Kundali Bhagya 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kundali Bhagya 13th September 2022 Rishab places the birth certificate in the file before closing the side table, he notices as if someone is hiding behind the curtain, Prithvi gets worried thinking Rishab is walking towards him and now his truth would be revealed, Rishab is about to open it when Preeta comes running explaining that she cannot find Kavya and she had called her from Rakhi’s mom mobile,

he asks her to calm down and relax when Preeta questions how can she remain calm when her daughter is in trouble, Rishab replies that he is also the father of Kavya, he says he felt hurt because she claimed she is just her mother,

he promised to always be there for Kavya and protect her even if he dies, Rishab leaves so Preeta follows her. Prithvi coming out explains that Rishab is not grateful to have such a nice wife as if he had been married to her then would have surely praised flowers wherever she walked.

Bi jee questions Arjun how does he know Prithvi, Anjali tries to explain they do not know anything about him but Arjun explains they know him, Arjun tries to explain what he meant when bi jee warns him to not even think of lying as she would surely catch him,

Bi jee informs they do not know that Prithvi tried to harm this family when karan died and Preeta was about to get married to Rishab, she reveals how he tried to marry Preeta forcefully after he had tied her hands,

Preeta got really angry and then slapped him, Arjun mentions he is well aware of her slap as she did the same to him, Bi jee apologizes to him for her behavior assuring she is a very nice girl but a little tensed, Arjun explains she doesnot have to apologize to him when Bi jee inquires the truth, he replies that Prithvi wants to be his business partner but he is not interested in having any sort of partnership with him since he doesnot feel nice when Prithvi is around him.

Bi jee says she is glad he recognized Prithvi so he must never agree with him, and if he ever meets Prithvi then should slap him again, Arjun informs he has already slapped him four times. Bi jee informs him that he should stay far away from Prithvi and remain calm so she is also going to pray for his success,

Anjali turning asks him to not be mad when he replies he is perfectly fine, she says she is glad that Dadi did not find the truth otherwise their plan would have been ruined, Arjun however walks away which worries Anjali.

Preeta and Rishab are both searching for Kavya but are not able to find her, Rakhi also comes questioning what has happened, Preeta explains that she is not able to find Kavya and has searched the entire house,

Preeta reveals she called her from the mobile of Rakhi mom so did she give it to Kavya, Rakhi thinks for a moment before revealing she wanted to play a game, Preeta says she doesnot know where Kavya has gone to, meanwhile Rishab is frantically searching for her and even calls Ganesh.

Arjun is walking in the hall recalling the warning of Bi jee, he sees Prithvi standing in front of him who greets Arjun, he rushes to push Prithvi in a room, he questions what has happened to him, Arjun throwing him against the cupboard questions how did he dare think he can become a business partner with him, Arjun pushes him on the bed before slapping him,

Prithvi pushing Arjun away explains even he can push anyone but why can he not become a partner, Prithvi explains he is a well educated person so is just demanding fifteen lac rupees,

Arjun once again slaps him questioning how did he dare do it, Prithvi doesnot understand so asks what happened when Arjun replies he start teasing Preeta after Karan died. Prithvi questions what does he mean by it because he was the one who warned him to not take her name and it happened a long time ago, Arjun warns him to not even take her name when Prithvi asks why is having such difficult whenever he talks about her so is it the relation of love,

Arjun turns back to look at the cupboard, Prithvi going to him explains he can understand it since anyone would fall in love with Preeta, but a lot of people have come like him but there is just one person fit for her, Prithvi Malhotra. Arjun says he is not a lover but the person who is associated with the Kundali of Preeta and their relation is of Kundali Bhagya. Prithvi replies that now everything has been made clear since he underlined it is associated with love, Anjali says it is not the real issue as the matter is of her relation, she pulls him away. Prithvi thinks that they all are connected.

Mahesh is with Bi jee explaining Kavya is so mischievous that she instigated Rakhi against him, she is suddenly crying for Kavya which worries Mahesh, Rakhi explains that Kavya called Preeta from her mobile but is now lost, Mahesh suggests Kavya would be in her room, Preeta replies they checked all the rooms, Preeta thinks they did not check the room of Karan so they all rush to his room.

Arjun reaching the hall questions Anjali what is she doing, she pushes him in the room questioning what is this going on and she feels he would surely tell everyone the truth about him, she advises him to move on if he doesnot want to take revenge because she would leave after finding out the truth,

Arjun asks has she finished but she replies that she wants him to speak the truth before doing it as he is always searching for her whenever they come here, she explains Prithvi might have done something wrong with Preeta but he started beating him when he found out about it,

Arjun tries to stop her from talking but she says he cannot do it with her, he replies he feels that she is jealous of losing him so Anjali says she indeed is jealous, but after a while she replies she did not mean it like that. Arjun says he knows she likes him but if it gets a little more then her sister would surely kill him, Anjali turns saying he knows about it, but she must not be worried.

Anjali explains that she doesnot want him to expose himself, he replies that he feels that she is the same girl but the way she talks is different and whenever he has any conversation with her then remembers all the past events so starts hating her, Shristhi suddenly opens the door, Arjun and Anjali are stunned when she says he should not talk like this about her sister since she is a really nice person.

The entire Luthra family reach the room of Karan, but they are not able to find her, Preeta hears some noise when both Preeta and Rishab kneel assuring they would bring her out, Rishab rushes to bring the keys for the locker when Preeta assures that her father will surely bring her out, Kavya falls unconscious after requesting her to open it very soon.

Shristhi apologizes for entering with notice, Arjun asks why is she apologizing when they should be the one as they came to her and Sammy’s room, Arjun turning to Anjali explains he told her how they knew about this room, he insists she should tell him otherwise he would fire her, she is about to leave when he calls her Angie,

she replies he knows what happens when he calls her Angie, he says she doesnot refuse anything he says. Shristhi coming to Arjun explains that he should let Anjali go since she ahs resigned assuring, she would do each and everything for him but not just those related to the household, Arjun starts smiling when Anjali explains she has decided to cancel the resignation.

Shristhi replies even then she would not get back the job, Anjali explains they know this room belongs to her and Shristhi after seeing the portrait, Shristhi replies even then she ahs lost the job. Arjun exclaims she is still very naughty so has not changed, Shristhi gets emotional, so he apologizes to her, she immediately hugs him before explaining sometimes after talking with him she starts missing karan, hearing this Arjun is shocked.

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