Kumkum Bhagya 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kumkum Bhagya 6th September 2022 Episode starts with Ranbir asking Prachi to come down, saying it is not safe to stand on the stool. Prachi says it is not safe, and asks him to tell what is not safe for her. She says you are deciding about me,

life is mine, but you are deciding. He says if you have heard me then this wouldn’t have happen, you have separated your life from mine. He goes to room and vents out his anger throwing pillow on the floor. Prachi comes there and picks the pillow. Song plays dori tutgayiya…

Prachi says you have said that if I have listened to you then this wouldn’t have happened. He says when I told that we shall go from here and start a new life, then you didn’t listen. Prachi says I loved you seeing your love and says why shall I trust you first. She says when I had left, you didn’t trust me then when I came back,

how can I expect that I will trust you. He says you should have trusted me and would have told me about your pregnancy and its truth then I would have accepted you and your baby with my heart happily.

He says I would have given my love to you and your baby. Prachi says if you think that this baby is of Sid. Ranbir says I have forgotten about trust, I just knows that I love you so much that nobody can love anyone like that. Sid hears the guests talking about Prachi’s baby shower. He tries to talk to Pallavi.

Pallavi says I am talking to Pandit ji about mahurat and says it is very important. Aaliya comes to him and says I need to you about something important. She takes him with her. Rhea says why don’t he understand that we have crossed all limits to separate Prachi and Ranbir, then we can do anything, why don’t he understand.

Prachi says you are saying that you have loved me like nobody had done, and says I am hearing that you will never love me. He says with you, and says if I don’t love you it is like earth is not revolving. He says whoever asks me not to love you, even if you asks me then also I can’t stop loving you.

He says I will love you always and when the matter of love comes, my heart doesn’t listen. He says his mind and heart don’t listen to me. Prachi says then don’t talk such things. Ranbir says it means I love you, and it can’t happen that I will not love you. He says my love for you will never end, but feelings will change, my sight will change, I will hold your hand but the reason will be changed. I will hold your hand to help you. Prachi says your words are hurting me.

Ranbir says it is like bitter medicine and says all your problems will end. He says I just want to help you. He says I want to save you from falling down at every turn of your life. Prachi says you can’t decide whom I will marry and whom I will love. Ranbir says you have snatched all rights from me, then who am I to decide. He says I can just suggest you and asks her not to snatch this right from him.

Aaliya brings Sid to room and threatens him. Sid says I didn’t know that this will happen. He says I will not let my brother’s life ruined. Aaliya says don’t talk to me in this way. Sid says get habitual to it, I will expose everyone, and will not let this family break. Rhea comes and pushes him down. She says we will not let you ruin our lives. Pandit ji asks Pallavi to bring Kalawa.

Pallavi says ok. Rhea takes the knife and threatens to slit his wrist. She says then blood will flow out and before you could understand, your heart beat will stop and asks Aaliya if this thing will happen. She says yes, and then everyone will think that you have committed suicide. She says we will say that sid was repenting and couldn’t take it, and had to end his life. Sid says I am repenting much,

as my sister’s life is in danger, Ranbir and Prachi’s lives are ruined. He asks her to end this game. Rhea says I love Ranbir and will get him at any cost. Sid says if you want Ranbir, then win him with heart and not by planning and plotting. He says stop ruining people’s lives. Aaliya calls him Paplu and says you are sacrifice lamb, don’t try to be hero no 1. She asks him not to mahatma.

Pallavi comes there. Sid says Chachi, they have ….my sister. Rhea says he said that we will not identify his sister. Aaliya says we have seen her pic and shows her pic to Sid, who is kidnapped by them. Pallavi says I have come to take Kalawa and asks them to come fast. She asks Sid to come with her. Sid goes behind her.

Prachi calls Ranbir. Ranbir wipes his tears and turns to her. He asks if you want to say something. Prachi says she wants to ask something. She thinks if you really want me to marry Sid. He says you have to do this, mom has decided. She thinks I heard what you have decided. He says something went in my eye. She says someone went out from my heart. Ranbir says I am having pain in my eyes. She says my heart is in pain. He says anyone can connect your heart, but what about my soul, which is paining. Prachi cries.

Rhea tells Aaliya that she don’t trust Sid, and says he is not in our hands and try to tell truth to someone. She says we shall get him kidnapped for our safe plan. Aaliya says if you have gone mad and says Pallavi is getting Sid marry Prachi, then Ranbir will be yours, and then we don’t care what he tells others. Rhea says what is the guarantee that he will not do anything in a week.

Aaliya says his sisters are still in our captivity. Rhea collides with Rahul and his friends who came as dhol guys. She shouts and insults them. Aaliya says sorry to Rhea and hugs her. Rahul tells his friend that she is Aaliya. The friend says she called us thieves, we shall steal all jewellery.

Shahana comes to Aryan and asks him to do something. Aryan says only Prachi can handle this situation. Shahana says right now she couldn’t handle herself. She asks him to stand with Ranbir and says she will stand with Prachi. She says we have been supporting them since we came to know about their love and says only we can do, and not them. He says they are helpless, but we are not helpless. Aryan asks how? Shahana asks him to talk to Ranbir and give him some best solution, if he is calm then only he can support Prachi. Aryan nods his head in agreement.


Kumkum Bhagya 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vikram asks Prachi to go from there and says he needs little man to man talk. Prachi says I don’t want to marry Sid. Ranbir angrily says you have to marry him. Dadi thinks Aaliya might be upto some conspiracy. Aaliya tries to scare Sid, threatening to stab his sister. Sid screams asking her not to do this. The goons are holding Sid. Dida tries to hear them.


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