Kundali Bhagya 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 13th September 2021 Karina reveals the truth is that Pihu is their child and the daughter of Karan and Preeta, she doesnot have any right over her, Sonakshi exclaims they should not do this because Pihu is her past, present and future so they should not snatch her purpose of love from her, Sonakshi says that she died because of her father and so she also moved on and was about to marry someone else but now she has come to realize that her daughter is alive, she cannot live without her, Preeta mentions she cannot live without Pihu, Sonakshi tries to reason saying that she has given birth to Pihu so she is her daughter, Preeta however explains that Pihu has given birth to her, she became a mother, Preeta explains because of Pihu everyone is really excited and loves her, Karina questions what happened as her tone suddenly changed because she as threatening them before but now is requesting them,

Sonakshi tries to explain saying that she only has her daughter to live with but would not be able to survive without her, she is only saying it because Preeta also knows what it like to be a mother, Preeta was really excited when she was about to give birth to her child and was heartbroken however she is even more heartbroken now, this is why she just wants to be with her daughter, They all are standing when Pihu comes running, she goes straight to Preeta who questions what has happened, Pihu exclaims that she wanted a hug, so then Preeta holds her, Sonakshi realizes that a mother is the one who the child loves, she demands to just hug Pihu for once as she is her child however the Luthra’s refuses to allow this, Karina then throws her out of the house not listening to her requests.

Sonakshi is standing outside when Ganesh hands her the bag, she walks out of the house, Preeta is walking while Karan stops her questioning what is she doing becu8ase it is not right, Preeta exclaims he must not be like this because Sonakshi doesnot have any right, Preeta exclaims Sonakshi just wants to hug Pihu so they can allow it, she doesnot even listen to Karan, Preeta calls Sonakshi however she is before the eyes of Preeta hit by a car, they all rush to Sonakshi.

Sarla is sitting when Rakhi comes asking her to talk with Preeta because if she tries to explains anything to Preeta she would think they are saying it because they are wondering of doing something wrong however it is not that case, she just wants to be worried about Pihu because they have legally adopted her so now Sonakshi doesnot have any right over her, Sarla exclaims this is what she wants because she is now just thinking of Pihu as they have given her the relations of an entire family and even if she is able to take Pihu away,

then what relations would she be able to provide her as she would be a single mother with a Grandfather who doesnot want to remain with her, Mahesh says that she is right and should explains this to Preeta, they all are standing when Kritika comes questioning why are they all not attending her calls because Sonakshi got in an accident, Sherlin questions when did this happen because she just went from their house, Kritika explains that she got in the accident before Karan’s eyes, Mahesh exclaims they would have to immediately leave for the hospital.

Shrishti is standing waiting for the operation to end, after a while the nurse comes out so they all question what her condition is, the nurse mentions there is a complication and everyone should just pray, the doctor comes out questioning what the nurse is doing standing here, she leaves when Shristhi once again questions him about her condition, the doctor says they all must pray because he is worried that something wrong might happen because he suspects something is wrong, Sarla comes inquiring about Sonakshi’s health, Sameer explains that she is not well.

The Luthra’s are waiting for the operation to end, when Shristhi suggests they should call her father as they have done whatever they were able to, it would also take off some responsibility from their shoulders, Karina also agrees saying they have done what they could, Rakhi questions why did Preeta not inform him before as she thought that they would have done it already, Preeta replies she thought about it but forgot in the chaos, Mahesh exclaims it is nothing to be worried about as he has the contact of Mr Raichand, Mahesh tries to contact him but he doesnot answer then Mahesh asks Karan to also try it, the nurse comes out, Shristhi asks about her health, the nurse replies that she has lost a lot of blood but they are in a crises because there is not any blood in the blood bank, Shristhi asks why is it always like this when the nurse mentions that they have got a lot of accidental cases today so are in a crises, Shristhi apologizes when karan assures he would arrange the blood.

Prithvi is in the room when he gets a call from Sherlin, she questions where is he but he explains that he is in the room, Sherlin starts questioning what is he doing in the room, Prithvi replies that she herself asked him to come back if he wants to witness the destruction of the Luthra family so he came but now there is no one in the house, she asks if Kritika told him this, he exclaims he doesnot know if she is present in the house, Prithvi prays that nothing wrong happen with her, Sherlin questions what does he mean, Prithvi exclaims it is common sense that if Sonakshi is not able to survive then this would ruin everything because he is able to judge any simple girl but knows Sonakshi is not that simple as she looks as she always creates a lot of problems, she then acts as if nothing is wrong, Sherlin questions what would happen if she dies, Prithvi explains that if anything wrong happens to her then her father Mr Raichand would make sure the Luthra’s suffer a lot and he would not even leave them, including Rishab Luthra who is always sitting in London, Sherlin says that he must end the call as if anyone listens then they both would get in a lot of trouble.

Karan is talking on the mobile trying to arrange the blood however has no luck in doing so, two men enter the hospital and recognize Karan, they come to meet him, karan greets Abhay who questions what has happened, Karan reveals the entire situation so Abhay offers him his own blood but Karan says he needs the specific blood group, Abhay’s friend suggests to help and after a while comes back saying that he has arranged it, Abhay invited Karan to come by his house sometime and even requests him to ask his fans to support Abhay to which Karan assures that he would do it.

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