Kumkum Bhagya 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kumkum Bhagya 8th August 2022  Episode starts with Ranbir telling Prachi that his heart has made a beautiful picture of their daughter, though he didn’t see, but knows that she will be like her, and heard a lot of complains from her,

so she shall be like you. He says he will make a complaint box in the house, so that you both can put the complaints in the box. Prachi asks what does she say? Ranbir says she says that Mummy is khadoos and careless, and I asked her how to make her Mummy better. She asked me to give more love to Mummy so that Mummy gives you immense love.

He says she asked me to hold her Mummy’s hand and get closer to her, as love increases and she will get triple love of Mummy and Bau ji, both. Prachi says it seems like she talks to you really. Ranbir says I can hear my daughter saying and she is asking me to take care of you.

He asks her to care for her, don’t get angry, smile and be happy so that she feels good. He says he wants their baby to come in this world smiling and not crying. Prachi says today I will sleep early and take rest, and says she is saying this and not me? Ranbir says she started talking to you.

Rhea gets up thinking about Pallavi’s words. She thinks if she shall trust her or not, and thinks she shall do something so that her work is done and Mom don’t feel bad. She says divorce papers shall not come here, and I shall not leave. She thinks to talk to Prachi and manipulate her, so that she talks to Ranbir. She thinks she will do this first work in the morning.

(May be yet another Imagination scene) In the morning, Rhea tells Ranbir that she wants to talk to him. Ranbir says he don’t want to talk to her. Rhea says Prachi is waiting so that we can talk. He asks why did you involve Prachi in our fight. Rhea says you really amazed me, and care for her so much and protect her like protecting a small girl.

She says if she is really good or if I am bad. She says I am not bad, and says even I am a woman and infact I am pregnant. Ranbir asks why your day starts with complaints and asks her to sit like pregnant women.

He calls Prachi. Vikram asks what happened? Rhea asks him not to create a scene and come to room. Ranbir says I don’t want to talk to you. Everyone looks at them. He calls Prachi. Prachi comes there. He says I am shouting since long, if you was on call. Prachi says no, I was….Rhea asks if you want to be with this lamb (bakri) who doesn’t know anything other than stammering.

Ranbir and Prachi get upset. Prachi asks her to say again. Ranbir asks what is your problem? Dida gets up and says she has a problem with the fact why people loves Prachi more. Vikram asks Rhea to grow up and says you are pregnant, but you are behaving childish. He says when you talk like this, then nobody wants to talk to you. Rhea says don’t talk, I am not asking anyone to talk to me. She asks Vikram not to involve in women’s talk. Prachi asks her not to cross her limits.

Rhea asks her to stop acting as if they are her parents. She says they have thrown you out from this house. She says nobody wants you to be here, and felt disgusted. She says they have never accepted you and never do it. She says you are shameless and staying here. Ranbir says enough and says Prachi is here, as I wanted her to be here.

He says you are fake and Prachi is the epitome of truth, I don’t know what you want, you are fake. Aaliya says enough, it is too much. She says Rhea speaks her heart out and don’t fight with anyone. She says what wrong is she saying, she said right that her sister has ruined her home. She says nobody wanted Prachi to be here, but now see,

she knows black magic. Shahana says Prachi has done so magic, as she makes everyone hers, it is love magic, which your Rhea can never learn, then she will not give work and will not get love. She says ask her to leave from here and stop jealousy. Rhea says how dare you and slaps her. Ranbir holds Rhea’s hand.

Dida raises her hand and asks Rhea if she has gone mad, if I slap you. Rhea pushes Dida. Vikram holds Dida and asks what the hell? Pallavi comes there and says today you have crossed all limits, now cross the last limit and cross this house step. Rhea says I will not go from here, as Ranbir is my husband and this house is mine.

She says nobody can ask me to leave. Pallavi brings divorce papers and says you are my son’s wife, so my son will divorce you today. Everyone gets shocked. Prachi asks what is happening suddenly, divorce? Shahana says let it happen, and says it should have happen long before. Prachi says she is pregnant and says we can’t abandoned her. I know that she is bad, but she is my sister, please don’t do this with her.

Aryan says she is taking advantage of everyone’s emotions, she should have gone from here. Shaina asks are you for real. He says Prachi is my sister too. Mili asks him to take Rhea’s side too. Shahana asks her to know about her first, and says it is good to have 100 enemies rather than having sister like this. Rhea raises her hand to slap her.

Prachi holds her hand. Rhea asks whom will you save? She asks her to save Ranbir from her. She says you have done marriage with Ranbir, then my marriage with him is invalid, then how did I get pregnant. She says Ranbir has physical relations with me in my room, and taken advantage of me if my marriage haven’t happened with him.

She says he molested me in the name of marriage. Prachi says enough. Rhea says I got pregnant without marriage, call it anything, but he has taken my advantage. Prachi says enough and asks her not to test her patience and don’t think her goodness as her helplessness. She says Ranbir didn’t take advantage of you, but you have taken advantage of him. She says I know well, what you have done with him.

Pallavi asks what she has done. Prachi says Ranbir had told me that Rhea had spiked his drink and he was not in his senses and was not in his control. She says he didn’t take her advantage, but it was all Rhea’s planning. Ranbir asks you believed and trust me. He gets emotional. Prachi says I know,

Shahana heard it. Rhea says she is jealous of me and that’s why making a false story. She says she humiliates me, when I came to know that she is pregnant, I tried to kill her baby. Prachi asks what did you say, how can you think of this, if you are not a human. She says I have bear enough and asks Ranbir to divorce Rhea. Rhea gets angry.

Pallavi takes pen from Vikram and asks Ranbir to sign. Ranbir signs on it and asks Rhea to sign. Pallavi asks her to sign else she will tell truth to Police. She asks her to decide if she wants to stay here or in jail. She says I know that you had helped Kidnapper Nick, you had hired him to kill Prachi.

She says I had heard everything and kept it to myself, as I wanted her to be my bahu. She says now the blindfold moved out from my eyes, and says Prachi is not bad like I thought, and you are also not good like I thought. She asks her to sign. Rhea says no. Ranbir says if you don’t sign then you will spend all life in jail. Rhea signs on the papers and throws on Prachi. She asks her to celebrate as this happiness will not last long, as I will return in this house.


Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rhea tears the divorce papers and tells Pallavi that you have made your decision, and now I made my decision right on your face. She throws torn divorce papers on Pallavi. Pallavi gets angry and raises her hand to slap Rhea. Aaliya holds Pallavi’s hand. Prachi looks on worried.


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