Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2022 Episode starts with Rhea asking Ranbir if he remembered about last night or have forgotten. Ranbir recalls and says what is this question? He says you shall say, good morning baby, did you have food or not baby. Rhea says still baby. Ranbir says I can change the word if you like. Rhea says I like it. Prachi asks them to sing baby baby song.

Ranbir asks what is your problem and asks her to go to room and wear headphone, so that he gets some peace. He says you shall not get effected when I call my wife as baby. He asks Rhea not to get upset and eat the food. Pallavi says Rhea looks nice being happy. Prachi tells Dida that she is getting late and will go.

Ranbir asks where is she going? Prachi says you shall not care about me. Ranbir says I am scared that you can call Police as I called my wife as baby. Prachi says Dida, I will leave now, and will call you. Shahana says I would have come with you,

but I have to go to office. Prachi leaves. Ranbir says even I will leave. Pallavi asks where is he going? He says I am going to get your medicines. Rhea tells Aaliya that Ranbir has changed for good. Aaliya says he came to know your value and respecting you.

Ranbir is driving the car and offers lift to Prachi. Prachi says if I sit then where your baby will sit. She says I thought both babies go together. Ranbir gets down and asks why she does so much dramas. He says you was jealous when I called Rhea as baby.

Prachi says may be you have yesterday’s hangover and asks him to concentrate on work and his baby. He says if you are not jealous and says may be I have a misunderstanding. Prachi says let me clear, that I don’t get jealous or get effected and asks him to move back, else she will call his baby. Ranbir says you are impossible. Prachi asks him to leave.

She sits in the taxi and leaves. Jai comes in his car and asks Ranbir if he is going to office. Ranbir says he is going to maternity hospital. Jai congratulates him. Ranbir says I am going for some other work. Jai says I know that pregnancy news is hidden for first 3 month. Ranbir says I am going for my mom, to get her medicine and asks him not to tell anyone. Jai says don’t tell anyone that you are going to hospital, just tell that you are going to get the medicine.

Prachi comes to the hospital. Receptionist congratulates her for her pregnancy and asks if she will go alone, or if she shall send someone with her. Prachi says I will go by myself. Ranbir comes there. Prachi goes to the doctor’s cabin. Ranbir tells Receptionist that he wants to meet Dr. Madhu and get his mom’s medicine.

Receptionist tells that Dr is checking a pregnant patient. Ranbir says ok. Doctor tells Prachi that she needs to get some tests, and asks when she gets pain. Prachi says whenever she has argument with someone. Doctor says if you couldn’t take care of yourself then your pregnancy can be complicated and asks her to call her husband. Prachi says he is busy in office and says I will inform him.

She says he takes good care of me, and says when I wake up in the morning, he brings tea, breakfast and make sure that my mood is good, takes me to walk and talks good things. He makes me laugh that sometimes I feel pain due to laughing. Doctor says you shall not lie in pregnancy. Prachi gets teary eyes.

Ranbir tells the Receptionist that the check-up might be done by now. Receptionist says check up is going on. Ranbir thinks to go inside. Doctor asks Prachi if she had any fight with her husband and says you have pain due to stress. Ranbir knocks on the door. Doctor asks her to come in. Ranbir comes inside and don’t see anyone there.

Doctor is checking Prachi behind the curtain and says you have come fooling the receptionist. She says you came early and says I am checking someone, give me a moment. Ranbir says I am sorry Doctor, I was getting late so came early to get the medicine. He says I am sorry.

Prachi hears him and gets tensed. Doctor asks him to apologize to Madam who is also Kohli. Ranbir says congratulate Mrs. Kohli. Prachi gets worried. Doctor asks her to be there, and says I will give his medicine and he will leave. She goes to him and gives him medicine. Ranbir says sorry and goes. Doctor comes back to Prachi. Prachi says I need to go. Doctor prescribes some medicine.

Prachi is about to leave in a hurry, when Ranbir comes back and collides with her. He asks what is she doing here? She also ask him. They tell that they came to get the medicine. Ranbir asks are you pregnant? She asks are you pregnant? Ranbir asks Dr. Madhu, if she was checking Prachi and if she is pregnant.

Dr. Madhu asks do you know her? Ranbir says yes, and asks her to tell if Prachi is pregnant. Ranbir says she is my wife and I have right to know. Dr. Madhu asks him to ask his wife. Ranbir asks him to say. Dr. Madhu says I can’t tell you about my patient and the treatment given to her. She asks him to ask Prachi. Prachi thanks doctor and leaves. Ranbir also leaves.

Ranbir comes to Prachi. Prachi calls taxi. He says he wants to know the truth and asks can we tell the truth to each other. Prachi says I always say truth, but you are not habitual to it. He says I have right to know the truth. Prachi says you have given my rights to Rhea. Ranbir asks what is the truth?

Prachi says you can’t pressurize or demand me anything. He asks why are you creating drama and shouting. She says I am avoiding you and is scared to talk to you. He says I want to know the truth, I haven’t come here to scare you. Prachi says I don’t have anything to say, and says shall I lie.

He asks her to share what is in her heart? Prachi asks why, who are you to me? He asks if I am nothing to you, and I have no right on you. Prachi says you have lost all the rights, when I left your house. He says then why did you come back and call my parents and Dida as Mummy, Papa and Dida, and staying in my bedroom as yours. Prachi says she don’t want to tell anything.


Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rhea tells Prachi that if law is lifted for 10 mins, then I will kill you now itself. Prachi says you both have good understanding which is good for you and says I don’t want to hide anything, like you have hidden a truth from me. Ranbir asks what? She says my sister’s marriage with my husband.


  1. rhea if you talk like this to pranchi otherwise she will gets upest because of you rhea now please stop that enough is enough rhea i warning for you rhea you just keep it your mind and you also aliya if you do like this plan i don’t like it now see what i will do you can’t do anything let her do if you want keep it you only
    pranchi take the file and go to doctor you can do check everything if doctor they will say pranchi she is pregnant ranbir so please you don’t make upest for pranchi
    ranbir you don’t do that please that pranchi she is pregnant ranbir you are become father
    ranbir please be happy 😊 with pranchi.
    pragya where are you so please come to pallavi house and also abhi.
    pragya that pranchi she is pregnant i am sure that pragya be happy 😊 with pranchi.


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