Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2022 Episode starts with Rhea throwing the divorce papers on Prachi and asks her to celebrate happiness, but this happiness will not last long, as I will return very soon. Pallavi says this will happen, when you get out of jail. She says I will make sure Rhea that you will be rotten in jail all life.

She holds her hand and takes her out. She then pushes her on the floor and asks her to get out. Rhea says I will not away from here. She wakes up shouting she will not leave, how dare she to push her.

She thinks thank god, it is a dream, she will not go out even in dreams. She comes out of the room and sees Ranbir and prachi sleeping on the bed, holding each other hands. She gets angry and throws the vase kept on the side tables in the corridor.

Prachi wakes up hearing the noise and sees Ranbir on the bed. Ranbir gets up and says sorry, I had slept while sitting. He says I was holding your hand and slept. He says we had pillows between us and I didn’t take advantage of you. Prachi smiles a bit. He asks if you are smiling. She nods no and asks him to sleep on the bed from now onwards.

He asks if pillows shall be there or not. He says ok, will be there. Prachi sets up the bedsheet and the comforter on the bed properly. Ranbir also helps her. Aryan looks at them and sings atak gaya yeh mann atak gaya hai.

Prachi says I will go and freshen up. Ranbir scolds Aryan and asks what is atak gaya, let me see her. Aryan asks for the boxing gloves. Prachi comes out after changing her clothes and gets dizzy. She is about to faint.

Ranbir holds her and asks if she is ok. Prachi hugs him and smiles. Aryan thinks they love each other so much, I wish their children keep them close always. Shahana comes there and sees Aryan praying. She says she came to call them for breakfast. She says you might not look at breakfast because of your wife.

Ranbir says yes, I will concentrate on my wife, rather than breakfast and says she has pregnancy glow on her face. He holds her hand and goes. Shahana tells Aryan that she saw him praying. He says someone came in his life and changed him. He gives the credit to Mili, and says just like Stanley changed you. Shahana says you are bad and goes. Aryan laughs.

Rhea comes to Aaliya’s room and asks her to get up. Shaina gets up and asks what happened? Rhea asks her to sleep. Aaliya says let me sleep. Rhea asks her to wake up and tells that Pallavi was throwing her out of the house, and Prachi asked Ranbir to divorce her. She says I can just feel that something bad is going to happen.

She says I know that divorce papers are getting ready and today they will make me sign. Aaliya says let the papers come. Shaina asks her to think positive and says Ranbir will accept you and will throw Prachi out.

Rhea says I don’t like people flattering me. Shaina says I was telling as it was dream. Rhea says it was my morning dream. Aaliya says morning dream will come true. Rhea says she has a plan, but it can backfire. Aaliya says either we will win or will be out. Rhea says we are stuck in middle, we have to play this gamble.

Pallavi talks to lawyer on phone about divorce papers. Vikram comes there and asks her. Pallavi says she is getting Rhea divorce Ranbir so that Prachi can stay here without any problem. She asks him to trust her. Vikram says he trusts her. Shaina asks Mahua to give tea. Mahua says after opening the door, I will give you tea. Rhea asks Mahua to give tea and she goes to open the door.

The courier guy tells that there is a courier on Pallavi Kohli’s name. He says he will give it to Pallavi only. Rhea is going to call Pallavi, when Aaliya stop her and tells that Pallavi must be hiding something from them. She pretends to be Pallavi and receives the courier. They open the envelope and read the divorce papers. Dida asks Rhea who had come. Rhea hides the papers. Dida asks what is she hiding?

Vikram tells good morning to Ranbir and Prachi. Prachi says good morning. Pallavi says I hope Ranbir is taking good care of yours. Vikram asks her to tell. Prachi says yes, he is taking good care of me. Vikram says how you will react hearing the good news. He asks Pallavi if I shall tell you.

Ranbir says we know, Dida had told us. Prachi says Dida informed us. Pallavi asks are you okay with it. Prachi says I am happy. Ranbir says everyone is happy and Dida made everyone have sweets. Vikram says Prachi reacted positively and it is good. Ranbir says Kalyani gave birth to the calf. Pallavi says Kalyani. She asks when did Mummy hear me saying this? Prachi says wendy dadi told Dida. Pallavi says our good news is different.

Dida asks Rhea what is she hiding. Pallavi asks Rhea to tell what Mummy ji is asking. Rhea says I am in complete shock as you got the papers ready. Vikram asks Pallavi if these are the same papers. Pallavi says yes.

Rhea tells Aaliya that she was right. Dida asks what is happening. Rhea tears the papers and says you have made your decision and I have made my decision. She throws the papers on Pallavi. Pallavi raises her hand to slap Rhea, but Aaliya holds her hand.


Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ranbir tells Prachi that crying phase is over, now new phase will start, where you and I will be there. He says I have taken divorce from Rhea, says whatever relation we had is over. And now you have to leave from this house. Rhea is shocked.


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