Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2022 Episode starts with Rhea telling Aryan that she is also pregnant with Ranbir’s child and is married to him like Prachi. She says there is a lot of difference and says I am happy that you are with me, my brother is with me.

She says you can forget me, but don’t forget that I have tied you rakhi more than Prachi. Aryan is shocked. Ranbir calls Prachi as chikchiki. She turns to him. He says you are behaving as if I have done a big mistake.

She nods no. He asks did I do right. She says no and says you didn’t do right. She asks him to talk to her from far. He asks why? She says you shall be far. He asks if I am gunda. Prachi says I have told once and will not say again. She turns and her hair hit his eye. She makes him sit, blows on her pallu and keeps it on his eye.

She asks if he is fine. He says no. She repeats it. He says the pain will not be fine this way and asks her to give answer to my question. Prachi gets up. He says you can’t lie to me, and says we are only here. He asks do you still love me? Prachi turns to him. Ranbir says do you still love me? Prachi gets emotional and says yes. He smiles and gets emotional. He hugs her.

Prachi thinks of Rhea’s emotional plea to leave Ranbir for her. She breaks the hug and goes away from there. Ranbir is left stunned and thinks what did I do? Prachi cries. Shahana asks Mili if someone went from here. Mili says Prachi went. Shahana comes behind her. Prachi says I will not run, if I slip then my baby will get hurt.

shahana hugs her and asks if you have become coward. Prachi says no and tells that she can now feel for puja, how she would have cried. Rhea hears her and thinks I want to make you pregnancy as your guilt, so that you die. Prachi says Rhea pleaded infront of me for Ranbir and I didn’t do anything for her.

She says I am her baby’s Maasi and has some duty for her. Shahana asks what about your baby. Prachi says I can’t refuse Rhea for her happiness. Rhea thinks that idea worked, I had scolded Buji unnecessarily. Prachi says I will not let my baby become heir and not Rhea’s baby, No. She says Rhea’s baby shall get the same love. She says I got emotional and selfish seeing Mummy’s love.

Pallavi hears and smiles at her plan. Prachi says she was feeling good that my baby will get everyone’s blessings and wishes, when Mummy asked her to stay back. She says my dream broke and says it is good. She says I started thinking about Ranbir and was moving towards him. She says Ranbir is my sister’s husband, I can’t think about him,

I shall go away from here. Shahana asks have you gone mad, you are his wife. Prachi says Ranbir has married her. Shahana says he married you too. Prachi says Rhea is pregnant with his child. Shahana says even you are pregnant with his child and did the puja. Prachi says Rhea is her sister and one has to back off.

She says I will not let my baby miss anyone love. Shahana says Maasi has brought you up and gave you much love, but you still missed your Papa. Prachi goes from there. Pallavi gets shocked and goes from there.

Aryan comes to Ranbir, thinking about whatever Rhea had said. Ranbir asks what happened? Aryan asks why did you marry my both sister Rhea and Prachi? Ranbir asks do you think that I have trapped Rhea and asks him to say what mistake he has done.

Aryan says mistake is that you are good at heart, if you had not married her then she would have commit suicide. He says if you haven’t told me, then Rhea would have manipulated me. He says I got angry for once and asks him to think about his family and get saved from Rhea. He hugs Ranbir.

Rhea shares her happiness with Aaliya and Shaina. She asks Shaina, why she didn’t go? Shaina says she had just gone to restroom. Aaliya asks why is she happy? Rhea tells Aaliya that she has asked her to plead infront of Prachi. She acts to cry and tells that Prachi said that she has to go away from here.

She says Prachi will go in the morning, very far from here. she appreciates Aaliya’s plan. Aaliya says you scolded me so much that day, and now regarding my plan awesome. Rhea says I don’t know how to react and I just react. She says you know how much I love you and kisses on her forehead. She says I have nobody other than you, who loves me and supports me. She says finally your plan is going to be success and I have won, it is finally going to happen, though some is taken.

She asks Shaina if she was taunting her and asked her to stay in her house. Shaina says I just said. Rhea says she is Rhea and she cried so much infront of her. She says a bit of credit goes to Prachi and says she is a big foolish, as her mind stops working seeing anyone crying. She laughs and says I have destroyed my sister’s house and laughing.

She says I am so mean. Shaina says let her go first and then celebrate, as premature celebration gets bad sight. Rhea asks her to get out and holds her hand. Dida and Wendy talk about their childhood. Pallavi comes there.

Wendy goes. Pallavi says I heard Prachi talking to Shahana and said that she is going. Dida says you had convinced her to stay back. Pallavi says she will go, and asks her to stop Prachi. She says if she goes, then she will…She recalls Wendy’s words that Prachi’s baby will bring good luck and is auspicious for the family.


Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ranbir tells Prachi that he heard that pregnant ladies can faint anytime and asks if you faint then who will open the door. He then says, he has to think only positive. Pallavi in sleep tells Vikram that she has to do a big thing tomorrow. Vikram asks what? Pallavi says she will tell Rhea to let Prachi’s home set up and this will happen when Rhea goes away from here. Vikram is shocked.


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