir says I want to tell her that I love her so much. Aryan says you said this 7 times and asks him to come home, says you are very drunk.

Prachi thinks of Ranbir and recalls everything and Pragya’s words. Shahana comes there and sits. Prachi asks him to sit whom tiger had saved. Shahana says Mangla saved a puppy. Prachi says you saves others risking their life. Shahana says Ranbir like people saves others. She says he likes you. Prachi refuses. Shahana says you know that he loves you, but you are lying.

Pallavi asks Meera about her outing. Meera says where she will go, as her world is here. Rhea comes there and asks about Ranbir. Pallavi and Meera ask what happened? Rhea goes. Pallavi asks Meera to let her manage.

Ranbir and Aryan are in the car. He tells that he will propose her with chocolates and flowers. Aryan says I don’t think that Prachi will say yes to you. Aryan says you couldn’t handle yourself, how can you handle her as you are drunk. They get down from the car. Ranbir tells that he will propose Prachi. He says I will inform you even if she refuses. He says she is his I love you wala pyaar and asks him to give best of luck to him. Aryan says best of luck and asks what about the girls whose heart is broken. Ranbir says you are there for them and tells that he is feeling great to be in love. Aryan asks him to tell what she tells. Ranbir goes.

Aaliya comes home and calls Rhea. Meera tells that her mood was bad and she left. Aaliya gets angry on Meera and asks if she took the driver. Meera is about to cry. Pallavi says you know her well.

Rhea is on the way and regrets to make Prachi close to Ranbir. She asks why did I do this?

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