Kumkum Bhagya 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kumkum Bhagya 8th October 2021 Episode starts with Pallavi asking Dida why don’t she understand that Prachi is misguiding her. Dida says Rhea is misguiding all the family members. Rhea asks what did I do? I didn’t fall intentionally. Pallavi says if Rhea wanted to do something then she would have done this with Prachi.

She turns to Prachi and says if mummy ji likes you, then that doesn’t mean you will make do all this work. Prachi says you can tell me anything, but I can’t think of making my sister fall down the stairs, I will never do this. She says I was not taught to say infront of elders, but I am saying as I am getting bad infront of my sister. She says I don’t want to create my good impression infront of anyone, she says I have full trust on my sister and believes that she has changed for better. Pallavi says your tongue is working much today.

Prachi says I am not answering you back, but I am trying to tell you that I didn’t do whatever you are saying. She says you have right to scold me, I agree that I didn’t clean the oil properly, but if you say that I did that to make Rhea fall down, then it is not right. Ranbir says may be some oil stickness was left, and tells that Prachi will never make Rhea fall down. Prachi says Mummy can scold me, but please never say that I am a bad sister. Pallavi asks if I call you bad dewrani then will it work.

She says a sister might not do, but a sister in law can do. She says I am not blinded, and not like Mummy ji that I will melt down seeing your tears. She says I can’t trust you and the reason is you. She says I identify the person, if he is trustworthy or not. Ranbir says mom. Pallavi says not right now. She asks him not to say anything, as she is scolding a dewrani who did wrong with her jethani. She says I am scolding my choti bahu for badi bahu and asks him not to take her side. She asks Prachi to do something, if not good bahu or sister then become atleast a good human. She goes.

Prachi tells Rhea that she can never think wrong about her. Shaina asks Rhea to rest, as she has flight to catch in sometime. Rhea says she is feeling much pain. Pallavi comes back to her and scolds Ranbir, telling that if his wife had fallen down, then he would have called doctor very soon. Ranbir calls doctor. Pallavi and Shaina take Rhea to room. Dida tells Prachi that she did right by answering Pallavi, this is called standing with truth and says you have told her, that you can’t bear wrong accusation.

She says if someone do this, then you will raise your voice against that person. Prachi says she didn’t want to do this. Dida says don’t let bad thing happen with you, and don’t do bad with others. She says you have bear enough, learn to fight your war. Ranbir comes there and says Doctor is on the way. Dida tells infront of Ranbir that she shall fight for her husband. She asks who is more important to you than your husband?

She says if you have to choose between your husband and sister, then whom you will choose? She says their places is different and asks her to protect her husband, and not just keeping fast and pray for him. She asks her to open her eyes and see, what others want and says your relation is having a bad sight of someone. She asks her to save her husband. Ranbir and Prachi hug Dida.

Shaina asks Rhea why are you smiling, as you are hurt? Rhea says anything for Ranbir. She says I am 100 percent sure that Mummy will not let Prachi go with us. Shaina says I think even you can’t go. Rhea thinks I don’t need to act now, Ranbir will be with you and will not leave me. Prachi comes there and asks her to drink soup. She says I hope you don’t think like Mummy. Doctor comes there with Pallavi and Ranbir.

Doctor checks and says she must be having muscle tear also and asks her not to move her foot. She says you need rest. Rhea says I have flight for Bangalore. Pallavi says you need rest, you can’t go. Doctor says she is right. Rhea says she is fine and can walk. Pallavi calls Sid and says Rhea is not coming to Bangalore. She gives call to Ranbir. Ranbir talks to Sid and tells about Rhea’s foot sprained. Sid says my meeting is cancelled and that’s why I am coming home. Ranbir asks Prachi to unpack the bag.

Pallavi says you both are going to Bangalore. Ranbir asks why, Sid is coming here. Pallavi says you both have spent quality time much in 2 years, I want you both to go, as I don’t want to see her face. She says God knows, what bad will happen with Rhea here, if Prachi stays here. Rhea thinks she won’t let them go there, and tells Pallavi that who will do work, if Prachi goes from here. She says I asked Shaina to take care of me.

Prachi says I am not going anywhere, and tells Rhea that she has to here for Rhea. Pallavi asks do you trust her? Rhea says yes, whatever she is saying is right. Pallavi asks her to take care of her sister. Ranbir thanks Rhea for taking Prachi’s side. Rhea smiles. Shaina tells Rhea that it is said that whoever digs the pit for someone, falls in the same pit. She tells that you have spilled the oil for Prachi, and now you have fell down yourself. Rhea asks her to go to guest room and rest.

Abhi searches for his wine bottle. Pragya says I hid his bottle in the kitchen. Dadi says if he finds then will drink. Pragya asks Sushma and Dadi to keep him busy and goes inside the room. Sushma asks if Pragya’s idea will work. dadi says their Jodi is unique. Sushma says they are not normal couple, so how the work will be normal. Pragya plays the dart game and says bullseye. Abhi asks did anyone see you hitting the bullseye.

Pragya says no, and says when you played last, all the darts fell down. Abhi asks her to play infront of him. Pragya asks what do you know about dart game and says if you had concentrated then would have hit bullseye. Dadi and Sushma come there. Dadi says Abhi has hit the bullseye. She says Pragya tells that Abhi is not in his senses. Sushma says he didn’t do. Sushma says Pragya is top in business and here too.

She says I have seen here hitting the bullseye. Abhi says dart game was not in Olympics else I would have got award like Neeraj. Pragya says where is Neeraj and where are you? Dadi says Abhi can play better than you. Pragya says impossible. Abhi challenges her. Pragya says you are challenging me. He says open challenge and asks what if I win? Pragya says whatever I say. Abhi says you have to agree to my sayings for 20 mins.

Pragya asks him to take 24 hours. Sushma says it will be much. Pragya says he can’t win. Dadi asks Abhi to defeat Pragya. Abhi says he will reach finals etc. Sushma goes to bring darts. Dadi asks him to sit and massages his hands and shoulder. Sushma also massages Pragya’s hands. They both come infront of each other.


Kumkum Bhagya 9th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shaina tells Rhea that he has seen you both romancing in kitchen and says he is such a sweet husband. Rhea says whatever you have seen, that was reality, but it is temporarily. She says very soon reality will change and the reality will be Ranbir and Rhea. Abhi says sorry to Pragya. Pragya asks why? Abhi says my sister is working with your enemy. She says your sister might be working with whoever, you are with me. She says what is not important in life is that how many people are against you, and says what is important in life is that someone is standing with you, says thank you for the trust which you have on me.


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